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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 13,544

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Heading To The Burgh Soon

Heading down scenic Rt. 28, Trump country, to Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters in Allison Park.

Now I just smile and laugh at the Trump/Mastriano/Oz signs that are still up. I especially like one sign that says, God says Trump 2022.

Hold the fort down, don't eat too much turkey, goodbye for 4 days. Happy Thanksgiving.

OK, leaving in about an hour, wife needs to make arrangements to have our kitties fed. Not taking our 1 indoor cat who either pukes and poops 15 minutes into the drive or 15 minutes before we arrive. Yeah we tried the stuff the vet gave us, this cat isn't a car cat. She is a shelter cat, the most timid cat we have ever had. Bye, over and out.

Trump Got An Early Thanksgiving Present

N.Y. enacted a law the Adult Survivors Act which allows victims of sexual assault whose time limits have expired to sue. The new law is in effect for 1 year and then expires. E. Jean Carroll's attorney electronically filed her law suit at midnight last night with an added surprise for Donnie. Carroll's amended law suit now isn't just for defamation but also includes sexual assault. Happy turkey day Donnie.

Carroll's original law suit has been tied up in the courts where the courts are deciding whether defaming someone is an official duty of the president. Merrick Garland thinks it is, he chose to defend Trump (the office) in E. Jean Carroll's law suit. A district judge ruled it was not an official duty but that decision has been appealed by Trump.


Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik will be Speaker of the House. Take that to the bank, piggy bank. She is a smart Magat.

Those Trump Taxes That Are Headed To Congress

I believe they are to remain confidential, and Magats are about to take control of the House, my question to Congressional scholars, Can the committee submit Trump's taxes into the Congressional record?

Matt Gaetz To Defund Jack Smith

Gaetz says he will defund the special counsel because of his wife's involvement in the Obama film.

The shit show will begin.


If Putin Goes Down

Recession has hit Russia, the unwashed Russians are upset. Putin's inner circle is not as supportive, they are still afraid of him, but there are cracks.

If Putin goes down, credit goes to president Biden along with the will and courage of the Ukranian people.

A toppling of Putin will cement President Biden as one of the top 3 presidents in our nation's history, and president Zelenskyy will be known as the greatest president of Ukraine.

Geez I hope that Putin didn't take advice from Trump or his pal Tucker Carlson about President Biden. Trump and Tucker better stay away from Polonium soup.

Neal Katyal On Nicolle Wallace

Neal Katyal wrote the description for a special counsel, he understands it. Neal Katyal just said there is no need for a special counsel, just said that Merrick Garland isn't up to the job, just said that Garland is giving Trump super special treatment, just said that if Jack Smith does not quickly indict Trump then this move is just another delay tactic for Trump that will run into 2024-2025 where it may be possible for A Magat president to pardon Trump.

Katyal said the use of Jack Smith to give the appearance of impartiality is meaningless, Katyal said no matter who decides to indict Trump will be accused of being partisan. Donald Trump can use this special counsel as a target to rile up his base in his presidential run.

Katyal said that if Garland thinks that Smith will insulate him from partisan criticism he is mistaken because Garland has to sign off on any indictment.

I guarantee that what Katyal said about (Democrat?) Garland was far worse than what I said today, Katyal would have gotten his post erased, guaranteed.

Katyal said that Garland is giving Trump super special treatment, what a terrible thing to say about a Democrat, shame on him.

Will This Appointment Set A Precedent?

A quote from Garland.

“It is in the public interest to appoint a special prosecutor to independently manage an investigation and prosecution based on recent developments including the former president’s announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election and the sitting presidents stated intention to be a candidate as well,” Garland said.

So if President Biden comes out and says he is not running for reelection then Garland will not appoint the SC? I'm confused. President Biden still nominated Garland whether he runs in 2024 or not. What if Garland had scheduled Trump to appear before a grand jury and the next day Trump announces he is running for president? What would Garland have done?

Stupid questions?

I Have A Question For Magat Voters

I have a question for the people who vote for Magats because those people are telling the voters they can't vote for Democrats because Democrats eat babies and drink their blood. My question for those voters; How many years have you been voting this way? If you are being told about the horrible Democrats what have the Magats done who you vote for to stop the blood drinking, to stop the pedophilia done in the basement of a pizza shop without a basement? If the people you are voting for know about this child abuse why aren't they notifying law enforcement to put an end to the horrors? How many Democrats have been arrested for child abuse? You are voting for people who know about this child abuse but they do nothing to stop it.

Final question, since no Democrats have been arrested for drinking the blood of children, arrested for eating babies, arrested for pedophilia, when the fuck are you going to wake up and realize that the people you are voting for are lying to you just to get your vote and take away your Medicare and Social Security to satisfy their corporate masters?

Wake the fuck up, the people you are voting for are the ones who are taking away your freedom.

Trump's lawyers Have A Point

Trump mishandled top secret documents throughout his presidency, it is documented. he burned them, tore them up, ate them, flushed them, but most importantly, he didn't return all of them.

When Trump looked at top secret documents and never returned them, no one complained, no one forced him to return the documents.

So if Trump simply stashed the documents in boxes and no one complained, is it far fetched for Trump's lawyers to maintain that they belonged to Trump? When a courier brings Trump a document handcuffed to his wrist and never returns the document and no one asks for it back, why then it must belong to Trump.

Protocol was broken while Trump was in office and nothing was done, Trump's lawyers have an argument.
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