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Member since: Thu May 18, 2017, 01:27 AM
Number of posts: 336

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Driving behind a vehicle today

with American flags flying off both sides and trump stickers galore on the back window. One of them said 'Vets for Trump'. Really? I find that hard to believe. After the suckers and losers comments? Are there any veterans who could still support him? Is this just mobile propaganda to convince vets that they should support him? I dunno.

I love Elizabeth Warren, but

I do not understand her refusal to endorse Sanders. I think it does not reflect well on her.

What more do you need to know?


Typical Susan Collins

She thinks he's learned his lesson and will be a good boy from now on.

Adam Schiff disagrees.

'You cannot constrain him.'

Has anybody seen a lie count for the STU?

Hopefully somebody was keeping track. It would have taken a whole team of people to do so, though.

I tried. I can not!!!!! continue

listening to the republican senators' excuses and lies trying to justify their refusal to hold 45 accountable for his misdeeds. It is a day of shame in the senate.

The arrogance of Mitch


He's going to be the grim reaper? I think that pretty much sums up his entire career.

How does a single person get to dictate what the entire Senate will or will not do? Especially such a scummy person.

Matt Taibbi is hell-bent on trashing

the media for reporting on the Russia investigation.

Is he really of a mind that 'move on, folks - nothing to see here' is in order?

Biden/Abrams speculation

If Biden chooses to enter the primary race and declare that he would choose Stacy Abrams as his VP - how could that possibly be good for Abrams' career. Biden is forever tainted imo by the bankruptcy bill he helped author.
"He was a key architect of the infamous 2005 bankruptcy reform bill which made means tests much more strict and near-impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy."

The result being an entire generation is handicapped in getting a start in life because they are mired in mind-boggling debt and the jobs they expected to be available in order to manage that debt just aren't there.

I don't see how he can get past that, and I can't imagine someone with as much potential as Abrams willing to associate herself with that baggage.

Question for legal minds

Does anybody think it would be possible to reverse the judicial appointments made under Mitch McConnell? He is able to stack the courts with conservative judges because of his refusal to do his job under Obama.

It seems to my nonlegal mind that that kind of precedent cannot stand!
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