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Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 05:09 PM
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Iowa Covid - 19 Data Flawed

Iowa has been under reporting the Covid-19 cases and the data error was found just in time as School Districts are reviewing how to open back up. Covid Kim Reynolds has zero integrity.

Per the Des Moines Register...

The glitch means the Iowa Department of Public Health has inadvertently been reporting fewer new infections and a smaller percentage of daily positive tests than is truly the case, according to Dana Jones, an Iowa City nurse practitioner who uncovered the problem. It’s particularly significant because school districts are relying on state data to determine whether they will offer in-person instruction when school resumes in the coming days and weeks.

Potentially thousands of coronavirus infections from recent weeks and months have instead been erroneously recorded as having happened in March, April, May and June, Jones said Monday.

Link Here


Going to Kansas City...Kansas City here I Come

Looks like Kansas City is a new Covid-19 hot spot and Iowa has the highest per capita cases in the region per the Guardian.

Earlier this week, the White House coronavirus task force named Kansas City as a primary area of concern.

And what about Iowa Gov Covid Kim Reynolds progress... well you guessed it... she must not be very good at math...

The University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation has warned that the refusal of Iowa’s governor, Kim Reynolds, to require masks in public spaces will cost 700 additional lives over the next three months. It predicted the number of coronavirus deaths at about 13 a day in Iowa by the end of October with the present policy compared to fewer than two if 95% of people used face coverings.

Iowa has the highest per capita number of Covid-19 infections in the region.
Reynolds has declined to make masks mandatory because she said they are “not a silver bullet” and she trusts people to do the right thing. But research shows that only about one-third of Iowans are using masks in accordance with federal advice.

Can Someone Tell Me The Strategy Behind This?

I'm starting to think that Kim Reynolds doesn't want to be Governor.... her decisions on reopening schools are nuts

snip - this seems proactive and reassuring

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds released guidance Thursday morning saying that Iowa schools would have to see a coronavirus positivity rate of at least 15% in the county where they are located before they could request to transition a school building or district to fully online learning

I might be a moron but I just don't understand what her motive is.. full article below from the Des Moines Register


Here's a Novel Idea

Based on this article its amazing to me that no one is rebutting that income inequality is one of the contributing factors to "low income" housing. Orange Julius you keep talking to Covid Kim and her love fest with Waukee, that's going to get you a lot of support from the rest of the working class here in Iowa.


Kovid Kim for VP

Has anyone else heard that Kovid Kim or Krazy Kristi are going to replace Pence in August to shore up the white female vote?

Heard it from a reliable politico lobbyist...

It Can Happen - Pence and Reynolds

In recognition of the incompetence in the White House and now the Governor of Iowa I wanted to post this link to a classic Yes song..
It Can Happen...

You can fool yourself
You can cheat until you're blind
No substitute you're born you're dead



New Article


Thoughts and Prayers - Wear a Fucking Mask Mike Pence

Mike Pence wants us to get back to Church in Iowa. Thanks but no thanks Mike, I'm going to watch some religotainment for awhile longer. Can this guy be anymore of a fraud!

Per Des Moines Register!

According to a news release, Pence will meet with faith leaders to discuss re-opening religious services to the public. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, announced last week she would lift restrictions on religious gatherings and allow services to be hold across the state as long as they observe social distancing guidelines and increase sanitation efforts.


As I said in a previous post, if he had any balls at all he would visit every shut down meat packing plant in Iowa to see what really goes on there. But you might want to wear a mask this time you imbecile.

SD Peeps - Need an Update

Where did this story go?


South Dakota launched the nation’s first statewide clinical research study to investigate the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine and understand its role in potentially preventing COVID-19 in certain groups. Gov. Kristi Noem made the announcement April 13.

Read more: Sanford Health to lead clinical trial for COVID 19 treatment

The trial will enroll roughly 2,000 individuals, and researchers hope to have results on the drug’s effectiveness within six months. This study is a collaboration among Sanford Health, Avera Health and Monument Health led by a team from Sanford Research.

Where's Jared and Kristi out front with a press conference? I need an update!!

Largest COVID 19 Hotspot in USA- Smithfield at 518

Kristi Noem you are an freaking idiot and you could have done two things:

1. Worked with the food suppliers to protect the workforce before this happened
2. Shelter in place would have worked regardless of your perfectly clear statement


Source: Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Governor Kristi Noem
@govkristinoem 3h
Replying to @govkristinoem
Let's be perfectly clear: a shelter-in-place order would NOT have prevented Smithfield from happening. They are a critical infrastructure business. They are part of the nation's food supply chain and contribute to South Dakota's role feeding the country and the world. (2/4)

Governor Kristi Noem

We've been in frequent communication with @VP Pence, @SecretarySonny, and the CEO of Smithfield. We're working together on a plan to get the plant open as soon as it’s safe. A CDC team arrives today to help us assess the situation on the ground. Additional details soon. (3/4)

US Ambassador to China - Braindead

Terry Branstad woke up from his winter hibernation to find the following... what's happening!


snip - Des Moines Register

BEIJING — The U.S. ambassador to China said Wednesday that he doesn’t believe Beijing is deliberately blocking exports of masks and other medical supplies to fight the coronavirus, and that the shipment of 1,200 tons of such products to the U.S. could not have been possible without Chinese support.
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