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Member since: Wed Oct 26, 2016, 05:18 PM
Number of posts: 5,933

About Me

Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

Journal Archives

Dismantling the Zaibatsu in post-war Japan

Yes, the title of the video is click-bait, but that's how YouTube gets your attention. An interesting bit of history and perspective from a Taiwan tech and history channel.

Sparks with Faith No More...enjoy

"Something For The Girl With Everything"

See, the writing's on the wall
You bought the girl a wall
Complete with matching ball-point pen
You can breathe another day
Secure in knowing she won't break you (yet)

Something for the girl with everything
Have another sweet my dear
Don't try to talk my dear
Your tiny little mouth is full
Here's a flavor you ain't tried
You shouldn't try to talk, your mouth is full

Something for the girl with everything
Three wise men are here
Three wise men are here
Bearing gifts to aid amnesia
She knows everything
She knows everything
She knew you way back when you weren't yourself

Here's a really pretty car
I hope it takes you far
I hope it takes you fast and far
Wow, the engine's really loud
Nobody's gonna hear a thing you say

Something for the girl with everything
Three wise men are here
Three wise men are here
Where should they leave these imported gimmicks
Leave them anywhere
Leave them anywhere
Make sure that there's a clear path to the door

Something for the girl with everything
Something for the girl with everything
Something for the girl with everything
Something for the girl with everything
Three wise men are here
Three wise men are here
Three wise men are here
Three wise men are here

Here's a partridge in a tree,
A gardener for the tree
Complete with ornithologist
Careful, careful with that crate
You wouldn't want to dent Sinatra, no

Something for the girl who has got everything,
Yes everything
Hey, come out and say hello
Before our friends all go
But say no more than just hello
Ah, the little girl is shy
You see of late she's been quite speechless, very speechless
She's got everything

Yoko Kanno & the Seatbelts - Tank

It's my day off and this is what's on my turntable...

My Baby's Taking Me Home...one-hundred and eight times

It's my day off and this is on the turntable

A video clip from the musical "Annette"

First peek from Cannes, Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard in "Annette"

Story and Music written By Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks.

Frequently asked questions about Sparks

Come take your dose of Sparks...it's for your own good.

Nevada - Sisolak signs much-debated 'Right to Return' legislation, other progressive bills

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed legislation on Tuesday that guarantees the rights of laid-off gaming and tourism industry workers to return to their jobs.

Sisolak’s signature on SB386, referred to as the “Right to Return” bill, came without any fanfare and was announced alongside a host of other bills that earned the governor’s written seal of approval on Tuesday. Sisolak held signing ceremonies for 10 bills, many of which were related to women’s health and criminal or social justice reform. He also signed 28 other bills, including SB386, into law on Tuesday.

Gaming representatives and the Culinary Union struck a deal on the high-profile worker rights legislation with less than a week left in the 120-day legislative session, agreeing to limit the scope of the bill and exempting certain employee classes including managers and stage performers.

Every vote on SB386 was on a straight party line with Democrats in support and Republicans opposed.

Nevada SB190 allows women to obtain birth control at a pharmacy without a doctor’s visit.

AB116 decriminalizes minor traffic violations. This prevents people from being arrested for unpaid traffic fines, a common gateway to the carceral criminal justice system for the poor and working class. Nevada was one of 13 states that still did this...now it's twelve.

AB404 shields applicants for domestic violence-related temporary or extended protection orders from having to disclose their addresses or contact information in certain circumstances.



Sparks...videos from their latest album, A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Ron and Russel Mael steering pop music from the back seat for more than fifty years. In 2008 they performed all twenty of their studio albums live on consecutive nights to debut their twenty-first album on the final night...amazing.

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