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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri May 20, 2011, 11:28 AM
Number of posts: 19,594

About Me

I don't like trolls.

Journal Archives

That's it can't watch the Republican debate anymore it is cray cray!

And raising my blood pressure.

Can anyone tell me the passage in the Bible that I knew you in the womb quoted by pence?

Ironic that all the male debaters are wearing red ties!

Why am I getting "to continue, please type the characters below"

And when I do I get another one of those message with more new characters that are unreadable?

A few weeks ago I saw these and they went away and now today have returned on several posts.

I am astonished that the 3 major networks are covering Atlanta!

Our democracy is being threatened and they are reporting this news on network channels!

Saw Rod Stewart last night at a venue in Northern California

Rod still sounds great but has slowed down from the past performances I have seen over the years. Iíve probably gone to about 3 of his concerts since the late 70ís.

But the great thing was he came out dressed in yellow and blue and sang a song in support of Ukraine. Stills were shown of the damage of Ukraine and he said Putin needed to go. At the end of the song they have Zelinksy on the screen saying Thank you. Sitting next to me was this guy who had on an American flag cap on and was wearing a Sacramento motorcycle club t-shirt covered in tattoos and he kept making weird noises during the Ukrainepart. Then Rod sang a song about accepting gay people and that was too much for him and he got up and left with his female companion.

It was great seeing Rod but I was disappointed he didnít sing Hot legs!

Fox News must really dislike that TFG has been indicted again

I went over to the station yesterday and no reporting. Then today I looked on the Foxnews website and no mention of the additional indictments. The lead story is of course Hunter Biden.
Itís as if they want want their viewers to know their cult leader has been indicted.

I donít know how those who are addicted to fox propaganda news will ever hear their maggot got indicted again on serious charges.

Switched over to Fox

They are not talking about the indictment but the Hunter Biden story. And The opening story on Ingram wasÖÖÖ.Hunter Biden !!!!! Surprise!

I was over at my childhood home that I inherited and came across 3 boxes of comic books and mad

Magazines, Archie comics and Harvey comics, Casper, little Audrey etc. for the 1960ís and early 70ís. I donítí want to throw them out but thereís got to be people who collect these old comic books. They are in pretty good shape!

Does anyone know which forum I should go on to sell them?

I read this letter to the editor in the SF Chronicle today and I can't stop thinking how correct and

Insightful the writer was. But also nervous that things like AI and the early indoctrination of young people. If the right wing gets it way to destroy public education and make education for profit.

Just got back from Arizona where I heard the state has cut funding per student for education and pushing for more charter schools. The feigned outrage over the non existence of CRT or making white children feel bad about the past history so they shouldnít be taught is outrageous. But right now we are in a surreal kind of 1984 pushed by the right wing and magaloons.

Anyway here is the letter that was insightful but also bothered me!

Media Indoctrination

We have a big problem. It's not Donald Trump. It's not President Biden. It's not climate change, recession, inflation, racism or homophobia.

I have engaged in an experiment. An inveterate progressive for nearly half a century, I have, for the past 60 days, listened onlv to Joe Rogan's podcast, watched only YouTube videos with Matt Walsh and those holding similar views, and only read articles on Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit. And fascinatingly, troublingly, my mind is changing.

I now find myself angrily gravitating toward the indignation of the conservative right. I am witnessing my own brainwashing. I am experiencing firsthand what tens of millions of Americans are experiencing - the toxic and catastrophic confluence of human neuro-plasticity, social media and the never-ending quest for power and dollars.

1, at least, have undertaken this experiment consciously. Most do not, and in the end, I fear it is going to tear us apart.

I wonít print his name but will give his initials DW of San Francisco
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