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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Kansas
Member since: Mon Dec 14, 2020, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 578

About Me

Bleeding heart liberal, in the mold of FDR, and damned proud of it! Retired, still doing web work and teaching. Still rescuing animals and finding, as well as giving, them warm, loving homes. My personal belief: all alive are precious; everything living on earth forms an interconnected network - much like a neural network. Most of us have forgotten, or never learned, how to tap into it. Of course, there are those that totally ignore the interconnectedness. Mostly Republicans/Libertarians (YMMV)

Journal Archives

Suddenly today (5/14)

I'm getting "Forbidden" on a lot of screens when I click on links. Doesn't make any difference what kind of link... could be to a story, to My Posts, even just clicking on the DU logo to go back to the front page. Completely blank page except for the word "Forbidden" in about 9 or 10 point sans serif typeface. It's happened enough, I cleared cache and cookies and when that didn't work I even opened up "Edge" (which I NEVER use). I figured since I don't use it, it'd be a clean browser. Still, the same thing happens. Is anyone else having this happen today? Has this happened in the past and I just didn't read about it 'cause it wasn't happening to me at the time? With today being the day of the Marches, and two mass shooting events separated by a matter of several hours, I just got concerned maybe somebody decided to take it out on us, too...?

Anyway, anyone who's experienced anything like this, let me know why and how to stop it. I'm using Windows 11, usually use Chrome. Using the latest updated version (as of last night, anyway). I've cleaned cache and cookies. Heck, I've even rebooted! (LOL)

Thanks for any info!

I texted a good friend of mine, former Catholic,

this morning prior to 8 am, believe it or not, this question... and she was actually up for it. I don't usually do things like this that early... but her answer was pretty darned interesting... especially given the times we currently live in.

Has anyone else been seeing what I call the "warring" religious commercials on TV? These don't ask for money? These ask you to come back to God (to their Church and/or version of God). Mostly, it's the Catholic Church and the latest Franklin (?) Graham doing them. Graham can go straight to hell, for all I care. He's done way too much harm with his relationship with Trump and Dominionism to EVER be taken seriously.

But it's the Catholic Church commercials that particularly had me going lately. You see, I remember the phrase... Peter, upon You will I build My Church.... being in the bible, spoken by Christ.

But Catholics didn't build their Church OR end up compiling their Bible on Peter. They used Paul. Paul was restrictive. Combative. Fascist. Controlling. Anti-woman. Peter was the exact opposite. Peter was progressive. He was nurturing. He believe clerics should marry. I look at the Franciscans who taught me at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, and I see some of what I expect Peter's teachings would have been.

Okay, some of this I've probably got all wrong, and I admit it. I'm not Catholic. I'm not Paulist. Hell, I'm not a Christian any longer, and when I was, my family was long ago Evangelical. So.... I'm about as far from Catholic as you can get. For the last 30 years, I've been Wiccan/Craft. For the last 20 years, I've just given up and called myself "Witch." As a woman, I've reclaimed that moniker as mine. And I've done it with pride.

But the whole Catholic Church saying they're Christ's church when they've NOT done the ONE thing Christ said they SHOULD have done just blows my mind for the pure hypocrisy.

To all those with cats...

There are a lot of us dealing with the various peccadillos of our babies when it comes to food...

Sent the hubby to the store with a shopping list. On the list was "Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food." I just got off a 30 minute phone call with him, wherein we discussed 1/2 our brood being tired of the Filet mignon and the other half being "meh"... so then discussing the other two flavors they have, along with the various nutritional readouts.

Told hubby to get the small pkg of one, and medium of the other, and we'd see which they prefer without having to run to the store for a refill within the next couple of days (I'm feeding 10, plus a couple of neighborhooder's who share). Asked his opinion of the decision at which, being the guy, I guess, he came back with, "well... the little bag is 8.00 and the medium is (I didn't really hear). I just say, Ok, so..." He said, "Yea, I guess you're right... now, what about the chili beans for us tonight? 1 can or 2? I love it when I send my husband to the store!

My cats are on a -we need to shake up the food flavors around here- kick. It's gotten important enough one cat just stares daggers at my husband when he says "suppertime!" Another, runs and hides. Most run for the canned food. Those that are left are standing guard on my desk, eyeballing whatever I'm eating and wondering why I'm not feeding it to them!

Is it tied to the changing seasons, you think? Or do they know that cat food is disappearing from store shelves and they want to drive Mama bonkers a little bit more?!

After all this info coming out about the boxes Trump took off with

and now we found it took 8 months and a threat to get at least 15 of those boxes back to NARA (and I'm still a bit confused as to whether or not that's all of them), it's gotten me to stewing all evening on something. If Trump was so concerned that he tried to EAT the evidence, WHAT in the world is he trying to hide from us that we don't already know?

It can't be covid-related. Nothing he did there would be a knock-out surprise. We already know he knew from the start how deadly this disease was. He admitted it to Carl - warned him about it. We know he didn't do anything about it in the beginning because it hit the "blue" states and he was hoping it would just kill all his blue state enemies. We know about the purloined equipment, the vaccines going to his rich friends, the investments into the vaccine companies, etc., etc. We know he spent one whole year (election year) screaming about a stolen election, prior to the election even being held, instead of working on Covid. So, I can't see there'd be anything else there that would be horrifying as to provoke a terrified behavior from *rump.

The only thing I keep coming back to is something he's done with a foreign leader...like Un or Orban or Putin. Maybe he actually sold them one of our states, or a monument or two, to pay off a debt? We already know he let a killer waltz in and murder an American citizen reporter. What could be more shocking than that?

Remember, someone (and my dwindling memory cells won't recall who) told us when the truth came out about Trump we'd be knocked down shocked. I keep remembering that, as well.

Who knows... remember how concentrated they were on the Dominion voting machines. Meanwhile, they let the EPIS machines skate by without a word, while we know they had proven problems from years ago. Maybe THEY actually rigged the election to THEIR benefit, but we so overwhelmed them with votes, not even those voting machines could keep up? Maybe that's why they're so adamant on voter fraud. Since they never make an accusation that they've not already done themselves...!

I'm not trying to start a conspiracy or anything... but does anyone else have this same itchiness inside about what else they're gonna find? And whether or not we'll be told? To paraphrase Jamie Raskin (since I can't remember it exactly) there has to be a reckoning for accountability's sake.

Anybody else thinking there's something much bigger out there to discover? Or is Trump just so demented that everything he does looks like a conspiracy?

Love and the Constitution

For those of us who missed it the first time around, I just saw where MSNBC is running it again tonight at 9pm and at midnight (CST).

Thank you!

To whomever gifted me the heart today, thank you so much! I made my very first trip ever to a food bank today, and was feeling kinda down afterwards. I logged on to DU once I got back home, and seeing the gift of your heart left my heart (and mine) a little lighter. We can't always know the impact of our actions on another, but I wanted you to know how you impacted mine.

I learned the young neighbor of my daughter had fallen on really hard times and had run completely out of cat food. So I split the bag of cat food I had with her, which ought to last her at least two weeks, and passed on one of my babies' laser pointers so they could play with the cat "in style." Thanks to you, you gave two women a brief respite from worry and even, dare I say, a bit of "shame." You lifted my heart, and I paid it forward, in the only way as best I could.

Am I so strange?

My sister was (teasingly) laughing at me on Christmas Eve. Normally, in my house, I have about 10 cats, 2 of whom are old queens in their 20's. One is 20; one is 24. We also have a 2-yr old "puppy" who is about 90 pounds of all kinds of hound mix. The cats who want it get mushy food; the others who want it get kibble. All Fancy Feast, or better, depending on what they'll eat at the time. The oldsters get what a little bit better mix depending on their current needs. Yes, we cater to the cats.

To ensure the dog doesn't eat all the cat food, the cats have a separate room in the back of the house all to themselves, tho in the winter it's cold and I don't like the older cats to go back there. So, I keep a separate large bowl of kibble filled at all times in the middle of the kitchen table. Note... the "kitchen table" is not a place we eat. It's not a place *anyone* eats, except for the cats! (LOL) WE eat in the family room. When we hold gatherings, etc., food is all over the place. Cats leave it alone, they have their own. Friends are all over the house. (vaxxed and boosted, of course)

Okay, you get the picture. Now, my sister comes thru the house, laughing and meets me in the hall between the back and front of house saying "most people have a bowl of fruit in the center of their kitchen table. Only my sister has a bowl of cat kibble in the center of hers." She wasn't being mean. She meant it good heartedly, she knows I'd do anything for my cats. But it got me wondering... am I really so weird? I mean, there IS a plastic tablecloth between the bowl and the table, in case I did want to use it for anything else. My hubby and I are alone in this old house with just our critters most of the time; we never gave it a thought. I guess we've become crazy critter people? Anyone else out there resemble us?

Don Jr's "Turn the Other Cheek" bible "reference"

I posted this as a reply at https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216184510, but thought I should cross post it over here. It jacks my jaws that the focus of the story is being taken off WHAT was said and turned toward the stupidity of Don Jr and away from his bastardization of the words of Christ.

The focus on the rawstory site is on the Wehner story not so much on what don jr said. And, even in the comments, it was practically all on don jr., his coke and grifting ways. NOT about what he said, what he was trying to say, not about how he was trying to manipulate the audience. I did not read the original Atlantic story. If you did, maybe you'll fill in the blanks in the comments section. If so, I would dearly appreciate it. I've gone through all my "free" articles for this month.

Couple this talk with the seminars being held around the country by the Dominionists *right now* (here, at Xmas time!) about how "we" can no longer hold back peacefully, but must take hold the mountains of power. These have been publicized on the 'Net, in papers, on TV, and in other ways. The Dominionists are making their moves now. They're starting to consolidate their power. I think they're concerned they may NOT take back the presidency in 2024. I'm actually afraid *we* won't, but it makes me smile to think they're unsure. But that means we're in for a VERY rough couple of years.

Dominionists believe lies, deceit, murder, any sin they have to commit will be forgiven if it's done in the name of the Lord for the glory of bringing His world to this world. And it's not just a theocratic America they aim for. It's Armageddon they truly desire. They truly wish to bring about the conditions to bring on the Apocalypse. Trump and his people can do this without even being in power. They keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and we don't slap it out of there. They have people in the middle east, in Russia, in China, in Ukraine, ostensibly on "business trips", etc. They can make all kinds of trouble.

Being Pagan with a Charismatic Evangelical background makes me supersensitive to these people and what they can do and what are likely doing when I see them in the news. I know what they've had planned for decades. They're not Millerites.

But being who I am, even with my background, makes me a poor person to raise the alarm among Christians of good faith. And it's these people who have GOT to start pushing back. You must proclaim AND reclaim your faith before you LOSE your faith altogether. There will only be one way to worship after this is over, and it will be in the manner and form of the Dominionist. Christ, the Redeemer, is lost to us, except silently in our hearts. His gentle, loving, peaceful style of living and teaching is lost to all of us, Christian and Pagan, alike. Please, those who follow HIS ways, speak out for HIM now, and against what Don Jr is saying, especially in this time when we celebrate a hopefulness of Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men.


This is more phone related than computer, but didn't know where else to put it. Here's the situation. Hubby and I have been with AT&T for our cell service forever. We'd really like to take advantage of some lower cost solutions with Spectrum, especially since our cable and Internet is with them and we could probably score a lower overall deal with them. But we don't know anyone personally who has Spectrum Wi-Fi. Everyone we know has AT&T or Cricket or Boost Mobile.

Does anyone here have any experience using Spectrum Wi-Fi for their Cell phone and, if so, what was your opinion on coverage, outage rate, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!

Just voted in Leavenworth County

So, there wasn't much to vote for... but every little bit helps, right? (gryn)

Did my due diligence and researched as best I could all those on the ballot for commissioner, water works, and school board. Even found party affiliations on some. Checked in with some good Democratic friends on other pols I was unsure of, and they had answers I hadn't been able to find. Went to our normal polling place, only to find we'd been redistricted out to another --church-- several blocks away from our house. We've voted in the --church-- across the street in every election since we moved here several years ago. I guess having a family of two democrats was entirely TOO disruptive in their pristine district. Do I have to mention how irate I feel right now? How demeaned I feel? How second-rate I feel? How unwanted I feel?

God, if only I had the money to move to a blue state with like minded people. I envy you guys so much, and want to be with you SO much. I've only lived 2 places for any length of time in my whole 65 years -- Texas and Kansas. Never in my entire life have I ever felt like my vote... my voice... ever counted for anything. It is so disheartening. Still... every election, no matter how small, hubby and I do our research no matter how long it takes and go forth to do our civic duty and vote our conscience. How could we do anything less, especially in these treacherous days?

So, even if all you get to vote on is dogcatcher... GO VOTE... and make sure it's a Democratic Dogcatcher! The dogs will thank you for it!

Nov 3:

Just wanted to say we elected the Commissioner we wanted. Yea!!!
AND the decent School Board Member! Double Yeah!
AND I think the Water Works Member (Still trying to verify that... even the webpage at KS could use a UI rebuild for ease of use!)

They may have kicked me out of my original district. But I'm going to kick back twice as hard from now on!!!! And these Pagans will STILL hold our heads up high as we walk into those --churches-- to cast our votes! (I'm a big believer in separation of church and state! When they move it up to the sacristy, then I'll really worry! (LOL) )

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