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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Home country: USA
Current location: Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 2,971

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I'm worried! I think GQPers are playing the Dems to segregate contraceptives from gay marriage.

Look at this article from biased Axios and you'll see how the GQP wants to play the Dems next.

The House passed a bill to codify BOTH gay marriage and access to contraceptives before the SCOTUS takes those privacy rights away. 47 House GQPers voted FOR the measure.

But there was always doubt as to whether the Senate could get the 10 GQP votes to overcome the filibuster. Well, here is their solution. They want to separate the issues and pass access to contraceptives but NOT secure the right for everyone to get married.

Will the Dems in the Senate go along with this GQP sleight of hand? "We are just happy to get whatever crumbs the GQPers will allow," is the response I expect to hear. Too often, Dems will play into the GQPer's hand.

We can NOT allow this to happen. We must INSIST that the Senate Dems and Schumer keep both issues together because they are all based on privacy rights. In fact, they need to make sure that interracial marriage is also a part of the deal. "It's all or nothing," is what the Dems must insist on.

Why? Because by separating the issues, the GQP can say, "We are reasonable and certainly are not against contraceptives. We're not against interracial marriage either. But, gay marriage? We are DEFINITELY against that!"

By allowing them to separate the issues, we let the GQPers run the show. They will look great to their supporters while depriving all gay Americans of their rights, even though all these issues are based on the same interpretation of the law - the right to privacy.

I can see this issue coming and we, the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, must insist LOUDLY that the issues must be tied together so that the GQP does NOT get to say "privacy rights are fine for straight men, but not for women and not for gay people."

I want to believe our leaders are smart enough to foil this plot before it ever gets off the ground, but I'm worried.


Notice how this article from Axios has already done the GQPs work for them. They make no mention of the fact that the contraceptive issue is tied to the gay marriage issue. They are in the SAME BILL that the house passed with 47 GQP votes. But Axios has the Republican's back and is happy to see gay marriage be chopped out of this protection, so the GQP can get their win/win situation, even when the Dems are in control.

From Axios:

GOP senators weigh supporting bill protecting birth control access

Some Republican senators say they are open to reviewing a House-passed bill protecting access to birth control, potentially teeing up another surprising bipartisan response to fallout from the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Between the lines: Democrats are eager to force Republicans on the record as not supporting birth control in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning the federal right to abortion — and only months before the midterm elections. But there's a chance that a messaging bill could wind up being something more.

Driving the news: The House on Thursday passed a bill to protect a person's ability to access contraceptives, with eight Republicans joining all Democrats present in supporting the legislation.

House lawmakers have been focusing on passing legislation in response to Justice Clarence Thomas' concurrence overturning Roe v. Wade saying that the court should reconsider "all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents," including that guaranteeing birth control access.

GOP senators weigh supporting bill protecting birth control access

James Corden tears up as he vows to leave The Late Late Show with a bang after confirming shock exit

James Corden announces final year, but gives no reason for exit.

I LOVED Craig Fergeson! I was picked by David Letterman to follow his show. Craig made me laugh every night, just like Letterman. When Colbert took over from Letterman, Craig was told he had to go.

Corden followed - a Brit who was totally unknown to US audiences, though he had done work in the UK.

I have never enjoyed Corden. He is not funny or clever to me. I tried to enjoy his show and his humor, but it has never worked. I'm sure there are people here who enjoy James, but I just don't find his style and comedy entertaining. He comes across as an inexperienced amateur. His jokes are all sophomoric. He tries way too hard to be funny and clever and it shows.

All that to say that I'm thrilled to know the time slot after Colbert is open again! I really hope that CBS will take the advice of Colbert. I wish they would consult with Letterman and Jon Stewart. But, I imagine CBS will ignore input from talented comedians. I would not be surprised if they hired one of these "conservative comics", some of the most un-funny people around, in an attempt to draw in Republican viewers. (Comedy is completely anathema to conservatives.)

Fingers crossed that we get lucky and CBS finds someone that can really make us laugh. We really need much more of that on the TeeVee!

Valencia County Breaking News: Dem Sheriff Candidate Rodney Jones on the ballot, wins case in court.

The 13th Judicial District Court in Valencia County has ruled that Democratic Sheriff Candidate Rodney Jones is a resident of Valencia County and eligible to run.

“I have never intended to change my residence from Valencia County. My entire career I have worked in law enforcement in Valencia County,” Jones wrote in a letter responding to the allegation. “In fact, I returned to VCSO after being shot five times."

“The voters have the right to a choice in this race and I have a right to appear on the ballot in the county where I have been registered to vote for 26 years.”

Rodney Jones is a member of the Isleta Pueblo and is currently the Secretary of the Isleta Tribal Council. He is a former Chief Judge and a former detective with the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office and the Los Lunas Police Department.



The chair of the Valencia GOP is a nutcase and we're going to take him down. He filed this allegation and has now LOST!

Also, note that the current sheriff won in 2018 as a Democrat. WE got her elected. Then, in 2020, right after Trump lost, she switched to Repug. She has a terrible record. She tried everything to get Rodney not to run and failed.

Our candidate is a stand-up guy and he's a member of the Isleta Tribe!!! I'm going to enjoy this race most of all this November!

This is my own article. Click the link and subscribe to the blog or receive our newsletter if you're interested in Valencia County politics.

'Twas the Week Before Christmas (warning: large photos)

Written to share the story of the past week for my partner and I and our little girl, Bathsheba, who is 10 years old! This is the story of what we went through, the illnesses we all suffered, how we supported each other as a family, and the joy of health and life that we share with all of you special friends on DU. On the occasion of my 20th year as a member of DU, here is:

‘’Twas the Week Before Christmas”
by Keopeli

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Bathsheba was chasing a scurrilous mouse;
My masks there were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes of avoiding the pandemic scare;
Bathsheba eventually climbed in my bed,
While visions of viral loads danced in my head;
My cat curled up and lay right in my lap,
We both shut our eyes for a long winter's nap,
The morning soon came, and I don’t mean to flatter,
My instincts knew then that something was the matter.
I wiped clear my eyes and arose like a flash,
Tore open the curtains and threw up the sash.
I looked all around for I certainly knew,
Something was amiss and I hadn’t a clue,
When what to my worrying eyes did I dread,
But Bathsheba who strangely remained in my bed,
The sweet little girl was not lively nor quick,
I knew in a moment that she must be sick.

A horrible fear swiftly rose in my veins,
And I screamed, and shouted, and called her by name:
"Bathsheba! My sweetheart! Why have you not hollered?
This time in the morning I’m usually bothered!
Each morning you meow and beg me for feeding!
Today you lay motionless! Why aren’t you bleating?"
My tears now flowed quickly, I sprang to her side!
“My dear little girl, you have nothing to hide;
Tell me what’s the matter and I’ll mend you quick!
But she was too weak just to say she was sick—
And then, in a twinkling, I knew what to do
To the Vet we will go right away! And we flew!
No sooner had I taken her to the Vet,
Then the doctor prescribed medicine I would get.
I wrapped little Sheba, from her paws to her head,
And for three days she lay in my big comfy bed;
I worried and fretted she wouldn’t recover,
Always reassuring, so she knew I loved her.
Her eyes—after three days—they started to liven!
After three days of prayers, my girl was now thrivin’!

I showered my girl with my kisses and tears,
The pills that she took had allayed all my fears;
She no longer lay in a ball at my feet,
Now she could think of nothing else but to eat!
We shared our rejoicing, her illness had burst,
We were confident then we had gone through the worst.
But suddenly and without warn I was smitten,
My little cat’s illness on me now was bitten;
Collapsed in my bed I grew suddenly pallid
I felt so ill nothing else seemed to be valid;
I even feared covid caught me unaware,
I took a home test, but found covid not there,
Still, I laid for three days in miserable suffering,
My friends brought me soup, but I could eat nothing;

A cat can pass their little virus to me!
Now I know better. More careful I’ll be!
I’ll no longer bury my face in my kitty
When she’s taken ill, I’ll avoid all that pity!

When three more days passed, I felt oh so much better,
And just days before Christmas! So I’ve written this letter
To remind us all, life’s so precious…and health,
And wellness is much more important than wealth!
With a spring in my step, I am Christmas preparing,
Wrapping my presents for giving and sharing.
My friends and my loved ones, I want to remind
To cherish your health and, if I may be kind,
I wish on you blessings and a life free of fear—
“Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!”

US broadcast group threatens legal action over Polish media law

Source: Politico

U.S. broadcast company Discovery is threatening to bring legal action against the government in Poland after lawmakers there passed a controversial media law that tightens rules for foreign companies.

The legislation, which must still pass the Polish Senate, proposes only allowing companies majority-owned by entities from the European Economic Area to hold broadcast licenses. That would exclude U.S.-based Discovery, owner of TVN, one of Poland’s most popular TV stations, and its all-news subsidiary TVN24.

The news channel, whose license expires on September 26, has been a thorn in the side of a government that has made great efforts to bring the media under its control.

Discovery said in a statement Thursday that it sent notice of its intentions to Polish President Andrzej Duda and that while the company “continues to strive for a positive resolution to this situation … should this fail, Discovery intends to commence arbitration proceedings” under a U.S. investment agreement with Poland “and seek full compensation for Poland’s breaches.”

Read more: https://www.politico.eu/article/discovery-poland-media-law-legal-action/

Discovery is promoting the Free Press in a country whose government is hyper-conservative and trying to crack down on the dissenting and alternative press. IOW, they don't want people knowing the truth, which has a liberal bias, as Colbert famously quipped. My question: why is Discovery so bold in favor of truth and democracy in Poland but doesn't mind waddling in our murky sub-democratic press issues in the USA? Unfortunately, I already know the answer: money, of course.

Still, good for the Polish people that an American company is standing up for their rights and freedoms. Let's have more of that on the home front!

Dear DU Friends, I am asking for your help if you are or were active in your County Dem Party

I live in NM and am 54 years old. I have decided to become more active in my County Democratic Party. In the past month, I was elected Vice-Chairman of my county Ward, my Precinct's member of our County Central Committee, and was just appointed as the Chairman of the Communications Committee. I'm excited and honored to actually win two elections and by trusted to run the Communications Committee.

I know that many of my friends here at DU (where I have been a member since 2002) are active in their local parties. Being a rural county that lately votes Red, we need a lot of structural changes and growth. Our new County Party Chair is a great progressive and, during the past wave of county party elections, progressives have basically taken over the local party.

Here are my questions to all of you:

1. Is there a DU forum that features discussions on how local party officials run their operations and help each other?
2. Is there a forum anywhere on the "interwebs" where veterans of local political efforts share ideas, success/failure stories, and resources?
3. Is there a good resource for progressives on how to create good and effective communication efforts at the local level?
4. Are there any of you who have walked this road (mostly running the communications arm of your local party) and are willing to share your knowledge/experience?

We have an upcoming special election (in one month) to replace Deb Haaland, our former US House Member who is now the first Native American head of the Interior Dept. Keeping this seat blue is paramount to Dems retaining control of the House. With little to no structure in place (an underused and clumsy website, a facebook page with a host of administrators, many of whom lost the last election (since they were Blue Dogs) with ulterior motives), an unused Twitter and Instagram account, and a Newsletter that tends to bounce or get rejected as spam with an outdated contact list, I have a lot of work to do in a very short time.

Whatever help you can share will be valued and greatly appreciated.

In solidarity,


PS - If I don't respond right away, it's because I'm busy being a Middle School teacher, an acolyte at my church, a caregiver to my octogenarian parents, a director of three community choirs, or being a good partner. Fear not - I will respond as soon as I am able! And thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.

Bill would prevent transgender females from competing in girls, women sports

Bill would prevent transgender females from competing in girls, women sports

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some New Mexico Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill to level the playing field for female athletes competing with transgender athletes born as males. One of the sponsors of the controversial bill says this legislation all comes down to safety.

“To allow men or boys compete against women is fundamentally unfair and it’s dangerous and it takes away lots of opportunities for these girls; scholarships. You compete to win because winning is good for you psychologically, it encourages you to do other things and to excel in other things in your life. So when you take that opportunity away from girls it’s devastating,” said Representative Zachary Cook (R-Ruidoso).

House Bill 304 is called the Women’s Sports Protection Act and would prevent female athletes from competing with transgender athletes born as males. The bill state that there are only two biological sexes and that biological sex is determined at fertilization or at birth. It goes on to say that men have higher natural levels of testosterone which results in higher speed and power during physical activity, which leads to a performance gap between males and females.

Right now, under the New Mexico Activities Association bylaws, a student must compete in the gender officially listed on their birth certificate. In New Mexico, you are now allowed to amend your sex on your birth certificate. If passed, this would apply to not only middle and high schools, but universities in New Mexico. Opponents say the bill could increase any stress transgender people already deal with which include sexual abuse, bullying, and suicide.


APS makes the right decision. (They didn't really have a choice, thanks to teachers.)

Albuquerque Public Schools students will continue learning virtually, although the board Wednesday night cleared the way to expand in-person learning slightly to include additional small groups of students, possibly those at risk of failing or seniors who need the additional help.

The Board of Education voted 6-1 to allow limited in-person groups, but otherwise remain in remote schooling.

Wednesday night’s decision almost certainly ends any hope for APS’ 13 high schools to participate in the four fall sports: football, soccer, volleyball and cross-country. Because of the pandemic, fall sports had to be pushed into the second semester.

According to APS data, about half of parents are ready to get their children back to school and half aren’t on board.


A teacher at the meetings said that teachers are eager to come back, but they want to do so safely. Amen!


The view from Valencia County, New Mexico- longest winning streak in US

I'm a poll challenger in Los Lunas, NM. Rural
republican county that has picked the winning candidate correctly since 1952. What I've seen today:
1. Fewer voters than expected. Many early votes cast, but Republicans expected to vote en masse today is not happening yet.
2. Several first time voters in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They appear to be Biden voters. Exciting!
3. Like having good "gaydar," it seems very easy to infer voter preference by dress, covid conformity, demeanor, and the company they keep. This worries me because it makes it easier for republicans to cherry pick who to challenge or harass.
4. One voter who was trying to vote multiple times.

I expected much higher turnout here today. The fact that it is low is a good sign for Biden.

Virtual Phone Banking in Valencia County & Why This is an Important County

Hi fellow Dems!

My partner and I are hosting Virtual Phone Banking events every Thursday of this month at 6 pm. You can be part of this important venture.

DID YOU KNOW that Valencia County has more registered Democrats than Republicans? Then, why do Republicans win more often than not in our little corner of the state? The reason is because too many Democrats fail to vote! If everyone who is registered to vote as a Democrat in Valencia County did so, we would win every election.

OUR GOAL is to call as many Democrats in Valencia County as possible before Election Day to GOTV. And YOU CAN HELP!

Follow the link below and register to participate in our virtual phone banking event any or all Thursdays in October from 6 - 8 pm. All you need is a computer (to Zoom) and a phone (to make calls). If you can spare a couple of hours, we could sure use your help.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure a Biden/Harris LANDSLIDE in the 2020 election!


Jeffrey & Kenny

Here is the link to the event where you can register to participate:

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