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Member since: Mon Jul 25, 2016, 06:17 AM
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This post isn't about Hillary's "baggage"

Do not the Trump supporters see what is going on in the Republican party with regard to their candidate? Do they really think Trump would last a month in office before he's impeached--by his own party? Ryan, McConnell et al. are not going to let Trump be president, if by some miracle on the order of changing water to wine occurs and he is elected. They began to support him, a little, after the Comey letter, which they apparently believed would be the death knell for Hillary's chances. They began to think, well, yes, he just might be elected, and what will we do then? We'll get rid of him is what we'll do.

They're not going to tolerate him. And now that we know that the FBI is run by Nosferatu, we know that the agency can supply "evidence" of anything the Republicans request, it will be a piece of cake to impeach and convict Trump, maybe even to put him in jail.

I wish there were a way to get the idea across to the Trump supporters (since their brains are pre-wired to fear this very sort of thing) that their candidate, even if he were to win the election, will never serve as president.

ETA I also wish there were a function in this forum that would block responses from posters who read only the title of the post they're responding to.

Melania Trump is no doubt a lovely woman

but her English is really rudimentary. How many years has she lived here? Does she speak English at home? Is her son bilingual? She is said to speak seven languages, but is she counting English as one of them? Seriously. I feel like she must live in a bubble not to have become more fluent.

And no, I can't speak Slovenian. I speak French about as well as she speaks English, but I would never claim fluency.

I truly don't mean to attack her; I just find this very, very curious. I know people who have lived here only a couple of years whose English is excellent, and I don't understand why a woman who has enough money to pay for language lessons (if she needs them) is still so halting in her speech.

****BREAKING!!!!!!**** Great Concern!!!!

I'm very concerned that we have heard nothing from Jeffrey Epstein, who could clear this all up in a nanosecond (especially if Trump is not guilty of the rape charges) by stating for the record that Trump did not attend sex parties that involved underage girls. Is Epstein dead, or what?

The young woman's story is horrifying, and my impulse is to believe her, based on what we've seen of Trump's entitled attitude toward the female body and on his own statement that Jeffrey Epstein dated younger women, sometimes *very much* younger women. The charge is horrific if it's false, too--what could be more damaging to a politician (I know, emails), a businessman, a father than to face untrue charges like these?

I think the weight of truth is in the young woman's side of the scales. I wonder if Epstein (assuming he's not dead) has been subpoenaed to testify on the young woman's behalf.

I saw Penn & Teller last night

in Easton, PA, and Penn said something that has really stuck with me. He said, while talking about the nature of his art, that many people are not content to accept a mystery, that they believe that it's better to have a nonsensical, impossible explanation than no explanation at all. His evidence was the internet, and he's right.

But it's also imo the motivating force behind witch hunts and all sorts of religious mania. It's just too hard for some of us to be content to not know.

Bless their hearts

They think they're going to win. It's cute to see them so happy, poor little things.

"Democrat" as adjective started with Joe McCarthy


Thank you, TonyPDX.

At least one absentee ballot

has been cast in Pa., and it's a straight democratic vote. It belongs to my disabled daughter, who has never missed an election.

I don't generally give anybody the finger

but I did today. On a median strip on Roosevelt Blvd in Philly today was a young man waving around a big homemade sign. One side said "Wikileaks Podesta emails" and the other "Hillary 4 prison." I felt he deserved a long slow one (I was stopped for a light).

Can anyone tell me

when the Republicans started using the noun "democrat" when they need the adjective "democratic?" As in "the democrat primary?"

And is it supposed to be insulting to us?

What's the matter with them, anyway? <-- rhetorical question

Two things I am loving right now

A little while ago, someone here at DU recommended Red Breast whiskey. I finally got my hands on a bottle, and Lord take me now. This is ambrosia.

I am reading Tristram Shandy. Why have I never read this book before? So funny, so modern and wise.
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