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Name: J
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Member since: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 01:15 PM
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Let me put it out there. All this "gut feelings" "we don't really know what's gonna happen" shit?

Is because Obama is black. And I don't think it has to do with racism in the media(for the most part).

Now let me explain.

Many of the clowns in the media which are peddling this garbage are dinosaurs from another era, when we didn't have 24/7 cable news, the Internet, Twitter, polls out the ass and basically a real time pulse of what the nation was thinking and feeling about the election. This was an era where the Bradley effect could actually have an impact and not be picked up in polling. That whatever latent racism that exists in America still could hide in the shadows and only reveal itself on election night.

Toss in their cognitive dissonance that a black dude named BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA came out of nowhere and in less than 5 years pulled off and is about to pull off the following:

1) Defeated the Clinton machine. Now has them working FOR HIM and is set to make Hillary's election in 2016 a lot smoother than it would have been in 2008. He basically absorbed the worst parts of the post Bush years and greased the skids for her in 2016. This is why Bill is out in full force this year. He wants this for her badly.
2) Decimated a war "hero" with 30 years in the Senate. Landslide.
3) Is about to decimate a "successful businessman" with all the pedigree we've been conditioned to believe a US President should have. The guy is literally a President Ken doll made in a factory: Comes from power, looks the part, Harvard degrees, CEO, ran Olympics, multimillionaire, nice looking family, etc etc etc.
4) And he's about to decimate that Ken doll facing the stiffest headwinds an incumbent has faced in several decades. Struggling economy, nation at war he didn't start, opposition party determined to stifle him at every turn.

Mix in the nerds showing there's a much better way to quantify and predict elections and measure the pulse of a nation compared to the "touchy feely" bullshit these assholes have been getting away with for years on TV and in print.

In other words, the paradigm these guys have been analyzing politics under for decades and the expectations of who SHOULD be President has been blown to bits by a black man and "effeminate" nerds using statistics, Excel and SQL Server in less than 2 election cycles. Their whole world has been shattered completely.

So they want to believe that given the economy, this will be the election that restores sanity to their world. That there's this secret wave of Romney support out there that hasn't shown up in any poll whatsoever. That there's some secret desire to get rid of Obama that just hasn't been captured by the 2900 polls that have come out this cycle but will reveal itself tonight. What could that be that hasn't been captured by the polls? We all know the answer. America will finally recognize Obama as a black man, and vote the old world order back into power.

Anyone thinks they'd feel this way if Obama looked like John Edwards or had his name? Not a chance, you'd see them all calling the election for him and saying it would be shocking if he lost. Why? Because it would fit into their old paradigm very easily of the WASPY stereotype who looks and sounds the part being President.

Sorry for the rant but this has been pissing me off for a while now...

Posted by smorkingapple | Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:08 AM (15 replies)
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