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ggma's Journal
ggma's Journal
February 9, 2024

Purchasing Hearts

Hello to all: I pay annually and I renewed back in August. I was new to the Hearts last year and didn't participate, but really want to. Can I just purchase some hearts without changing my membership?


October 27, 2023

I have questions about jury duty

Regarding not having enough context to make a decision...



October 10, 2023

How does the DU jury work?

I'm not sure I'm responsible enough to serve, if asked.


April 15, 2023

When I was a very young girl

my grandmother told me that most children don't know they can't until an adult tells them so. She said don't discourage your children.


March 24, 2023

I think

he's jealous of Carys after she dominated the lap and is reminding you that he is still your sweet boy.


February 8, 2023

I think this is the place to say Thanks

I don't post about my issues often, I think I would have to write a book. But I woke up to a heart this morning, and it was more than a gift to me. It let me know that I am SEEN and by someone who doesn't have to (like family).


April 15, 2022

MIR team

What is an MIR team?

April 14, 2022

I-- Am the wise and wonderful GGMA!

I've always wanted to say that.😁

It took me a moment to write this because I have been a "lurker" for quite some time and I love this place, but there are so many great minds here that I admit to being more than a little intimidated (there are posters here that are big favorites and I read them immediately).

But I also felt it was time to quit sitting on the sidelines and participate (here and there).

So here I am, and I hope I can fit in.


Profile Information

Name: Earlene
Gender: Female
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Home country: usa
Current location: omaha
Member since: Mon Mar 7, 2022, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 709

About ggma

GGMA is short for great grandma. I am recently retired and have been lurking here since 2005 when a coworker sent me an article. I bookmarked this site and visit several times a day. I have my favorite posters and love the different topics I find here.
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