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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:39 PM
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Waiting ok but have one problem with it. Bush produced Trump

We must hold presidents accountable to reinforce we are a nation of laws. I also firmly believe we lost the House because Pelosi refused to impeach Bush. What good are the dems if they allow repubs to tear down our nation and refuse to hold them accountable. Look at how much damage Bush/Cheney did that possibly could have been restrained. The same with Trump. Impeaching Trump gives Congress more investigative powers and there has never been a more corrupt president as we already know.
There is no doubt in my mind that the senate will NOT convict but I disagree that this will make dems look bad. It will succeed in making repubs look bad. Trumps base will not cheer any louder than they are now in the midst of Trumps criminal behavior. There is so much evidence of Trump wrong doing that refusing to impeach will tell future presidents they can get away with anything. Pelosi can walk and chew gum at the same time but please don't repeat the past because not impeaching may cost us the senate like it did the House last time. Republicans will be held accountable for supporting the Trump crime family...not the dems, who hopefully will do everything in their power to stop him and stand up for the people. No matter what, Trump will not win a 2nd term. Any of our candidates can beat him. Only cheating will even give him a chance. It's not "IF" we should impeach, but "WHEN".

We are all Democratic Socialist already. Look at all our socialist programs

I'm an FDR socialist. We all partake of libraries, national highways, min wage, fire and police departments, free public education VA, national parks, Medicare, Medicaid, SS, etc etc etc. We are all "Democratic" socialist as we voters decide what programs we all share in and our tax dollars pay for. I suggest we don't get caught up in defining the term but just instead point to all our socialist programs and ask any trying to make it sound negative "which of these socialist programs do you not like?".

But who wrote these definitions. There is the workable use and the dictionary use

But like Bernie did on TV he didn't try to define the term, he defined it's programs like single payer and the (Green) New Deal like FDR did. Republicans can demonize the term but not it's programs which the majority of Americans support. Recall how JFK defended the term 'Liberal' by defining the programs liberals stood for. "If by Liberal they mean...." is how it began. so WE DON'T HAVE TO BUT WE CAN EASILY REDEFINE SOCIALISM IN THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC by pointing to its programs when ever the term comes up. Try it and you'll see. "If by socialism you mean free libraries, police and fire departments then I am a socialist. Or you mean free higher ed., prison reform, highways and infrastructure upkeep. SS, Medicare, then I am a socialist", etc." You'll see 88% of Americans are 'socialists' also. Aren't you?

The 2 page return Bernie released would satisfy this rule. But why r u so fixed on his tax

returns. You never fail to mention them anytime Bernie's name comes up. The man is noted in congress over the years as being the most honest man in congress by his peers never seeking to enrich himself as so many do. It makes me suspicious of your motives. Would you feel this way if it were any other dem candidate? They aren't wealthy or dishonest but seems to me you keep looking for something to attack him with. Bernie deserves our respect for his tireless efforts to aid the working class and the poor and our party, always campaigning to get Dem candidates elected, always fund raising for democratic candidates. Yet, only words you write are...taxes? What do you think is sooo important about his taxes that would negate all the good he does.

Sanders made this a major issue also and I love Warren. Hope all our candidates

make this a major issue. So many ways to approach dealing with inequality. I'd love to see a Sanders/Warren ticket or even vice versa. Goodness we have so many great candidates. The reality of the 1st "New Deal" when we got unemployment ins, SS, and jobs programs where the gov was the employer of last resort and repubs screamed about inflation and how prices would go up due to all this gov spending BUT the opposite happened, prices went down and no inflation. We flourished and for every dollar spent we got $7-$16 dollars back in tax revenue from increased wages and an employed populace. People who claim we cannot afford or pay for the "New 'Green' Deal" are those who want to privatize or profit from these same services. We can easily afford and pay for the GND and those who say we can't, ignore history.

Why post this vid.Hearing an idiot demean a term just to attack Democrats

This nation is a democratic socialist republic already. Republic means a representative government, democratic in that we elect our reps, socialist in that the people decide to promote the common welfare by ensuring thatthose things we all agree are necessary for all of us are provided by this democratic republic of ours like roads, police, fire departments, libraries, healthcare, education, SS, Medicare. etc. Trump's definition of socialism is not even close to reality. His approach is to privatize and profiteer from all our shared needs. The applause is from repub corporatists and should make any moral person vomit. I hope Bernie and others use the term Democratic so0cialists and make those screaming negatives about it tell which social programs they are against...which they want to get rid of 'cause these repubs will choke on it. Do they want to get rid of the police, the VA, SS, Medicare, ...just go down the list then doubters will see what socialism means. We pay 20% more for HC ins now and only 3% for Medicare, savings galore. Tax on Wall street trades- pays for education, increase the cap on FICA deductions, SS & Medicare paid for; Repeal the Reagan tax cuts and watch income inequality vanish. screw these smaLL MINDED GREEDY REPUBLICANS.

Use the term Democratic Socialism to get rid of the baggage on the term Socialism

We already are a Democratic Socialist Republic. Republic just means a representative Gov. and "Democratic", means we voters choose our representatives while socialism just means we voters direct our representatives to provide the services we as a society all depend on for survival and to promote the general welfare...the commons...education, health care, SS, safe environment, food and drugs etc. It is easily demonstrated that our most productive years were when the top tax rate was over 70%. When the top tax rate was dropped to in the 20% tile rate income inequality began to explode...another issue Bernie championed. The candidates are all Bernie-like now as he really did speak for what we as democrats say we want. Now we have so many good candidates to represent us.

Thank you, well said. we have so many good candidates.I appreciate them all

I hate it when people come on here and post bitter, hateful rhetoric based on assumptions and usually directed at their character rather than their policy stands. We will win and whatever policies you want enacted should be your guiding force in backing a candidate. The majority of this nation is liberal and progressive by the policy poll's results but many will refuse to call themselves by these titles. So I ask people to look for what a candidate stands for based on facts and not assumptions and principles rather than personalities.

We've already taken a side.QWe want a cou so we can take their oil. We tried to do

the same thing with Chavez. It will also serve as a distraction from Trumps crime family activities. This authoritarian oligarchy most definitely has an agenda. The swamp people want no taxes, shrink gov so it can be drowned in the bath tub, no regulations, employee health ins. and pack the courts with corporate friendly judges. They are doing or have done every bit of it. Now they just want to keep the weapons flowing and wars going to maintain profits. If we want our country back these are the people we must rid ourselves of. Republicans have not meant a war they didn't like.

We are watching this hypocrite dismantle our democracy powerless to stop him

This has never been about a wall. It is about the dismantling of our democratic institutions, as if it is being orchestrated by Putin himself. We have no legal way of stopping it. The president should not have the power to shutdown our government. This is our government. OUR democratic republic and he just waltzes in and shuts it down? I reject anyone, any law that claims he should have the power to do that. We must rise up against such tyranny or this will be the end of our Democracy. Like cutting off the head of a snake except there are so many snakes, and ending this right wing propaganda machine. Our Democracy is precious and could never be understood and looked upon as a brotherhood by a half wit inheritance baby, vindictive, petty, criminal con man grifter and his enabler- Mitch McConnell.
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