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the FLASH !!

i even called the local television station (channel 5 in Raleigh NC) who were broadcasting SUPERMAN series and i thought they could just make a FLASH tv program too !
hell i was 9 years old 😜


this may be it, you are correct

let's see where it goes



how the responses sometimes come from the most appropriate sources


TAR huh?

worse championship loss since 1969... 😑

pulling for UMBC now...


mate... 😁

who gives a


and once again, this is an open hearing

and Comey has stated numerous times that he could not answer a question on an open hearing, and the senators have responded they will take it up in closed session to follow... I pointed to this previous thread yesterday

because Comey has info that has a stunning effect when revealed, and I hope to see that look on all of their faces at some point...

I've really enjoyed watching this testimony today, but now have to scoot to work 😑
there is a there ... there, imo, and it's up to Mueller to expose it
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