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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 41,692

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Early favorite.

Bookmarked. Class all the way

Nice finish.


and what purpose was that?

Enjoyed all the responses up above.

And technically I am an old fart at 55.

Using the term more as a metaphor for the reaction to Beyonce and all her skin.

I was surprised to see so many "get off my lawn" errrrr Progressives here on DU.

Eating at Olive Garden tonight

Unbelievable Italian food. If you haven't tried it...you should.

A truly authentic Italian meal.

Sports forum request

Hi guys--Love the new DU3 but have one request.

The sports folks to a T are asking that the Sports forum not be broken up in segments like it currently is on DU3.

We loved it when we could see all sports threads posted when we simply click on sports. Kind of like the current DU3 "latest threads" forum.

There are times when all 4 of the major sports NBA, MBA, NFL and NHL are posting news at the same time.

Soccer, Boxing, horse racing and other sports as well.

It is really a pain to have to go into each sub thread just to catch a sports story.

Otherwise---love the new site.

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