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Member since: Fri Jun 25, 2021, 02:13 PM
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I posted this elsewhere but it needs more exposure

First of all what is sold as an "air fryer" is in fact a very small small single function convection oven. My back is blown to Hell and putting a heavy 9 x13 casserole would at least hurt, if not cripple me for several days. But I bought a countertop oven that had a convection mode and has a built in rotisserie and fits two 9 x13 casseroles...So here is what I wrote elsewhere:

It's a countertop oven that can fit two frozen pizza or 9 x 13 pans. it has a convection mode which is exactly what an "air fryer is. Big plus is a built in rotisserie that can handle a 5 lb chicken. Final perk is at counter height strain on back problems are eliminated. Since I got one my oven is only used when family comes for a holiday meal and multiple ovens are needed. It does require a large piece of countertop but I've never regretted the loss-I LOVE this thing!


Amazon add for similar unit with questions and reviews:

There are multiple models of this oven and prices are all over the map, so shop carefully!


a selective slaughter of wild animals.
"fishermen are to campaign for a seal cull"
Man! Do you see all these Magat morons?
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