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Profile Information

Name: Mike Pence
Gender: Male
Hometown: D.C.
Home country: U.S
Current location: Undisclosed
Member since: Sat Mar 14, 2020, 10:55 AM
Number of posts: 3,960

About Me

Law Enforcement, Former Military

Journal Archives

Last Week in the qPublican party. Demasculization

Another arrogant insane right wing talk show host gets COVID on purpose

Clearly the Horse paste and Hydroxychloroquine didnít prevent him from getting COVID. Who else did he spread it to? Is he helping the virus mutate to a more virulent strain?

Vaccine immunity is stronger; and you Don't get the actual Disease which causes untold damage.

Neil Cavuto is also reported to have COVID.

It's not a political point of view; it's a dangerous mental condition.

Time for Bannon to be Held in Contempt and Shackled and Cuffed

Science Notes from 1912


Why so Scared?

Know how much you don't know.

qWacKers suffer from this

"Action replays in macnified fortion -They have a fashionable magnified tape"

"It's a sad thing"


Translation: "now they have video replay closeups that can see you cheating. Its very sad".

He's not going away unless he is Imprisoned

We were Warned in 2016

Well we saw the result. 700,000 DEAD. Next time; Global Thermo Nuclear War. 7,000,000 DEAD.
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