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Member since: Sun Dec 20, 2015, 11:08 AM
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Will the youth of America be willing and able to stop fascism?

I saw a statistic the other day that suggests most on this forum average around 55 or 60, so not sure there are many under 30's that can answer the question or comment.

But my point is that I don't see the outrage or the energy or the willingness of young people to defy authority that we saw back in the 60's. That youth movement was without a doubt a major catalyst that set ht stage for all the great advancements that we saw, from the Civil Rights Act to the ERA, Roe vs Wade, EPA and so many other progressive changes.

Now that we see that the Fascist Right and their henchmen in robes in SCOTUS are rapidly moving toward undoing all of that, where is the outrage, especially among America's youth? Am I simply missing it?

One difference is that in the 60's we were a mere 20 years away from the Nazi catastrophe, and the memories were fresh. Have we forgotten (or never learned) how fragile democracy can be, and what the end result will be once we have gone under the boot?

Will you fly an American flag on July 4th?

I never thought at any point in my life that I would not consider flying my American flag on Memorial and Veteran's Day and on July 4th.

But this year it is becoming clear to me that the country that so many fought and died for, and that I viewed with pride and joy for my entire life, is destined to become just another chapter in the long history of failed attempts at democracy.

I feel especially bitter when I think about all of my relatives that went to Europe in WWII to stop the Nazis, that set the stage for a half century of progress for everyone, and those that fought in all the other armed conflicts along the way. The ChristoFascists and the Radical Right that are essentially opening their arms to neo-Fascism today are violating the memory of those soldiers, and I will never, ever forgive them for that.

So next week I have a decision to make. Will I fly my flag? If I do, will that flag represent freedom or will it represent fascism?

I'm not sure yet.

I can't watch the video of the attack on our Capitol on 1/6/21, anyone else with this problem?

I have to turn off TV or change the station whenever that footage comes on. I guess it's a form of PTSD, but when I watch it, I become physically ill. It's because it confirms every fear I had throughout my life of where the Fascist Right was going to take us, and will take us if they gain power in 2022 and 2024.

Is it just me?

Grand Funk Railroad - Live 1970

Mark Farner in the early days of this group was awesome, and this band was LOUD.

Leaving the USA? - pros and cons

These are purely my opinions and speculations. Hopefully I am wrong this time.

The United States here in 2022 is shifting toward autocracy and away from representative democracy.

It remains to be seen whether Democrats or Progressives can prevail in protecting our Constitutional freedoms and rights for free expression and for free and fair elections. Certainly we will lose the battle to protect abortion rights. Certainly we will lose the fight to prevent the degradation and corruption of our election systems. Most probably we will begin to see the erosion of our free speech and free assembly.

The most likely scenario for the USA 20 years hence will be something that looks like a crossbreed of Apartheid South Africa and modern day Russia. This is reality. Those that will vote to usher in this brave new world won't find out until far too late what they have given up. "You don't know what you've got till it's gone".

Recently, several of my friends and relatives have been making plans to leave the US, and move to other North American countries like Canada and Mexico.

Is anyone else considering this? Generally I think it's a foolish idea - because the trend toward Fascism is a worldwide phenomena, it's not just the USA. Is there some Utopia out there?

Best insight into Putin yet - Fareed Zakharai interview with Russian ex-oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsk

On April 3, Fareed Zakharia interviewed Russian ex-oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who explains why Putin miscalculated in his invasion of Ukraine and why he is still so dangerous.

He explains his criminality and utter lack of humanity and confirms what I suspected all along - Ukraine is just a stepping stone on Putin's path to rebuilding the Russian empire. He confirms my suspicion that the Baltics will be next.

This has a lot more credibility than most of the "experts" we hear - because Khodorkovsky was an insider who knew Putin well.

He believes that Biden's condemnation of Putin is absolutely the right thing to do, and that Putin will never stop until the West steps up with a military response.

CNN video:


Relief organizations that are accepting donations for Ukraine

International organizations that are providing highly needed humanitarian relief at this time.

United Nations Refugees Agency: https://donate.unhcr.org/int/en/ukraine-emergency

Doctors Without Borders: https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/what-we-do/countries/ukraine

International Committee of the Red Cross: https://www.icrc.org/en/where-we-work/europe-central-asia/ukraine

DirectRelief: https://www.directrelief.org/emergency/ukraine-crisis/

Aktion Deutschland Hilft (a coalition of German relief organizations): https://www.aktion-deutschland-hilft.de/en/donate/donate

2022 Doomsday Clock - Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Each year, the doomsday clock is update to predict how close leading nuclear scientists think we are to annihilation. Prediction is expressed as the number of "minutes until midnight". Fewer minutes suggests we are closer to pushing the button.


Here in 2022 we are 100 seconds from midnight.
Back in 1991 we were at 17 minutes till midnight.
In 1960 the BAS estimated we were at 7 minutes till midnight.

Why is the BAS so alarmed about what is happening today? For every year's prediction, they provide an explanation.

Here in 2022 their primary concerns were the building up of the Iranium nuclear stockpile, China's new ICBM solos, North Korea's continued efforts to develop a hyper-sonic ICBM, and the instability of the US democracy with the potential of nuclear devices falling into the hands of terrorists.


Trump and Big Lie believers: Fools or liars?

After January 6th, it becomes clear that Trump supporters fall into two camps:

1) The fools. Those that really, truly continue to believe every bit of populist propaganda from the Right and from the Trump cult. They are the ones that actually believe that America will be "great" once our democracy has been abolished and one-party rule is established once and for all.

2) The liars. These are the smart ones that know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump lost the election of 2020, but are shrewd enough to understand that the path to American Fascism is paved with lies. They will continue to spread the poison that is eroding confidence in our system of elections. Trump isn't stupid, he knows he lost the election. He also knows the power of misinformation and the gullibility of many Americans. He has practiced the art of lying his whole life, and the Big Lie is without a doubt his "masterpiece".

Point is, after January 6th there are very few fence riders supporting Trump. They must double down as either fools or liars. Not sure which is more dangerous in the long run, the puppet masters or the puppets.

Ask CNN and WPOST to make THE FIGHT TO SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY free as a public service

I sent the following email to CNN and to Washington Post, and will follow up with similar postings on twitter and Facebook.

I believe it is very important for Fareed Zakaria's THE FIGHT TO SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY to reach every single American. To achieve this, we should copy this request on every social media platform, as well as via email.

Right now the program is not available to freely stream, as far as I know.



Email: gps@cnn.com
Email: fareed.zakaria.gps@turner.com

Subject: Please make THE FIGHT TO SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY free as a public service

Dear CNN, Washington Post and Fareed,

After watching Fareed Zakaria's incredibly important summary of the crisis we are facing here in the USA to preserve our democracy, I would propose that CNN and the Washington Post work together to provide THE FIGHT TO SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY in it's entirety for free with no limitations, on every social media platform.

This is not business as usual - freely providing this important report to the American public is a tiny price to pay to preserve our way of life - and in the end your enterprises as well.

In fact I would predict that your viewing/readership public will reward you greatly for your benevolence.

Let's hope and pray that Fareed's message is well understood by an American public that in many ways has been asleep at the wheel.

Best Regards,

Your Name
Your Town
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