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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 112

Journal Archives

Excellent!!! I will copy/past and read it this long weekend...

So sweet of you to share.. TU again.. )"

No international charges

"If you want to move the goalposts I think drones have implicit support from the leaders of countries where they happen because often they're based (launched) nearby, sometimes within the countries own borders, and every time a wedding gets blown up there are no charges filed in the International Criminal Court".

are filed because everyone in and around the weding is dead..

Thank you Steve, I am

looking forward to the interview..

It's on my calander!

Welcome to DU sandpan!!!!

Wish I knew the answer to that question you asked..

and it seems we

are so few ... WTF happened?

I feel his pain!

Me too Sabrina 1!!!

What a catastrophe we are in...

Maybe in 2016 and 2014 we can get this mess straightened
out.. If we make it that long..
Some days I think it's all over and we are doomed...

I'm not scared

about 2016...

Right now I see this voting rights act as a win for us.
A RWer came out today and said they are fighting along with
some other RWer's to come up with a solution to put it
back into law.

Can you even imagine how this will go over for College
Student's? I can, I live with four of them, one is my daughter and they all vote...
College loans are the next bubble to burst.. College student's
owe trillions of dollars to the gov and they
can't vote?... not to mention the other disenfranchised voters..

A college town that lives for its student's money can't vote?
No way this will ever stand!

Stupid republicans....
They had no ideal what a can of worms they opened when
they did this...

Let's not forget Senator Hillary

Clinton voted yes for that war too!

Also, remember, the government thinks its so clever

to distract us from what we want and what's going on in America and our needs..

War is a great money maker, and the slight of hand works every time..

Pay close attention and don't be fooled again into believing

an untruth!

I have always thought

from the very beginning of the "Pro-Life fight

that it was a way to split the country, to disparage

women, and to make sure you voted Republican.

And it works... and will continue to in every election

from now to eternity..

Some of us see right thru this.. It's so very sad to see
it work so well for them.
Wonder how many Rwinger's have had, or paid for abortions?

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