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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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A Friend just told me

George W. Bush through his Foundation just contributed $1 MILLION to the Elect Joe Biden Campaign, can anyone cofirm?

West Asian Fable

The forest was shrinking but
the trees kept voting for the axe.
For the axe was clever and convinced
the trees that because his handle was wood
he was one of them.--

West Asian Fable

Our president is incapable of learning...

Source: Discus

Our “president” is incapable of learning. That’s why he referred to the tanks in his show as “Sherman tanks”. It’s debatable whether he is genuinely capable of understanding anything complex or nuanced. I don’t believe he is. Harder to beat? He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and won the electoral college vote by less than 100,000 votes spread over three states. He has never broken 50% in the polls, despite a relatively good economy. Who will vote for him in ‘20 who didn’t vote for him last time? If their coal jobs didn’t come back, if their soybeans haven’t been bought, if their Carrier plant, or their GM plant has closed, if they paid more in taxes, will they all vote for him again? Some significant portion of his voters must be tired of his failures, his lies, his stupid comments. He doesn’t need to lose many of them. He does not have any margin for error with his base; he does not have any interest in appealing to people who haven’t supported him already; his act is stale, repetitive, predictable. It’s becoming tiresome and annoying even to people who liked it in ‘16, ‘17 &’18. It’s not going to get better, because he’s not capable of updating it. Can he win again? Yes, of course. There are millions of American who were willing to vote for a “downright moron”. There are millions who will gladly do it again. But if there is to be a good future for this country, there will be millions fewer willing to make that mistake in ‘20.

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