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liberalmediaaddict's Journal
liberalmediaaddict's Journal
June 6, 2024

What did we do wrong as a country?

What in the hell did we do wrong as a country that we've been forced to deal with an abusive, domestic terrorist like Donald Trump EVERY single day for the past 9 years?

I mean ever since this socopathic monster came down the escalator in 2015 it's been one horror after another.
Just having to hear and see this ugly, repulsive, obnoxious and idiotic man child is like torture.

The majority of our great country has never voted for this guy and wish he would simply go away.
But thanks to his rabid cult, the cowardly Republican party and right wing media propaganda he's still in our faces 24/7.

It's not like life in America was perfect before 2015 but as a country we were able to debate different issues at the same time and one man didn't dominate every news cycle. Hopefully young people voting for the first time realize that politics doesn't have to be like this and the daily MAGA chaos isn't normal and will destroy our democracy.

This period will go down as the "WTF America? Seriously?" chapter in history.

June 5, 2024

What should Garland have done different?

What should or could AG Garland have done differently to avoid the current limbo the classified documents case and January 6th case are now in?

Obviously both aren't going well thanks in part to several Trump appointed judges and won't get resolved before the November election.

Just wondering what Garland could have done differently in hindsight. Or was it inevitable that any indictment brought against a former President was going to end up a legal mess delayed indefinitely.

Personally I think Garland should have appointed a special counsel to investigate January 6th immediately after being confirmed in March 2021. The speed at which Jack Smith has acted shows the DC case at least could have been resolved before the primaries started.

The MAGA Supreme Court and shady Heritage Foundation judges like Cannon were always going to be roadblocks to overcome. But I'm sure Garland's experienced justice department could have found a way around it given more time.

Look at the speed in which they've prosecuted Hunter Biden, Bob Menendez, George Santos and the Proud Boys.

May 30, 2024

A convicted felon can't even join the military

But convicted felon Trump is allowed to run to be Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military in the world.

Talk about unprecedented.
Republicans should be embarrassed. They must have a humiliation fetish.

May 8, 2024

Calm competence vs cruel chaos

When looking at the past several presidential elections it appears that American voters can't decide if they prefer a competent, calm leader or a cruel agent of chaos. Every election cycle they appear to get bored with one option and decide to switch to the other.

We Democrats have constantly been blamed for the fact that Trump hasn't gone away. But we haven't changed, Republicans have. Our governing philsophy has been pretty consistent since the Clinton/Gore administration. Meanwhile the G.O.P has grown more dark, extreme and intolerant.

The reality is the November election will be decided by the self described independents and "double haters." If these groups stay at home on election day or vote 3rd party then we're screwed. It's painfully obvious by now that most Republicans prefer Trump's chaos and cruelty to Obama/Hillary/Biden's competence and compassion. Those voters are lost and aren't coming back as long as Trump's on the ballot. The only mystery is what the majority of Americans who pride themselves on avoiding politics and the news decide to do. They know exactly what they'll get with a second Trump term because they lived through the first one. And if they think after another 4 years of Trump they can just switch back to electing a Democrat they may be in for a rude awakening. January 6th should have make that perfectly clear.

Personally I can't wait to show up and vote for Biden/Harris in the primary and general election. And to vote against Trump for the 3rd time in 8 years.

May 2, 2024

Trump just wears people down

Like any classic abuser, Trump simply wears people down psychologically and bullies them into submission. He drains people emotionally and makes them feel powerless to stop his behavior.

Both him and his fascist enablers have bombarded the American public with so much BS the past 8 years a majority don't know which end is up anymore or what is real.

The sad fact is that no matter what happens in November, Trump has permanently changed America. There's no going back to the way things were pre-2016.

We're stuck with a regressive, extremist Supreme Court for at least a decade. And the very fact that Trump is going to be the Republican presidential nominee again despite all his criminal and corrupt acts proves his anti-democratic crusade has been successful.

I don't know if Trump voters have stockholm syndrome, are masochistic or don't believe they deserve someone better. But the fact they think Trump is their friend and Joe Biden is their enemy is tragic.

In November Americans can either choose to dump this abusive sociopath once and for all or sign up for 4 more years of his mental cruelty and instability. Hopefully we make the sane decision and kick this lunatic out of the house. 😬

April 4, 2024

Knew Biden would get blamed for the Hamas attack

Back in October the moment I heard the news that Hamas had attacked Israel that Biden would get blamed. And that it would drag him down politically.

That's because America is expected to support Israel unconditionally. And I knew Netanyahu would take out his anger by trying to wipe Gaza off the map and equate Hamas with all Palestinians.

Biden has been in a no win situation since the war started. Just like every President before him who's tried to bring peace to the middle east. Carter, Clinton and Obama tried to negotiate a 2 state solution but hardliners like Netanyahu blocked it.

So now if Biden cuts off military aid to Israel he'll be seen as betraying one of our allies.

Bottom line is Netanyahu isn't going to stop what he's doing. He's scared of losing power and being held responsible for ignoring warnings about the Hamas attack. He doesn't care if he brings down Biden's presidency. He prefers Trump who would help him "finish the job." Meaning an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the Gaza strip.

Personally I think Biden should cut Netanyahu loose. Separate him from Israel. It's definitely not a sustainable arrangement. The longer it goes on the more support Biden is going to lose here at home.

All because Netanyahu was too preoccupied with changing the courts so he could stay out of prison instead of keeping Israel safe from it's enemies.

Democrats have the worst luck.

April 2, 2024

Trump & RFK Jr's support is sad

The fact that many Americans are actually supporting Donald Trump and Robert F Kennedy Jr. to be the next President of the United States is sad. It shows the power of name recognition and celebrity.

Bizarrely millions of voters still equate the name "Trump" with "success." Despite 8 years of him showing he's an absolute failure.

RFK Jr's support is somewhat easier to understand since his father was a great man and many people love the last name Kennedy. However he's been in the public eye long enough and given enough speeches & interviews that voters have to be aware he's nothing like his father and is an embarrassment to the Kennedy name.

It's amazing people actually donate money to these 2 wealthy trust fund man babies. And that anyone thinks either should become leader of the free world proves something is intellectually broken in our country. I wouldn't trust either to be mayor of a small city much less POTUS.

March 25, 2024

There's no stopping this orange POS

He's been in our faces every day for the last 9 years.

The "Mexican rapists" speech didn't sink him.
The Access Hollywood didn't sink him.
The popular vote in 2016 didn't sink him.

Starting to realize there's no removing this orange stain from our politics. He's never going away.

You can't prosecute him, impeach him, bankrupt him or vote him out. And there's no separating his supporters from his vice grip.

He's like an STD or Wile E Coyote. And his entire identity is playing the victim. Meanwhile he's gotten away with his criminally and corruption for 5 decades.

Lastly I know his MAGA cult loves the fact Trump drives liberals like myself nuts.
They're just as abhorrent. And have no excuse for their willful ignorance.

March 7, 2024

Grateful every day Biden is President

It's easy to feel doom and gloom about the Trump getting the Republican nomination, the scary polls and media's obsession with Biden's age

Fortunately the election isn't for 8 months. Personally I'm going to appreciate every single day Joe Biden is President. And hope that the Americans snap out of their delusion that setting the clocks back to 2020 and re-electing Trump is a good idea.

The mood right now reminds me of the 10 months before the 2022 midterms. When the legacy media, political pundits, arrogant Republicans and pollsters were convinced their would be a red wave and that MAGA candidates would dominate every election.

The media has been salivating over a potential Biden vs Trump rematch ever since inauguration day 2021. Now they've got one. And as much as they act like Trump is already President-In-Waiting and that the November election is a mere hiccup on his inevitable return to the White House this race ain't over yet.

The campaign begins now. In 8 months we get another opportunity to turn out and vote against this corrupt sociopath and his anti-democratic death cult.

It's going to be a marathon not a sprint. But we can definitely rally the troops once again and win big.

March 5, 2024

Americans want a miracle worker not a president

Most Americans have a delusional view of what a President can do to solve our country's problems and prevent new ones.

Voters want a miracle worker not a President. Someone who will waive a magic wand and eliminate economic inequality, stop climate change, secure the border, stop mass shootings and bring peace to the world.

Trump promises to fix everything without giving specifics. Nevermind the fact he had 4 years to solve all those problems and didn’t. His followers want easy answers to complex problems. Trump voters aren't in crisis. They're spoiled and impatient.

At this point unless Biden is able to unilaterally eliminate all student debt, stop Netanyahu and Putin from waging endless war and build a 200 foot wall across the southern border 60% of the country is going to disapprove of him.

They think Trump will fix everything. When in reality he'll create more problems in their lives than they can possibly imagine. A second Trump administration will make 2020 look the golden age.

Hopefully the electorate wakes up to that reality before November. If not they'll be whining a year from now, "President Trump promised to make America perfect and hasn't. Let's impeach him or vote him out."

Yeah good luck with that. If he gets back in the White House he's never leaving. And congress and the courts won't even try to stop him.

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