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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 54,849

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can you rec a series for a 3rd grader?

my grandson if having trouble w a lazy eye, and it is impacting his reading skills.
he is getting treatment, but we are trying to put a floor under his reading skills.
his reacher rec'd a tablet, so he could read along, so we did that.

but i am thinking of getting him a stack of comics for xmas. i think it would make reading a little more interesting, and break up the lines of text in a way that is a little easier to focus.

there is a great little comic store in the hood, and i plan to go there, and am sure they will have some great recs. but it would be good to go in there and not look like a complete idiot.


i think there needs to be an emoluments count. he is the poster boy for why

impeachment is in the constitution. dusting off this funny word makes a point, i think, at just how sadly predictable this criminal is.
same w hiding his unfitness by corrupting a navy dr.
short. simple. telling. all right there, a neon sign that allowing this is the end of democracy.

what will it take for the thugs to stand up?

getting caught. they have to get caught.
they are now getting caught.

i suspect there is a change in the weather coming.

eta- ya know, they can just call a sick out. it's 2/3 of those present for the senate vote, as long as there is a quorum.

good morning. i have decided it's time to write that book.

so, i am the sort of person who has reinvented themselves many times. i just turned 65, and think i might be on my last reinvention.
i have a definition of a life well lived, for me.
raise one child, build one building and write one book.

i think everyone should write their own story. i am blessed w a genetic heritage of words. i sing my people's song. irish, irish, irish, irish. my dad was a great story teller, all us kids got high test scores in language, all my kids are great readers and writers. so i feel my tools are sharp enough.
as it happens, in my trials of mmj, i find that the best strains poke me in my language centers. not just word choices, but spelling and typing w more ease and speed. so, yeah, carpe this diem.

my first decision is which life to write about. like i said, i have had many, and many contain good stories w/in them.
i thought you might get a chuckle out of my first day's work product as i sort through this dilemma.

to my mother’s everlasting regret, my father infected me at a very early age w the ability to believe in dreams.

book 1- i sing my people’s song. an irish, irish, irish girl gets her irish up.

book 2- moah’s ark. another chapter in the book of crones.

book 3- punky the monster puppy, an illustrated childrens book.

book 4-i have fallen for a data point in the demise of civiilzation.

book 5- once there was a noodle man

book 6- the quirky sculpture and heroic paintings of artist mo cahill

book 7- a series- a sweet old lady commits crimes of righteous indignation, but is never caught.

book 8- a series- an old lady gets a chance to redeem her goodie 2shoes youth. books include- mind blowing sex after 60, mico and aunt maureen, at the old hippies home.

that first sentence is something i wrote in my head many years ago, and filed away to be the first sentence of this book.

i really, really, really want 1 count that his is mentally unfit. i really do.

just posted this as a reply, but i have said it several times, and wanted to say it a little louder.---

if we miss this angle of the situation, we really miss something incredibly important that just must be overturned. of all the things people ignore, his outright insanity, played out every day, disturbs me the most deeply.

i want that big physical among the counts. it was expressly supposed to allay fears about his mental fitness.
this is a thing they do in the military. this isnt 'hey doc, can you help us talk dad into giving up the car keys.' this is- a prescribed set of exams to determine mental fitness for command in war.

i want the world to know that he corrupted a navy officer, got him to lie from the white house podium, then tried to reward him w a plum job.
i want the medical records made public.
i want dr ronnie feelgood brought up on charges, and i want him to die in the brig.

maybe this seems small in the grand scheme of things, but imho, it should be front and center. not just because of how bad this actually was, but because it is just one more in a long string of corrupt acts that all follow the SAME.FUCKING.THUG.PLAYBOOK.

omg, the pie fight.

so, i loves me some old movies. a major factor in surviving my divorce was the fact that it was feb, 30 days of oscar. weed, chocolate and oscar got me through the worst month of my life.

thanksgiving weekends on tcm always have a gem that i most certainly saw, either in the theater, or on the teevee, but have long since forgotten.
i have little more memory of a lot of them than might have been gleaned from media at the time. i would have judged them whether i had seen them or not.
none are unfamiliar.

sometimes i have tcm on as background noise, esp on the weekends.
holiday weekends moreso.

so, today it is 'the great race'
i must have seen it. it is filed under silly shit.
i leave it on.

i immediately realize i have no recollection of the feminist subtext.
so, i am surfing, but i have one eye on it.

the production values are fantastic, and the cast is all star.
there are many sight gags, and a lot of mad max meets benny hill.
chuckles are had.

but oh my, natalie wood. i'm dead here.

and the pie fight. what fun that must have been.

happy turkey day, y'all.

"rudy is an anti-corruption warrior" "he has many other clients" translates-

rudy has a portfolio of peddling doj help to rich felons all over the world.
he has a nose for rich, corrupt assholes that we can bribe and blackmail.
he has my complete support and cooperation, including providing official acts and presidential ceremony.
he has the help of my justice dept, he can troll their files for marks.
he has contacts, political hacks, in the doj, who can arrange for the little things, like slowing down extraditions, slow walking charges, assignment to the "right" judges.
he has a list of shady dealings of mine, so that he can keep an eye out for someone who can lie for me in court.
and of course, he knows who my opponents and enemies are, and has brought me a lot of good dirt on them so far.

rudy who? is that a bus i hear revving up?

does anyone mix anything w their flower?

i'm a mmj user, tho a long time toker. but i have asthma, and smoking straight weed makes me cough. for some reason, mixing it w tobacco helps a lot. which is how i started smoking cigarettes.
been trying to quit tobacco, but having something to smooth the weed, which i smoke more if i'm not smoking cigs, and yeah.

gonna try a little dried mint, which i have smoked in the past, and enjoyed.
but wondered if anyone else has any good ideas.
anyone else dealing w throat issues and coughing?

vape isnt much better, btw. at least for the first several tokes i cough, tho after that it falls off.

can joe work w the thugs? he can prove that right now.

if he is not twisting the arms of his old colleagues, he damn well better get started now.
if he cant slap some sense into lindsey graham, i give him zero points on this score.

same goes for any of the other candidate. show us you can lead NOW.

will sondland throw pence under the bus too?

he has the receipts for the poland trip.

this is a pretty sweet day.
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