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nadinbrzezinski's Journal
nadinbrzezinski's Journal
April 7, 2016

Actually libertarians span the full spectrum

Though their right flank is well...loud. This also explains why they were the fastest growing party, but then hit a wall. The Lane the leaders picked is not precisely one that they can hope to compete with the market worshippers in both business parties.

March 18, 2016

Ah so Germany 1934


September 19, 2015

I understand a fact filled post might be scary

And perceived as an attack.

July 28, 2015

Whatever Geek

you did what you did... it is what it is.

Thanks. I mean that.

March 22, 2014

You are once again inserting belief

Where none exists.

Belief does not require testing, or for that matter particle accelerators and higher math. You either have it or not. Science has hypothesis that are tested, and when found wanting discarded and replaced or modified.

For example, we just found evidence that Einstein's absolute speed limit...might not be absolute after all. There is no gnashing of garments, or screams of heresy, or anything like that.

January 18, 2014

It is, and the have places where they gather

And coordinate attacks, conservative cave comes to mind

October 8, 2013

The talk of constitutional crisis

(which it is) in the Chris Hayes show is one that many of us noted a while ago. This was the direction we have been going for years. So let me welcome Mr. Hayes into the hair on fire, constitutional crisis talk. We are there. So be it.

June 26, 2013

An attempted mind fuck ( otherwise known as psyops)

As a preface...remember the Plame Leak? Who among you remembers posting in yahoo groups, usenet (the remnants) or AOL boards?

I did, silly me. One of the things that was done is that within 12 hours (talking points travel fast) we had a single line from our conservative drones...it was not about Chenney, but Valerie Plame. It was not about the leaked NOC, but the persona, the victim of the leak. Chenney quickly disappeared...it did not matter what was presented...that did not matter.

Her life was torn to shreds and somebody who served the country loyally became enemy of the state number one. Charges were even talked about but I guess it's harder to charge somebody like her. It was...if you were into the study of psyops, textbook. (Why she said this was coming early in this.)

There was another thing done. Find those who did not buy the hook line and sinker, and attack their credibility. Some folks were driven from posting. Stalking was also the thing. It was never to be allowed to be about what it was...a leak coming from the office of the Vice President. And when one loyal staffer finally fell on his sword, nobody talked of the leaker itself.

Mission accomplished.

I hate to say it, but we have something similar at play here. It must be frustrating since we are refusing to take the bait...he's ugly, he voted for Ron Paul...obviously he is an unamerican fool...case closed.

Suffice to say...it's not about the person, but what was revealed. The fury of the attacks are prima fascia evidence that these leaks matter, and we should pay attention to what was leaked.

I used to think that only Republicans could be this thick to mind fucks. Not any more... Partisans are highly susceptible to them. And there is a reason the military has troops that specialize in mind fuck 101. Suffice it to say...at this point the gulf separating us is galactic, and part of it...is the use of some of those same techniques.

Suffice it to say, once again, it does not matter if Edward Snowden is the worst person ever....like Valerie Plame, it's not about them, but what was revealed. Try as hard as you will, some of us are aware of these techniques.

Oh and like those partisans back then...they were not part of a conspiracy...mind fuck 101 is partly human nature. And the echoes of that long hot summer are in the here and now.

What is left, well...kids some of us get it, and will continue to point it out...it is about what was leaked...some of us don't. The differences in the psychological make up are actually matter of academic research.

The other thing that is left...well...

June 26, 2013

Texas last night was electric

The tweeter sphere was shall we say...incredible. National news media, as usual, missed a local story of national importance, just like Wisconsin and Michigan in the beginning. Hell, they never covered an honest to goodness hunger strike at the end of the line, aka San Diego.

Occupy was covered, in the most negatives of ways.

There are thousands of these short bursts (fracking activists for example) across the country, most of the time barely covered by local news if at all..

Now here is where dot connecting comes in. We are having short bursts of citizen outrage, some successful, last night, some not...the hunger strike, Wisconsin. But the fact is that those muscles are starting to get exercise, after decades of atrophy...which brings me squarely to the NSA...

Occupy was spied on by DHS. This is no longer under debate. We can surmise that DHS used data from Stellar Wind, and occupy was designated a terrorist organization. As we further organize we will see more and more of these tools deployed against the citizens for our own good of course, and to keep us safe from those evil terrorists...terrorists has replaced communist by the way.

This is not about the terrorist from abroad, but us. And it has become a race between a state that like all states are desperate to maintain the current order (this is very much partisan independent) and a people that is starting to exercise rights we mostly have not for used for a while.

Buckle in...it will be a heck of a ride...what is at stake is nothing less than what the country really is, not a national myth.

Now...if I can find a mimeograph machine...

June 14, 2013

On the Dictablanda

Growing up in Mexico we knew they were listening to our telephone calls, especially foreign calls. So we all knew to watch what we said on the phone, even as early as five years of age. Those were the bad years of the Dictablanda. Those were the years after 1968, when criticism of the party and demands for gasp, transparency and democracy crossed a certain invisible line. For that students went missing...there are still about 1000 Mexicans that non has a clue what happened to, but anybody who's been awake suspects are in some shallow grave at a military base outside Mexico City.

When I was growing up we knew that you could be critical of the state within certain constraints and otherwise were left pretty much alone. So people lived their lives, mostly within a circle of friends and family.

Yes, there were (still are) activists in Mexico, and there are still activists in the "freest country on earth," (if it wasn't comical) with a full force security apparatus that like 1968 in Mexico can be turned, shall we say keyed up, in an instant. This is what is wonderful of this new (really old, I think we took notes from places like Mexico and Spain) system, is that you can still pretend. We are having this discussion right? They are not listening to your calls, only the metadata...and gosh darn it, after doing it illegally, all that was made legal retroactively. Hey, this never happens in a real police state right? So what do we have to fear?

There is plenty to fear. The first is the end of the myth. Thus the efforts to go after the leaker...and never ever deal with what was leaked. What was leaked is outside the boundaries in the play pen, for the most part. Why doing research into this rarely leads to the NYT, coincidentally the Excelsior wouldn't not run these kinds of stories either, but to obscure places in the interwebs...or the foreign press. Yup, this pattern is very familiar to those of us who grew in a dictablanda.

So this is the first issue... This discussion is dangerous to those in power, and the elites that control the power structure. Why they insist you take that blue pill...nothing literally to see here, and it is bipartisan.

The second fear is that sooner or later a crisis will lead to the closing in of the dictablanda into a dictadura. This can be done quickly, and even under the color of law. This also comes with plenty of character Assassination of those who dare speak more and outside the acceptable boundaries. Yup, the military and police forces are planning for that day, why? They know sooner or later too many people take the red pill instead of the blue pill.

Well, as a citizen you have a choice. You can continue to believe in the myth, and go back to sleep, or realize what we knew back in Mexico...voting makes not a tinker of difference, but we do it anyway, since it is practice for the day it just may... But we also knew something else, the kids who went missing in '68 bought us an awareness...in many ways these leaks and Occupy are the equivalent and just as dangerous to the current order.

So to be short, you can be loyal to a man...or an ideal, as problematic as that ideal can be at times.

Myself...I am an idealist at heart and will continue to be critical of those who push the Imperial design, and will vote...I need to remain in practice for when it might matter. For the moment, it does not. Empires do what Empires do...and a democracy we stopped being one a long time ago.

Oh and my phone and my IPad and my tv (when we replace it, ours is still quite dumb) are truly tracking devices... I am sure the commanders of the Mexican Security Apparatus we grew up fearing, or the Stasi, or the KGB, are just envious.

And yup, what we are seeing here is the manufacturing of consent and the creation of the panopticon

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