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Member since: Thu Sep 25, 2008, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 3,810

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TWiV Special: Toppling the anti-vaxxer pyramid with 'flu-shot cheerleader' Desiree Townsend

This is an informative discussion with a person whose life was affected by the anti-vaxx industry. She discusses her autoimmune condition and how that industry created a narrative to mislead her. Some of the details of her discussion are worth hearing from a scientific point of view, because I think that they are nice illustrations of ideas related to the consequences of protein folding.

TWiV 1026: Debunking RFK Jr.'s vaccine funk with Dan Wilson

Admittedly, this is a long video, but RFK Jr. needs the debunking.

LIVE: House hearing on coronavirus pandemic, 'Investigating the Proximal Origin of a Cover Up'

Of course, the GOP is pursuing its on-going waste of time in trying to demonize scientists (Fauci et al) and win political points with its ignorant base - instead of trying to prepare for future pandemics.

Also, I would have used C-SPAN's neutral presentation of the video of this hearing instead of Yahoo Finance's live stream, but I could not find a link into C-SPAN's live video. (Perhaps there is one, but I don't know that one can link to C-SPAN's live video in this manner.)

Here is a C-SPAN link to the hearing:

On CNN, Trump was as delusional and deceitful as he ever has been...maybe even more so.

It has, yet once again, been made quite clear that he belongs in a jail cell for life and nowhere near the Oval Office.

Perhaps, CNN gave the world the gift of a reminder (not that many actually needed such a reminder) that Trump is an absolute threat to the US and needs to be stopped cold legally or at the ballot box if that orange moron happens to make it that far.

I hope that CNN has seen enough and no longer platforms that insurrectionist traitor or any of his surrogates and that the DOJ gets off its collective ass and does something significant for a change. It's not as if Trump's crimes are so breathtakingly subtle or complex that he cannot be charged. For one, Trump openly fomented an insurrection, after all.

(It's hard to believe that Santos actually has been charged before Trump. I'll bet Santos thought he had at least until the middle of 2025 to skate.)

And again Trump did the very same thing in that town hall interview as he did the entire year before the 2020 election: he kept pushing the idea that if he does not win an election, the election has been rigged. That's right: he is preparing Insurrection 2.0, in case all of you at the DOJ missed it.

Also, for those of you in law enforcement who care about the country and each other, Trump painted a large target (one clearly visible to all our precious stochastic terrorists on the right wing) on that officer who defended the Capitol by shooting and killing Ashli Babbitt: she is neither a patriot nor a victim. She chose to invade the Capitol and found out the hard way that certain actions are not allowed. Fuck any delusional morons who hold her up as a hero of any sort.

So, yes, Trump is a threat to the US. Hopefully, everyone is again well aware of that fact.

(Lastly, E. Jean Carroll should sue Trump again for his further defamation of her during the town hall. Trump seems to have been too stupid to learn his lesson the first time.)

Honest Government Ad Reserve Bank of Australia

Reserve Banks across the world seem to have very similar philosophies
regarding inflation and what to do about it.

College used to be affordable. What happened? w/Ellen Schrecker The Chris Hedges Report

Education is neither a product nor a "personal" investment as much as the GOP wants it to be.

Neither should it be designed to "serve" to students nor should any students have to pay for it (for doing the work to get one's education is difficult enough in terms of time and dedication to the subject). A saner country would provide universal free access with stipends so that its young people could achieve their educational dreams without incurring debt. It would be for the good of the community as a whole to have more knowledgeable citizens.

‘Waste of time’: Community college transfers derail students


“It’s completely defeating for some students,” said Jessie Ryan, vice president of the Campaign for College Opportunity, a research group. “These systems have been designed to work for colleges and educators, but they haven’t been designed to work for students.”



Here is an interview with the author of the new book in the "A Very Short Introduction" series.

Pseudoscience: A Very Short Introduction
by Michael D. Gordin

Republican-Led Hearing Backfires Spectacularly - The Rational National

Broadcast Networks ABC, CBS and NBC Refused to Broadcast Biden's Speech

Broadcast Networks Pass On Carrying Joe Biden’s Primetime Speech — Update

By Ted Johnson

September 1, 2022 2:27pm

UPDATE, 5 PM PT: Broadcast networks passed on carrying Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, as the president cast MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy.

ABC ran Press Your Luck, CBS went with a Young Sheldon rerun and NBC with a Law & Order replay. CNN and MSNBC carried the address, as did news division streaming channels, but Fox News stuck with Tucker Carlson and his critique of the speech as it was happening.

Biden, appearing against the backdrop of Independence Hall, argued that MAGA Republicans were embracing extremism

“They promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence,” Biden said.



WILL ABC, CBS and NBC broadcast reruns of democracy in the future if the MAGA-cult is allowed to destroy it?

Isn't there a requirement in the FCC broadcast license about supporting the public good/interest? I don't know that anything is specifically made mandatory: I don't know communications licensing or law. However, it's not hard to see that broadcasting Biden's speech would have been in the public's interest. (This assumes that it's a common goal to maintain the US as a democracy.)

FYI: Here is the FCC manual on "The Public and Broadcasting":

OR is this all a moot point since almost no one seems to depend on broadcast news any longer?

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