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Member since: Tue Mar 8, 2005, 12:15 AM
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You know, this story could have been written by Jared Kushner's grandmother. Her story is powerful, and can be found on the net. Yet bravery and goodness seem to have skipped a couple of generations in that family.


If I were tRump, I'd go easy on criticizing the FBI. I know Trump U, the Trump Institite and the rape of the 13 year old girl are old issies, but I would think he would not want to do anything to atract the FBI's attention.


And after he hurriedly said all that, his LAST statement was that Bill's actions were disgusting, as if Bernie has the moral authority to make such a statement, given Jane's hijinks at Burlington College. Hill's look was one of total disbelief. She walked away from him after the debate. I would have done the same.


He"s not an outsider; hr's a loner.

so where is the list of 2016 congressional candidates running on Bernie's platform?

The Tea Party made an impact (albeit highly negative) by succesfully electing TP congressmen in 2010. Now we have the Bernie 'revolution,' but I haven't seen the list of candidates running on his platform. Seems odd.
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