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Profile Information

Name: Larry
Gender: Male
Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Home country: usa
Current location: home
Member since: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,867

Journal Archives

Did i read a thread here regarding the non-union shop tfg is going to in Michigan?

If so, please post the link. I want to share with some of my local friends. thanks.

macbook air question Re: Highlighting text etc.

Only had this laptop for a month or so but, frequently when i am scrolling on a page or even a spread sheet. The scrolled area will turn blue and it sort of turns off my ability to click mouse etc. It will also grab something I pass over and drag it around screen. ??
Am I doing something wrong?

copied from another site.

By Raul Maseda
It seems the media and even the political parties have made the calculation that making the next election about Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the best way to boost their ratings.
And they're marketing this delusion with skewed polls that are meaningless more than a year away from the General Election because that generates a high level of anxiety that keeps viewers glued to the screen.
That's the Big Lie they've decided to sell, and sad to say, people are buying it.
But the next Election is NOT about DJ Trump or
JR Biden.
It's about whether the American Experiment continues or whether it ENDS.
*The former Republican Party no longer exists and hasn't for quite some time.
What exists today is a coalition of traitors, insurrectionists, cultish fanatics, and White Supremacists who have made their policy goals crystal-clear;
To destroy Democracy in America and replace it with a White Supremacist dictatorship in the service of an Oligarchy.
For those unfamiliar with history, that's Nazi Germany in a nutshell.
Here's how they intend to make it happen;
*Ban all Abortion nationwide and criminalize women and their health care providers.
Reproductive Slavery.
*Disenfranchise Black voters and disadvantage them in every way.
Denying them educational opportunities and erasing their history EVEN UNTO JUSTIFYING SLAVERY is just the tip of the iceberg.
Combine them with institutionalized police violence toward black people, of course.
Jim Crow ring a bell?
*Discriminate, Persecute, and eventually erase LGBTQ+ people.
A Nazi staple.
* Screw NATO and hand over our Foreign Policy to Vladimir Putin.
That echoes the Ribbentrop/Molotov Pact, which divided Europe into Nazi and Soviet Spheres of Influence.
The result?
And quite likely, WW3.
*Deny Climate Change and prevent any efforts to prepare for the worst.
And just as with their antivaxxing lunacies, We The People will pay the price.
* Destroy Public Education by demonizing teachers, defunding education in favor of school "vouchers", and banning books and the teaching of many subjects.
* Corrupt our Courts through bribery, a flood of "dark money", and by appointing and electing Fascists to the Bench.
*Entrench themselves into power IN PERPETUITY by any and all means, including terrorism, intimidation, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and impeaching or simply removing their opponents from office when feasible and undermining their Constitutional power when it is not.
* Destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Nutrition Programs, and every part of our Social Safety Net in order to complete the transfer of American Wealth into the hands of our billionaire Oligarchy, their employers and financiers.
That, and much, much, more, is what the 2024 election is about.
And it is no less than Biblical in importance, because if we fail to defeat this Fascist Tide it will almost certainly be the last free election ever held on American soil.
The Handwriting is on the Wall for all who have eyes to read.
And unless we all do our Duty as American citizens and People of Good Will, I fear it reads;
"All here are now Judged, and ALL are found WANTING"
-Book of Daniel
"No Fate but what we Make", guys.
So vote Blue, wilya?

Smerconish show just explained tfg's growing support among republican voters

You or i can be in fight with sister/brother/spouse and mad as hell. However if an outsider comes after your sister/brother/spouse, you will go to any length to support them. Think about that for a moment.

Ohio People

Don't forget to vote NO on issue 1 tomorrow and take a like minded friend with you.

Ohio People

Vote no on issue 1 tomorrow and take a like minded friend with you. No one wants minority rule!

Just saw a thread saying names of bond payers for santos will be revealed

How about revealing the names of sponsors of the No Labels movement?
I heard it is a bunch of Billionaires.

showing youtube video and returning to your page question

I post weekly essay on facebook. Is there a method to show a youtube video and return to my post after viewing video?

Have a new mac air. problem

Still acquainting myself with it, going ok. Well, this morning i get a warning my Mcafee or whatever is expired click here to renew. I don't want it or want to renew it. How do I stop the popup from coming on the screen constantly?

ok another question re deleting files/pictures etc.

Getting new computer and want to transfer stuff from old to new. Not all pictures but some of them. Is there a way to delete say 100 pictures at a time rather than each pic individually?
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