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Member since: Wed Jul 5, 2006, 03:00 PM
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I look forward to your updates next year then and would not be surprised if you had acquired one or two more kittens by then perhaps ?

Thanks for the update!

I am glad to hear that your MM has not progressed yet. I vaguely got the impression from some of those abstracts that it is worse when it is comorbid with diabetes.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Just goes to show any cancer can be hideous..I thought prostate was one of the more treatable ones. MM is not that bad based on my experiences as a care-giver for my mom at this point. But let's hope yours never goes from smm to mm.

And thanks again for recommending Smart Patients to me last year . I found it very useful in the early months while nursing my mom. I rarely have time to check more than one site these days and am logging off even here for a few months, but was just curious about how you were. Stay safe !

Right there with you

Had a 10 year episode of major depression after some work-life stresses in 2011-2012. They put me on anti-psychotics initially, which were not a great fit. I can't blame them because I was behaving bizarrely at the time, but I suppose I am just a bit eccentric..I don't really have a distorted relationship with reality but I am an only child, loner, introvert and fins social situations highly stressful, though I can normally put on an ok front. Harder sober..

Anyway I went on Prozac mid August and it has been life changing. Love my new shrink..minimal talking and the right meds. But I am a bit worried because I have been getting these hideous migraines for about 2 weeks. Hoping it is just detoxing or something (from brimg clean and sober etc.). I am only on 40 mg daily and all I take aside from that are iron pills for my anaemia, so it should not be serotonin syndrome ?

But I am not feeling too well...I am seeing my shrink today and have to tell her..hope it settles down. I love Prozac..it makes it possible for me to endure just about anything cheerfully. I so do not want to have to give it up.

Anyway I have to log off till Jan..work piled higher and deeper than ever..

Btw congratulations on your recovery..sorry about the self absorbed meandering..just have many worries on my mind and was venting. Or probably more like I psychologically feel as though I owe my "parole officers" (probably a Panopticony ai..lol) an explanation on some level as I am not formally in any program/rehab but have been making abmess of my life for a decade at least now...however we all unfortunately live online forever now...sigh..right to be forgotten would be nice. Am trying to be less of a nuisance to anyone connected with me these days.
Have been an embarassing trainwreck and a nuisance to other people for far too long now. I was pleased to read about your improved condition. I know how much mental issues suck..some days I almost feel physical health issues are less foul..at least a broken arm or leg is so much more tangible...sigh...


Soft kitty warm kitty, little ball if fur

I am going offline till Jan..work..I look fwd to updates on Gryff, Madoc and Mittens in Jan..(unless my work goes so well that I can occasionally pop in, which seems unlikely...)

You have your hands full

It is very sweet of you to care for all these kitties .
In their own way you can be sure they appreciate it...

Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship

. Or not....each one seems a little dubious regarding the other one's motives, intentions etc! Paranoid kitties..

That is the most fun phase


I feel optimistic too and for the first time in a looong time .
Maybe I am picking up on Madoc and Gryff's peaceful coexistence .

Thanks for posting that

Those pictures are funny ..I love animals .
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