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Lawrence O'Donnell is Live now Extra Special program

Posted by electric_blue68 | Fri Jun 9, 2023, 12:03 AM (3 replies)

June 8, 1968 RFK: The Train to DC

Well, the last part of this tragic saga.

(I said I felt that the glaring differences between RFK as a pontential President, and Trump as President was increasing my feelings about this whole event post Jan 6. Now that drumphf has been indicted again - I feel a bit more settled. Interesting)

I wanted to see the Funeral Procession that day. My folks thought I looked too pale - I certainly had had very little sleep since waking up to the initial news on June 5 soon after it happened. So the compromise was sending my dad with me.

As we walked west across the street from Macy's on 34rh St there was a big, heavy camera perched on the metal awning of the side door nearest 5th Ave. We ended up close to 7th Ave. People lined both north, and south of 34th.

Finally the silver hearst rolls slowly by with a trail of other vehicles behind it. Many of the people in them going to board the Funeral Train. I take a photo or two. The crowd totaly silent.

We head back home. I keep an eye on when the train will depart. While I was going to watch I had to study for either general end of school year tests, or the PSATs (College bound tests). I was resentful having to divide my attention.

The train was one of the more poignant events I've ever witnessed. It was so movingly beautiful that so many people, and different kinds of people stood at the various stations, and by the tracks.

There was the additional tragedy of a few people killed, injured who stood on the opposite side of the tracks and hit by a north bound train. Yikes.

So many people, so many stations etc. And the handmade signs! The most moving thing to me were people in Philadelphia singing "The Battle Hymn of The Republic". Somehow I had the thought it was a professional choir. Decades later I found out it was folks from some of that city's Black neighborhoods there to pay their respects. They did something wonderful for all of us watching/listening.

Finally they arrive at Arlington, and soon it's over.

And on some level still unbelievable even after 55 years.
Posted by electric_blue68 | Thu Jun 8, 2023, 10:48 PM (7 replies)

St Patrick's Cathedral June, 7 1968.

Any other DUer go? I feel almost embarrassed to mention it. But as a NYC'r... And an area 5tth Ave passing by St. Pat's, up to 57th St, the former Donnell Library, Rockefeller Center 6th Ave was I, and friends were visiting, walking through etc. The area by St Patrick's is t's transformed. While you'd see the opening of the big doors, special Holiday Masses, Easter Parade etc

This was a whole other scale of experience.
So one of my best friend's and I head down. I guess we got down ? 10A +. We walk across from 5th Ave towards Madison Ave passing the people on line. It's already a very warmer day than usual - it'll get I think into the 90F range - that's July, Aug weather!

Getting to Madison Ave we're shocked to see that the line goes down several blocks on both sides! I hadn't listened really to the news before I left. I now know people had been lining up before dawn, I think.

We cross the Ave and head down to the end. People are either silent, or quietly talking to each other. And we wait, and wait, and... It's getting hotter. We hear some people have fainted. We slowly move forward. Think of how terrible, and surreal this is all is. I have no thought of leaving, neither does she. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the church door.

Finally (and I don't remember) we (according to articles) we go in a side door. We go up a few pews then sit, kneel, sit. It's darkish, and cooler. Up front is brightly lit My friend notices Jackie Kennedy arriving.

Eventually we make our way slowly up to the front. Very brightly lit There were these big floor standing candle holders with a spiral detail positioned up by the casket. I also read yesterday there were 6 friends standing spaced apart nearby. That seems vaguely familiar. The people pass on either side. I'm on the left.

Amazing then how my focus narrows, time almost slows to just reach out and touch the corner of the casket with my right hand. Then I kept on going. We turn left then back towards Fifth Ave. Do we go out the big doors, I don't remember.

I *do remember* standing catty corner NE corner on the block looking back north east at the Cathedral. As we left, and even here across, down across the street there are *big sets of cables* snaking every where, and every way. We walk really carefully!

I head home. I probably if the radio guy I've listened to with JFK's, and RFK's people since Fall "67 was on listened to that.
Tommorow will be the train.
Posted by electric_blue68 | Wed Jun 7, 2023, 11:36 PM (6 replies)

55 years ago. Seen Robert F Kennedy. Ambassador Hotel.

55 years!
Here and there I've forgotten in certain years.

I was too young to get what we lost with his brother JFK till later since I was 10. I knew, of course, it was a terrible thing.

But I knew with Bobby.

The Kennedy supporters though he could win the nomination. The Humphrey campaign said -no way- he (HHH) had the numbers.
Even if Hunphrey had won which would have been a massively better outcome, I think RFK would have nudged him to do more, and of course end the Vietnam War .

With Nixon he'd have been a clarion voice of dissent where needed.

In RFK: A Raging Spirit - we find out as a kid he was a gentle, empathetic soul - but his father hated that. So he toughened up with football, and in demeanor probably.
But losing JFK - the grief cracked that shell, and we saw that caring unfold, many not knowing it was there in the first place.

I know that when he started running my mom a deeply liberal person who'd probably paid some horrified attention to The McCarthy Hearings (before my time - but close enough to hear about them as I grew up getting attuned to politics early [through my dad]) - she said to me; "He's changed.".

There was a drama made (and I don't know the reviews of it but I saw it) if him when he was AG. He net with leading activist African-Americans & African-Carribeans who really confronted, and schooled him.

I think having such a glaring example of immeasurable callouness, and cruelty (besides the rampent greed) in tfg makes RFK stand out (and no one is without flaws) all the more these days .
Posted by electric_blue68 | Mon Jun 5, 2023, 05:02 PM (26 replies)

(Yawn) Just (by phone) helped my friend pack, and get a car service to the airport...


When she was younger (she's about 55+?) she didn't get to go to many concerts, while I saw at least 225+ (of which several bands racked up +/- 18 shows each) concerts starting with The Animals from '65 to '19 The Who (yet again, maybe last time bc Roger was saying they probably won't come back to America)! Several were benefits that lasted for hours with lots of performers!
(much less shows from about 2011 or earlier)

Anyway she became a big BTS fan about ? 2 yrs ago. She just got a tix, and off to the airport to Oakland, CA. 😄 (We're in NYC)
She saw them in a dedicated theater live broadcast last year in L.A.

In the service of Friendship & Fandom! 😄👍🧡

I go sleep nao! 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😄
Posted by electric_blue68 | Wed May 17, 2023, 04:33 AM (0 replies)

Favorite Baby Animals? I got a List. 😄

It's these past 3 Covid Years - waaaay more on-line!
Serious Squeeee factors

black kittens
blue point Siamese
All other kittens
Golden Labs (Colbert's "fault!)
German Shepherds
All other puppies
mallard ducklings (I call them "fuzzhrads" )
emus (the black pot bellied pig & baby emu chasing each other!)

How about you?

Omg, I forgot dolphins!!!
AND baby goats!!! 🥰
Short legged tiny fold munchkin kittens 🥰
Posted by electric_blue68 | Tue May 16, 2023, 09:54 PM (16 replies)

Hi there. All of you w backyards w, or w/o bird feeders - what kind of birds are you seeing now....

An acquaintance of mine in more southern California has got ?12 swallows nests. She just posted a video of under the roof with nests, and birds flying about!

Meanwhile a cousin in NJ had a vid earlier this week with a nest of baby birds. Maaaaybe robins.
Posted by electric_blue68 | Sat May 13, 2023, 03:50 AM (42 replies)

Any Babylon 5 fans out there? JMS wrote the script for a finished Animated movie...

WB will have the details this Weds

(Reboot is still in process)
Posted by electric_blue68 | Tue May 9, 2023, 12:36 AM (19 replies)

Inspired by tblue37's Post! What 3 puppy breeds (one at a time) would you like to be "attacked" by?

And figure how many. 🤔😁

If those were golden lab puppies in that post vid that were *attacking" that toddler - sign me up. Or what ever they were. 🥰😄
About 7.

Short haired dashund puppies. Black, or red brown. 🥰😄
They're adorable at any size but extra sqeeeable as puppies. About 9.

The contrast between the leaner sort of sculptured look of a fit (vs chonky) German Shepherd and their soft puppy almost plush toy look is amazing, and adorably funny to me. 😄🥰 The typical gray ones. About 6, or 7.

You can pick 4 if you just "have to". 😉😄

How about any of you? Join the puppy pit.

Posted by electric_blue68 | Sat May 6, 2023, 11:07 PM (8 replies)

I'm not sure I'll every get used to calling Tomatoes - berries ..


But since they are berries, and some get sooo big I wonder if they are the biggest berries. Unless there's some sub tropical, tropical berries in the USA or elsewhere.
Posted by electric_blue68 | Thu May 4, 2023, 12:47 PM (2 replies)
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