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Member since: Tue Oct 27, 2020, 01:38 PM
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Reynolds is taking a poll on whether Iowa should mandate masks

from a friend's email:

>> The governor’s office is taking a poll about the mask mandate: 515-281-5211. Hit 4 - they are doing a temporary poll. Then hit 1 and leave a message - “Yes, please do a full mask mandate.”

I did it yesterday

Grassley tests positive for Covid


Recounts Are Coming In IA-02. Here's What The Process Looks Like.


Lucas County Auditor Julie Masters had a simple message when asked if she had any advice for Iowa’s election officials as they brace for recounts in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District: “Pray, keep the faith.”

Last Thursday, Masters oversaw a machine recount of the 4,648 ballots cast during the 2020 general election cycle in the Southern Iowa county. The administrative recount was requested Tuesday by Secretary of State Paul Pate due to a precinct-level reporting error discovered this week when the auditor’s office was preparing to canvass, and because of the incredibly close race for Congress between Democrat Rita Hart and Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

On Thursday morning, before election workers in Lucas County fired up the vote-counting machines, Hart’s campaign announced it will file for a “complete recount” of precincts in the district’s 24 counties, which entailed delivering written filings to each of the counties by 5 p.m. Friday.

As of Friday afternoon, of the 394,383 votes cast in the 2nd District race, Miller-Meeks led Hart by 47 votes.

A good look at the laws and rules governing what will be an incredibly close race

World-o-meters US covid deaths may pass a quarter million tonight

250,000 Americans dead in 8 months. Eight fucking months. And Trump says there was nothing could be done?

1,000 dead a day. If 4 airplanes were crashing daily killing 250 per plane they would probably ignore that also.

And 70 million people voted for these monsters?

Edit to add - 175,000 new cases today.

Ya know, every time I write the words Vice-President Harris, I get a tear in my eye

A woman - of color - daughter of immigrants - incredibly smart - I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.

I just know I will be tearful throughout her swearing in.

I suspect she will be given major responsibilities in the coming administration - there is so much work to be done.

7AM and Iowa has over 4,000 new cases of corona virus already

Covid Kim's answer is a public relations campaign.

How fucking stupid is she?

How fucking stupid are Iowans?


I just realized that we will have a President who can read again

And he reads books- real books!

Big change!

A big thank you to Jim Clyburn!

You all know why

Statement from the Rita Hart campaign (Iowa-02)

(via email):

Rita Hart for Iowa Issues Statement on IA-02 Race

WHEATLAND, IOWA — As votes continue to be counted and with the race for Iowa’s Second Congressional District too close to call, Rita Hart for Iowa campaign manager Zach Meunier issued the following statement:

“As we have said consistently, Iowans’ voices must be heard and their votes accurately counted. It is thus critical that county auditors ensure all results are accurate. We understand that the county auditor of Jasper County is undertaking an administrative review to ensure that the vote totals from that county — which have been verified by Iowa’s Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate and the Jasper County auditor and which show Rita Hart leading by 162 votes — are accurate. We are confident by the end of this process that Rita Hart will be the next congresswoman from Iowa’s Second District.”
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