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mopinko's Journal
mopinko's Journal
November 30, 2023

shane macgowen of the pogues has died.

the pogues were 1 of the band my ex loved, which is to say, i paid no attention.
but i fell down an irish music rabbit hole a couple yrs ago and discovered them.

November 28, 2023

any tips on pack management? body language?

so, i had a very happy little pack, 2 adult male dogs and a pup that the middle dog adored. they played endlessly. now she’s all grown up, and taking a shot at leader of the pack.

now, this is all my fault. i spoiled the hell out of that pup. she’s been so good, i almost didnt have a chance. 1st day she knew no, yuck, and had a perfect recall. i had almost zero teachable moments w this kid. she knew no so well, i never rly got a chance to teach her- oh hell no u dont.
middle dog is a sweet fellow who was an awful pup, and took a lot of work to make into a mostly rly good dog. but he’s food obsessed and has gotten guardy about it. i saw this building up. their play ramped up a lot, and i tried to break that up, and made it worse. of course.

he’s also twice her size, tho i think they’re pretty evenly matched.
i was feeding them in side by side crates, and noticed a while ago that he was glaring at her, making her nervous, causing her to not eat and yeah, vicious cycle commenced.
i put a divided btn the crates which helped. but i feed once a day, but pups get fed twice. i think this started it. the shit hit the fan when i started giving her breakfast in a food toy. his old food toy. it shd have made it a non-issue to feed them in crates, but i’m afraid it just made him guardy of his crate. he was never like that. i’ve moved his crate to an enclosed back porch. i’ve given him some extra chewies out there, but i suspect she smells them. every time she walks by, she has to check it out.

i’ve also let the 2 of them get away w fence chasing and barking out the window. his thing, she’s picking that stuff up. she gets a harsh correction now, and it’s sinking in.
he doesnt mind hanging in the yard or in his crate, and if i put the e-collar on him, i can stop his barking. i need to get a 2nd collar. my controller can run 2 dogs. anyone who winces when i say e-collar, dont. the og 1s were cruel and damaging. modern 1s arent. this 1 will do either a buzz or a tone. i start w the tone. like a remote clicker. it’s a very powerful tool.
it worked wonders w middle dog, pup is responding well, but we have a long way to go.

so there have been some scuffles, which i stepped on hard. i’ve been reading up and keeping them separated as much as possible. i’ve been working w pup, cracking down on her claiming behaviors, doing the obedience works she needs.
i’ve been working w her w an ecollar, which middle dogs is well trained on. it can b useful for this stuff, but they have to be well conditioned, or it can add to the chaos.
i cant keep middle dog out all the time, and it does seems to b shaking things up. but i cant do that forever. i feel like he’s gettin depressed, which isnt helping. so they do get time w all 3, but i feel like i’m sitting on a powder keg. big dog has given her the hardest cold shoulder i’ve ever seen. she’s tried sucking up to him. last night she was licking him, starting w his ears. he didnt seem mad, but not pleased either. eventually he growled at her. she went in the crate. he went out. but it seemed like a submissive gesture. not?

big thing i’m looking for- body language tips. ie, was she licking him to suck up, or to ‘claim’ him, like she does to me sometimes. she def tries to b as close to me as she can, not just sitting by me, but leaning in. i’ve backed that off, but…

once i get her healing decently, i’ll work on joint walks. that shd help. they get along ok in the yard, neutral territory, and i’m trying to work on training both there on recalls and stays. but i worry about treats. i try to make a show of- 1 for u, 1 for u, and no dont even think of trying to snatch it. is this helpful, or no?
i’m wondering about putting him in his crate, her outside, so everyone is safe, and tossing bits of leftover turkey super fairly. or will that just ramp it up?
it’s clear there is a shuffle going on, and i’m not sure how i can put my finger on the scale or if i shd.
what little things let a dog know where they belong in the pecking order?

up side is that she’s getting a lot closer to the other boy, her ggreat uncle. he’s a grumpy old man. he’s been unimpressed w her up til now, but the 1 on 1 time they’re getting is cooling that down.
i’ll get her started w 2 dog walks w him, as he’s a peach who barely needs a leash.

it’s all just so weird. middle dog was an absolute monster of a pup who grew up to b a good boy, and this girl was a perfect pup who is now a most obnoxious adult. le sigh.
it’s rly breaking my heart. my dogs r all i have these days. i hate that i cant trust them.

thoughts or tips?

November 27, 2023

on a bit of a lyle lovett kick.

havent rly listened to him all that much. but i have a friend who has basically a lyle cover band, so i’ve been listening. liked him fine, he just wasnt high on my list.

like this little ditty-

post ur fave lyle.
November 24, 2023

dean phillips getting his ass handed to him on xitter.


every single reply is calling him out.
here’s how u know he’s going nowhere- he has zero blue ticks coming to his aid.

for those that still go there, go look. it’s a thing of beauty.
November 24, 2023

Far-right protesters burn and loot in Dublin in worst violence 'in decades

LONDON — Right-wing protesters angered by a stabbing attack they believed had involved someone of immigrant background rampaged through central Dublin on Thursday night, leaving behind a trail of burning destruction.
Ireland’s police chief on Friday described the unrest, in which double-decker buses, trams and police cars were torched, as “scenes that we have not seen in decades.”
The violence and looting through some of Dublin’s most famous streets began after a stabbing attack outside a school that left five people hospitalized. They included three young children and a woman. Police detained a man who also is being treated for injuries.
Rumors spread online that the perpetrator of the attack was an immigrant or had an immigrant background. The BBC, citing unnamed sources, said the man was an Irish citizen who had lived in the country for 20 years.


saw this last night in xitter. breaks my heart. it’s been killing to me seeing the rw bullshit flowing over there. when i saw the anti-vaxxers getting a foothold there, i started worrying.
there’s been so many anti-immigrant incidents, many violent. the influx of ukrainians when the war started seemed to kick it up, but of course it’s the middle eastern immigrants that they r focused on,
it sounds like the initial attack was a domestic, to me. dude was a 20yr irish citizen. but it’s all over that he was from algeria, so 20 yrs later, he’s still algerian, period.

and the way so many there have swallowed the ‘palestinian cause’ whole has me just shaking my head. i mean, i see the parallels, but the antisemitism just shines through the discussion.

i realize that probably most of what i think about ireland is fantasy. i see it through social media. i know a good bit of the history, but i’m sure it’s a fraction of the story. but i’ve never been. i dont rly know.
but to hear the howls about immigration from a ppl who spread all over the globe when hard times hit them, i just….

very sad plastic paddy here.

November 21, 2023

Andr Rieu - And The Waltz Goes On (composed by: Anthony Hopkins)

just lovely. all of it.
strangely enough shared on fb by an old rock and roller.
tissue alert.

November 20, 2023

joe biden is not the king of america

let alone the king of israel. stop acting like all he has to do is issue a decree and the middle east is at peace.

and dont get me started w idiots protesting the dnc. ffs. they dont make foreign policy.

can we PULEEEZE keep it real.

November 11, 2023

Rachel Maddow in Conversation with Kathleen Belew

nice long watch of rachel in chicago on her book tour.

November 8, 2023

anybody like sunchokes?

have a nice crop of them, but not sure what to do w them.
i’m a pretty lazy cook, so i wont b pealing them. looking at recipes and most say- cook like a potato.
have a half a mind to make some au gratin. sure they’d b good in a stir fry.
but anyone have a fave recipe?

October 30, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris: The 2023 60 Minutes Interview

veep looks great here!
she gets even less credit than joe.

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