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Archives: May 19, 2014

Should We Raise the Minimum Wage?

Union coverage to continue after Rainbow grocery sale

Union coverage to continue after Rainbow grocery sale

Guatemala passes genocide denial resolution

United Steelworkers: Import Surge Threatens 500,000 Jobs And National Security

United Steelworkers: Import Surge Threatens 500,000 Jobs And National Security

Kerry tells Yale grads to keep faith in government

Union Lawsuits Prompt Judge To Suspend Illinois Pension Cuts Law

Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest

New meteor shower could turn into a meteor storm

How Porn Fuels Human Trafficking

Walmart and Contractor Settle $21 Million Wage Theft Suit, Days After Obama Praises Penny-Pinching..

Israel demolished 567 homes during last round of negotiations

High-speed solar winds increase lightning strikes on Earth

Will the Next Labor Movement Come from the South?

Need a reason to vote?

What are you reading the week of May 18th, 2014?

MKs propose bill to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Schools work to help transgender students fit in

Good LGBT post over in GD

Seventy years after their deportation, Crimean Tatars defy meeting ban to commemorate anniversary

Power Japan Plus announces dual carbon battery that charges 20 times faster than current lithium ion

Power Japan Plus announces dual carbon battery that charges 20 times faster than current lithium ion

Grey Worm Sings: Raleigh Ritchie - Stay Inside (The Internet remix)

Interview: Rudy Dent- a New York Fireman on 9/11 and there when Building 7 collapsed

You know you want this lamp

So the Billboard Music Awards are on

Rescued from fire

Turn Texas Blue

Democrats OWN the Center: I'm Not Giving It Back Without a Fight

Three for your consideration

Three for your consideration

Patriots? ... or ...

Don't watch this if you get seasick or have vertigo, abandoned big box stores.

Robert M. "Fighting Bob" LaFollette

I feel like I owe many People an apology.

REUTERS: Chinese police charge British former head of GSK in China with bribery

I'm pretty sure they've been doing this throughout all recorded history

Give this kid a brake.

Solar Panels back up!

Anyone here play the C-span drinking game?

Man with guns arrested at Boston U. commencement

bosnian retiree hand-builds a wooden volkswagen beetle

Order vs Disorder

Boggs Nomination Dividing Congressional Black Caucus Members, Scott lashes out at Lewis

"When the GOP awkwardly discovers economic inequality"

Stop me before I eat chocolate mint grahams - it's the Billboard fault n/t

Video scandal jolts Colombia's presidential campaign

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 20: A Tribute to Brooksfilms

Bagua Massacre – A Test for Justice in Peru

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 21: Star of the Month: June Allyson

I want to talk to you man before you do your thing thing this evening.

Is anyone in Central Florida having issues with Netflix.

Saying Grace before dinner! You don’t have to know Chinese to understand this....

Your opinion on pornography.

Cisco chief urges Obama to curb NSA surveillance activity

Italian women appeal to Pope Francis to end priests' celibacy vow

A Crossroads for Socialism: Cuba in Transition (Introduction)

How feminist biology is challenging science's gender biases

This message from Sen. Bernie Sanders says it all...PERIOD!!

America's Global Warming Legacy

My new love affair

Part-time faculty at Northeastern will form union, aiding wider push

Feinstein: House Benghazi committee 'ridiculous'

Republican ‘establishment’ sinks cash into ads pushing back at Tea Party

NY Post: The 9/11 museum’s absurd gift shop

Deadly Shooting At Central Mall In Fort Smith

Why I am here .. in the wilderness .. to capture this .. for you

Pamela Anderson reveals sexual abuse: 'I just wanted off this earth'

Former GOP Senator Who First Hired McConnell Slams Him for Opposing Obamacare

"Right To Try Woo" laws being advocated for...

Exclusive: V.A. Scandal Hits New Hospital

'We Must Lead World' 'Stand Strong'; Christie Calls For More Aggressive Foreign Policy

Is it OK to list a job opening here?

I think we have let advertising go to far...

This is also about gardening, but on a frugal level.

Ever have a cat "talk" in their sleep?

Yes, Alex Jones is a Humongous Jerk ...

Game of Thrones......what an episode ending tonight!!!!!!

Is this porn?

Because The Free Market Rewards Hard Work And Creativity, And Don't Tax The Job Creators...blah blah

As of 1245 AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings in parts of WA, ND, SD, MN, WI, IL, AR, LA, TX, IN, OH..

From Utah to Colorado cannabis law is so different

How are guys treated in the porn industry?

Bluetooth: Wherein I join the 20th Century

Cisco CEO lashes out at NSA, tells Obama to stop bugging IT hardware

Converting analog audio files to mp3

Last joke you heard?

Chilean activist destroys student debt papers worth $500m

Back to the future: Alabama vs. LSU(2011)

Proposed: New Feature

Americans owe $1.2 trillion in student loans, surpassing credit card and auto loan debt totals Read

Making assumptions about the course of a life...or a relationship is...Dangerous

A Spectacular New Martian Impact Crater

"Your Life After Their Death" and 10 common signs a loved one is communicating with you

A few shots from our Europe trip so far

Bribes, Favors, and a Billion-Dollar Yacht: Inside the Men Who Do Oil Companies' dirty work

State Sen. Bob Deuell falls under attack from right in race



Anyone have a copy of the DU calendar?

Wedding Announcement

Let's establish this: Bernie will not be a spoiler if he runs for President: He says so here:

Sandy Hook Hoax Newtown Victim Cyber Stalking

Let's all send flowers to Solly Mack!

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ May 19th

Heads up Oregon... A marriage equality decision is expected out today (Monday)!

California Mayor Suggests Bullied Kids 'Grow A Pair': VIDEO

I rented some equipment...

Canadian Jewish Book Awards Present Diverse Honor Roll

Severe Drought warning for the US map

Pablo Sandoval homers in SF Giants' 4-1 win

Pontiac Silverdome's assets for sale

AstraZeneca rejects new Pfizer bid

Student Debt Grows Faster at Universities With Highest-Paid Leaders, Study Finds

Putin orders troops near Ukraine to return home

I don't have a flower to give for Solly Mack, but...

Blumenthal bill targets campus sexual assault

Police across state to be trained on handling of mentally ill

Best (MLB) Month Ever: If You Like Barry Bonds, You’ll Really Like This Baseball List

St. Gregory's Day

Groaning Cheese

Russia says ties with EU and NATO need "rethink"

Popular 1950s singer Jerry Vale dies age 83

Why Propaganda About Generational Warfare Is Dangerous and Wrong

How Libertarianism Would Actually Curtail Human Freedom {long read}

10 Ways the Poor Are More Ethical than the Rich

Why Phishing Scams Keep Working.

How the American safety net shrank for the poorest of the poor.

How Thomas Piketty and Elizabeth Warren demolished the conventional wisdom on debt

S. Korea's president pushes for end of coast guard

College scholarships for Appalachian students

This clip is the BEST 5 minutes you will spend today:

Operation American Spring Sprung a Leak Over The Weekend

A question regard a QOL issue on Discussionist

"A Lasting Image" (a film about hope & caring after the F5 tornado in Moore, OK)

Have you been paying attention to the floods in the area along the Danube?

Historical child abuse investigation goes to Australia

Photo of the Week:

Progressive car dealership in middle Tennessee?

I hate to sound like an old fogey

Church of Ireland Bishop's backing for same-sex marriage welcomed

Young Adults, Student Debt and Economic Well-Being

Today could be the day for Oregon to finally overturn the ban on gay marriage

I give up, were all the believers taken to heaven? Discussionist?

Chris Hedges: They Can’t Outlaw the Revolution

Activists kidnap 2 Chinese workers at Myanmar mine

When climate change hurts crops, everyone suffers

Drought is just the start of climate change’s toll on the Southwest

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Yet More Big Bank Misdeeds (audio link)

temporary jobs in rise in today's shifting economy

UN Committee Against Torture Questions Holy See On Efforts To Curtail Women’s Health Care Globally

AP: Some (IA) state workers allowed to resign to avoid being fired

AP: Some (IA) state workers allowed to resign to avoid being fired

GM's banned words in new Ad (John Oliver):

In High Finance, Humming a Happy Tune

CHART: In Terms of Social Progress, America is Not #1 -- It's #16

Question submitted by MsLeopard

The Birth of a Eurasian Century: Russia and China Do Pipelineistan


Democratic activist and star of HBO's "The Newsroom" is dating a union member!

Age activated deficit disorder

Walker Has Promised U.S. Supreme Court Appointment to Judge That Gutted WI Campaign Finance Laws

Everything that is wrong with America: Ohio state Senator Bill Sites.

Hospitals in Arkansas See Drop In Uninsured ER Visits Following Obamacare Implementation

U.S. to Charge Chinese Workers With Cyberspying

Despite new rules, Moral Monday protests return to legislative building

Science Under Attack-Genetic Engineering

Missing Brookyn autistic teen found safe, reunited with mom

Rev. Dr. William Barber: The 3rd Reconstruction

Being rich in America is just so draining. You have to unwind someplace:

Obesity? Unhealthy?

NYPD officer headed home after Coney Island fire

Canines’ Cancer-Sniffing Snouts Showing 90%-Plus Accuracy

New York Rep. Michael Grimm due in court in fraud case

Last week's odd news: GM memo reveals banned words

WE ARE . . .

Occupy Wall Street Activist To Be Sentenced In Police Assault Case

The new Indian government

A new forum from the creators of DU: Disillusionist

Oh Lawd. #OperationAmericanSpring F A I L

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Rethuglicans

Atheism snookered by moral snap-judgements

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Aidan Norvez, Brooklyn Technical High School Senior, Missing Since Thursday

Is Sugar A Toxin? Dr. Robert Lustig

longhorn cavern

Divided by culture, not religious beliefs

Congratulations, class of 2014: You’re totally screwed

Obama touts foreign investments as success story

Candomble and Umbanda Declared Not Religions by Brazilian Judge!

Lufthansa Halts Caracas Ticket Sales, Joining Other Carriers

Ex-Controller John Liu will run for state Senate against Dem incumbent Tony Avella: source

Oklahoma Senate Election

Krugman on Geithner: He was “…all for bailing out banks but against bailing out families…”

Soldiers target three journalists during student demo (Venezuela)

SF Cath. school students rally for classmate after photo removed from yearbook because she wore tux

The Roberts Court: No Longer Just an Umpire

Cuomo’s GOP funder, defiantly, on Astorino

Paul Krugman- Springtime for Bankers

Apple apps made to run on Android devices (BBC)

Geologic time--can us ordinary humans really "get it?"

Deadly Canadian Oil Bomb Trains

A tribute to Cannadian health care from an email I got this morning

I'm thinking about beekeeping, and I wonder if I can figure a way to use the bees as

Security cam video of jury deliberations released by elad.

Flood surge in Belgrade threatens power plant

Last year, 25 hedge fund managers earned more than double every kindergarten teacher combined

The Newspaper of War

Orwell quote on journalism vs. PR

Romney calls on police commissioner to resign

City's Plan: Give Homeless Break on Rent

Happy birthday to the inimitable Grace Jones!

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand urges Congress to create insurance for paid maternity leave

I usually don't get involved in these discussions, but this one time

Judge sentences Cecily McMillan to 90 days - Less than expected...never should've been charged

another reason to hate ticks new disease called heartland

Long Island Segregation Drives Educational Inequality 60 Years After Brown v BOE

Gov. Awards Full Benefits To Wife Of Female Soldier Killed In Afghanistan (1st Same-Sex Couple)

Tom and Jerry - still immensely popular after all these years

If Obama got his way...

Puppies at 7 weeks - size warning lots of pics

The Republican War on Workers’ Rights

Pic Of The Moment: Nation Reels As Operation American Spring Overthrows Government

Police hunt clown and monkey after US bank robbery

Jesse Lee Peterson Calls For NFL boycott over Michael Sam's 'Mouth Kissing'

NYS Agencies Cut Use Of Paper

Venezuela to bring complaint against US at UN

Strip OK for California Chrome

I had not realized the Koch's were such a nice family...

Cosmos & Neil Degrasse Tyson state that Great Flood occurred in Sumeria & retold as Noah's Ark

Occupy Wall Street Protester Cecily McMillan Sentenced To Three Months In Jail- new source.

Pfizer Offers To Buy Foreign Corporation In Order To Avoid Paying More Taxes

Which State has the Most Gerrymandered Districts?

Repukes: Finished a a national party

Poverty is a demanding, stressful, depressive & often violent state. No one seeks it (Charles Blow)

At least a dozen hurt in crash on Manhattan Bridge

Goku vs Superman

Cuomo Pledges ‘Hands-On’ Review Of TWC-Comcast Merger

SpaceX’s Dragon lands in the Pacific Ocean after successful trip

Texas seat belt 'Click It or Ticket' push begins

Facial recognition pioneer worried his technology ‘robs everyone of anonymity’

I want to say something, but I should probably leave well enough alone.

De Blasio outlines tech-sector plans

RELEASE US - a short film on police brutality

Do you think one of these times that Lib/prog could try taking over a tea party event?

Virginia Governor Announces Railroad Safety and Security Taskforce

NRA bashes Michelle Obama over #bringbackourgirls, wants war with Russia

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against L.I. Man Who Says He Was Beaten By Police Officers

NRA bashes Michelle Obama, demands war with Russia

I'm enjoying Discussionist

Cross post from Rural life - what do you use to keep

And I thought Google's slogan was "Don't be evil"

McDaniel camp cancels meeting for mysterious Meridian event

Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists

Store removes 'slave mannequin'

Karma in Action

Hotter climate could turn sea turtles all-girl

Kemah cites ex-Mayor Wiggins for 200 code violations

Bruno expects ‘what’s legally due’ for his defense

DSCC outraises the NRSC again - $21.2M more for the cycle

Dog loves the pool so much, he wants it in the house

The misleading information about the "reference pricing" rule.

Police: Woman called in bomb threats to graduation

Guns Are Killing The Republican Party

Crude Rises as Libya Unrest Threatens Supply

Jill Abramson Says Anita Hill Reached Out To Offer Encouragement

Wheat Set for Longest Slump in 15 Years as Rain Aids Crop

woo hoo saw in our local paper (aka fish wrap) :D

Hoping someone can help. All I need to to create a hotkey (or icon) on my iPhone5s...

Chicago Crisis Obscures $8.4 Billion Pension Gap in Small Towns

Anyone here have a robotic lawn mower?

Malcolm X Day

Borowitz report - G.O.P.: Evil Mastermind Behind Benghazi Is Frail Old Woman With Brain Damage

New Republic: Climate Change Will Force Us to Abandon Coastal Cities. We'd Better Start Preparing

Happy Birthday Malcolm -

Billionaire Home Depot Founder Is Not Really Sorry For Nazi Comparison

Just finished TO END ALL WARS by Adam Hochschild, about WWI.

Freak hailstorm in Sao Paulo

How can someone this stupid become a doctor?

Kathleen O'Toole named Seattle's new police chief


John Oliver Takes on Nintendo's Gay Marriage Controversy

OK, let me go anead an get this over with so I can get back to work

Swedish tradition of outdoor activities

A Deep Dive into the House's Version of Narrow NSA Reform: The New USA Freedom Act

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Picks First Women SPD Police Chief

Thomas Piketty and the End of Our Peaceful Coexistence With Inequality


NRA Thinks #BringBackOurGirls Hashtag Isn't 2nd Amendment-y Enough


Toon: Americans died in Benghazi, and we want answers!!....

"In Landmark Class Action, Farmers Insurance Sues Local Governments For Ignoring Climate Change"

Notes From a Fast-Food Protest

Popular Conservative Website Tries and Fails to Debunk Our ’13 Benghazis’

Connecticut Teen Asked Biden To Prom So He Sent Her A Corsage

Bill legalizing MMA fighting once again clears Senate

N.H. police official who used racial slur against Obama resigns

Ants kill ...................

Are We Really This Stupid? the Proof Shows that Sadly, Yes, We Are!

The public’s opposition to gay presidential candidates is waning

Does The Term 'apartheid' Fit Israel? Of Course It Does.

Politico poll claims majority of Americans ‘oppose’ marriage equality

Losing battles, winning the war

Ben Carson: ‘Anything is slavery that robs you’ like ‘neo-Marxist’ Obamacare

Report: Jim Webb leaves door open to White House run


NRA Propaganda at "the Daily Kos"

The NSA Is Recording Every Cell Phone Call in the Bahamas

Assembly passes affordable housing, rent protection bills

for afternoon Loungers,

RT war correspondent sets off signal flare, insists he was shot at by the Ukrainian army

Not sure which is sweeter...

Zimmerman defender flip flops

The Rude Pundit: Karl Rove's Repulsive Allegation About Hillary Clinton Shows His Dark Genius Again

Hey Dick, who's weak now?

An H-1B cap hike would mean a grim future for workers

Like a dead dog on the tracks: Injustice in small town Texas, Part 1, the Physical World

Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan sentenced to 90 days for assaulting cop

Flair Nasal Strips

Megachurch pastor predicts Auschwitz-style tours of women’s clinics after abortion is banned

A Radical Method Of Fighting The Gender Wage Gap - Bryce Covert Discusses

Interesting observation about same-sex marriage...

Report: San Francisco has worse income inequality than Rwanda

Texas man faces possible life sentence for making and selling pot brownies

Military gets picky in recruiting; only 20% of applicants qualify

U.S. judge to rule Tuesday in corruption case of ex-Virginia governor, wife

Tax incentives created fewer jobs between 2011 and 2012

So the NH police commissioner who called Obama the n word finally resigned

GOP Pollster Finds Sen. Shaheen Crushing Scott Brown In Matchup

Looks like the BLM was right about Bundy and his goons...

No more liberal apologies as Elizabeth Warren takes the offensive

ISU - Pit Bull Service dog walks in owner's place at graduation ceremony.

U.S. anti-gay marriage group seeks (again) to intervene in Oregon case

Arizona candidate apologizes for shootings remarks

Watch Operation American Spring's Star Spangled LOL

Georgia court upholds law concealing execution drug sources

UKIP (UK's "tea party") leader, Farage doesn't want Romanians living next door, but

Greek neo-Nazis hold position, aim for Europe

The Elderly as a Source of Profit

Man who sent ricin letters to Obama and others gets 25-year sentence

John Lewis Comes Out Against Obama Nominee Michael Boggs, I take a back-seat to no one

Fla. gov Rick Scott's mansion at risk from rising sea levels

Angry Graduate Wrote This Letter To His University. It's Hard Not To Agree With Him.

EPA chief: Obama will announce new coal rules

Robert Reich: 10 Ways to Fix Inequality

London imam Abu Hamza convicted of U.S. terrorism charges

Women call for Pope Francis to end priests' celibacy vow

How Karl Rove, Rich Lowry and Politico are damaging America

I don't know how many of you are watching

Islamic Cleric Mustafa Kamel Mustafa Found Guilty In NYC Terrorism Trial

Oddworld: Abe's Odysee.

Inside The Horrifying World of Gay Exorcisms

Being a Yale Law prof does not necessarily indicate intelligence

National strategy needed to eliminate hepatitis C, expert says (but it would be very expensive)

NC fracking bill orders prison time for disclosing chemicals, ignores health risks

"Operation American Spring" nuttiness continues...

Geosecurity 101: Washington and Moscow's Military Bases in Latin America

Geosecurity 101: Washington and Moscow's Military Bases in Latin America

How many word lists like GM's do you suppose exist in this nation's business files?

Found elsewhere ...

Want privacy on your flight? Try to head sling. Yes, there is a photo.

SUNY says LICH talks with No. 2 bidder have been 'serious and increasingly productive'

If "the one thing we got" is that you both remember kinda liking "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

iO9 article: Can your city be brought back from the dead.

The NRA Outrage Of The Moment

Gooooooooooood Morning Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! (again)

Everyone gets asked to the prom - even Joe Biden! (but he had to decline)

Wikipedia editing question

Some coms on this IDemo's post were simply outrageous.

Mitch McConnell Walks the Razor's Edge

Teach for America. Ouch. A Video.

Condi - Rutgers - PJ O'Rourke's childish column demeaning Rutgers U.

Commercial arm of the Chickasaw Nation interested in operating Albany casino

Brazil's Sao Paulo turned white by freak hailstorm

House GOP bill would rollback new healthy school lunch rules....because...Michelle Obama!!11!!(one)!

Greg Abbott accepts two statewide governor debate forums

The Entire World Shows Its Pride With IDAHOT

How Russia arms America’s southern neighbors

Bikers rally at Capitol for better protections

Iranians are outraged over cheek kiss by an Iranian actress

Anatomy of a Common Kitchen Knife...

A nod to local heroines, wherever they may be

Sugar vs. added sugar

Democratics scare too easily

Judge strikes down Oregon gay marriage ban

WOW I have a chance of earning $3 million from this nice guy in Ghana!!!!

Schneiderman wants utilities to prepare for climate change

Disney making a live-action movie based on WHAT??!!??

Climate change 1, Rick Scott 0

Colombia's Uribe tries to oust Santos with new presidential pick

Republican Infighting: Ted Cruz Slams Rick Perry, Says He Isn’t Responsible for Texas Job Growth

Threats aim to derail Ukraine's presidential vote

Jefferson Morley speaks at 2014 JFK Lancer Conference

Despite change in law, arrests more likely than fine (Chicago)

Former Wellcare Chief Executive Officer Sentenced for Health Care Fraud

One of the best nights of the 2012 campaign....still

Sec. Kerry's Boston College commencement address today

Pornographic privilege?

Cecily McMillan - 3 Months, with 5 years probation

Worst. Pickoff Throw. Ever.

My liberation day

State ethics investigators recommend national anti-gay-marriage group be fined $50,250

"Is Dallas Television Host Amy Kushnir The Daughter Of Scamvangelist Robert Tilton" From Joe My God

Please...Cut the Crap~

Garfield's Nine Lives: Diana's Piano (Back when Garfield had substance)

Do bunnies eat tomato plants?

U.S. charges five Chinese military officials with cyber espionage and theft of trade secrets

GOP Pollster Finds Sen. Shaheen Crushing Scott Brown In Matchup

Since passage of ACA $s spent on ACA attack ads was 15 times that spent on positive ones

De Blasio Slams Tabloid Coverage of His Wife as ‘Disturbing’

The 5-4-(Interference)-3 Triple Play

To Win A War You Have To Start One

Scott Brown's half brother gets 1 year sentence

Kim Philby's Ghost

Politico's Poll Showing Democrats In Trouble This Midterm Election is a Total Crock

Question: You can show one documentary to someone about W-Bush era ecnomics - you'd show....

Using the Cold War: The Truman Administration’s Response to the Bolivian National Revolution

Let's unravel the alleged failure of Operation American Spring

FL Republican state rep says Common Core turning kids gay. No, not a joke.

Helping dad change diapers...

Credit Suisse charged in tax evasion case

Is it just me, or are all the "Forensic Files" and true story murder mini documentaries disgusting?

400-plus years for rape of targeted lesbian

*Moral Monday Streaming

Georgia’s War On The Poor

Cars could drive themselves sooner than expected after European push

CIA: Will not use vaccination programs for spying

Burger King scrapping 'Have It Your Way' slogan

Malliotakis bill would mandate abortion clinic inspections

UK: Rescuer of Jewish children from Holocaust turns 105

Colombia election campaigns end: Santos and Zuluaga tie in latest poll

Slovakia: TV anchor taken off air, loses job over racist statement

GOP congressman pushes for immigration vote

Dumb Criminals: Tennessee Man Has Sex With ATM Machine And Wooden Picnic Table

Well, looks like Australia is out of the climate research business

Judge OKs Execution of Russell Bucklew, Missouri Inmate With Birth Defect

Obama – The ‘Drill Baby Drill’ President

24-year-old meow person! (114 in people years)

U.S. charges Credit Suisse with conspiracy- helping wealthy Americans evade taxes

Chile president sends education reform to Congress

Video journalist Simon Ostrovsky cuts through the bullshit

What is up with the cast change for Daario Naharis -GoT

N.H. police commissioner resigns after calling Obama the N-word

Judge: Ex-TSA officer mentally unfit for trial


Lawmakers hear from experts on why heroin use is growing across New York state

Libya evacuation decision 'minute by minute,' U.S. official says

New ‘hacker’ scandal rattles Colombian presidential race

Something Brewing in the Pacific?

9/11 Memorial Museum Gift Shop Draws The Ire Of Many: ‘It’s A Disgrace’

Reference Pricing: Obamacare Consumer Protection Weakened

Beautiful tribute to share. On the French Martyrous village of Oradour

"Im Here Because I Care" .....A 10 Year Old's Speech

Nearly All of Greenland’s Surface Melted Nearly Overnight in 2012—Here’s Why

Transport Workers Union Approves Contract

How Low Can Rahm Emanuel Go (In Approval Rating)?

True Feminists Should Find this Incredibly Horrifying........Can We Unite in Support?


Batter up! POTUS plays catch with Little League teams at afternoon drop-by

Prosecutors Say Evidence Against Rep. Grimm Totals Thousands of Pages

Vaccines still don’t cause autism, study of 1.3 million kids finds

Multi-Polar World...Stuff you won't hear from MSM Think Tanks Ops on CNN/MSNBC/FAUX NEWS/C-Span!!

Why West Nile Virus is still Scary

Transport Workers from 40 States Press for Public Transit Funding at Capitol Rally Tues.

NC: 3 Senators Introduce Bill: FELONY for Individuals Who Disclose Confidential Info Re: Fracking

Cop Shoots Himself Trying To Kill Dog Riverside California

Senate votes to criminalize ‘inappropriate’ teacher-student conduct

Mobile phone child health risk investigation

Selfie’, ‘hashtag’ and ‘steampunk’ lead influx of tech terms into Merriam-Webster dictionary

the media is in full compliance with the Hillary 'brain damage' bullshit.

Thailand army declares martial law

Dewhurst says he doesn't know if Patrick unfit to serve

Mary Landrieu’s Doing Something Weird: Running On Her Record

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

Who is looking forward to Season Two of "Orange is the new Black?"

Amazing water wheel

What a difference a year makes in Anchorage, Alaska.

5 years later, Fla.-Va. terrorism case in limbo

What books have most influenced your religious, spiritual, and/or skeptical perspective?

Georgia GOP Primary Voting Instructions: "Pick the Biggest Nut on the Ballot"

Paul Buchheit: Evidence that the meritocracy is made up of poor people

How the diseased and destitute are forced to carve out a grim existence in the sewers of Eastern Eur

Ok, here they are, before and after pics...

PSA: The 'Pocket Hose' is crap.

Thousands to get lifesaving £5 heart test: NHS given go-ahead for breakthrough treatment.

Why gay marriage is good for the economy

An interesting life, well-lived.

City Councilmembers call on mayor to add 1,000 cops following 7% spike in shootings

'American Spring' organizers baffled as to where their 10-30 million 'patriots' went

Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to be on The Colbert Report tonight.