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Another "Dear Brad" email to my congressman

Watch: Australian journalists brutal takedown of Trumps foreign policy at G20 Summit

Trump not aware of 2016 meeting between son, Russian lawyer -legal spokesman

Republican Senator: If I have to be that one person to kill healthcare bill, I will

Firefighters battle large blaze at London's Camden Lock Market

North Carolina Episcopal priest charged in Florida road rage

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer on Trump Jr: 'This borders on treason'

Trump suggested a cybersecurity pact with Russia. Lawmakers say they were dumbfounded.

Agalarov (set up mtg w/ Trump Jr) had cameo in Steele dossier

Texas Purple Heart veteran enters House race to unseat 8-term GOP birther

If Trump continues to threaten the security of the USA and the GOP does nothing,

Australian Reporter Destroys Trump

The Gangsters in The White House.

2018 OH US Senate Race- How reliable is the PPD-People's Pundit Daily Poll?

We dropped off our teenage daughter at Space Camp today.

Trumps meeting with Putin was a disaster. The aftermath isworse.

A Question for Lawyers on DU

So, there's no constitutional remedy to invalidate an election that has already been

Protesters Surround KKK Gathering In Charlottesville

My Mother Wasn't Trash

US Women's Open at Trump National may be unpredictable

Alabamas Special Senate Election Is All About Wooing Trump

Activists Demand NRA Pull Recruitment Ad In Their Own

I feel a Twitler storm coming...

Twitter in Chief strikes at the heart of democracy again.

IMO, if we want single payer we have introduce it to the electorate. I suggest

Two senior Republican senators criticize Tillerson comments on Russia

Conservatives See Shared Values With Russia!

Archaeologists Find a Secret Tunnel Hidden Beneath Mexico's Pyramid of The Moon

Archaeologists Find a Secret Tunnel Hidden Beneath Mexico's Pyramid of The Moon

Trump: "The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn't mean...

New backhanded comment from a neighbor, who is probably pro-trickle down economics.

"No Cyber Unit" What a difference 13 hours of relentless ridicule makes...

"America Has a Crazy Uncle Problem

The Crazy Don defense

Tom Price reveals how stupid he thinks you are in one tweet

Oh yah rumpass we'll just move on with Russia.

Photos: Bernie at Kentucky Rally July 9, 2017

2020 will be the year Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

An atheist Muslim on what the left and right get wrong about Islam


Lindsay Graham says the rumpass has a blind spot when it comes to Russia.

Mind break time - game machinima trailer

WH racing to stop Congress from sending Russia sanctions bill to Trump's desk that may tie his hands

Has anyone ever gone to a Star Trek convention? Is it really worth the price?

No dem needs to go. Trump needs to go.

Photo test - my sister's cat, Squeakers

Army called in the fight huge number of forest fires in British Columbia.

Stephen King fans like myself can only agree

BREAKING: AP article confirms Trump was at Trump Tower the afternoon of June 9, 2016...

Voters canceling registration?!? Uh-oh!

High Time for Regulation: Uruguayan Government Markets Marijuana to Combat Drug Trafficking

High Time for Regulation: Uruguayan Government Markets Marijuana to Combat Drug Trafficking

I think whatever glue has been holding the House, the Senate, and the White House together . . . .

Going to be in South American for 10 days!

Just tried it and Photobucket worked for me

Tomorrow's NY Daily News cover:

A Field Guide to Civil Unrest (toon)

***OMG***-Trump's Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton

TMR: Paul Ryan is about to trickle down on America

Donald DRUMPF-ski Junior (Fredo) is terrified by his Poop-ski Daddy-ski. The collusion link:

someone please post John Oliver as soon as you can

Did anyone see the show about Amelia Earhart that just aired on the History Channel?

Attention North Florida - help needed for rescued animals

Hey Don?

Oh C'mon Gmail

Here is the story behind how Junior's meeting leaked out.

Don Jr on cover of tomorrow's NY Daily News - KidProQuo...

Where's TheFerret tonight?

Okay needing talk this out (in a sense) advice or telling me I'm going the wrong..

Will Trump Tweet Something to Distract from Don Jr News ?

The Fredo analogy is flawed. Senior is a dolt too...

Dedicated to the wee lil Donny, following in his father's footsteps.

gotta have a budget...

I think I just heard a shot. Bad neighbourhood nearby. Vibes that nobody got

If the Earth was flat ...

If the Earth was flat ...

Donald Trump Jr.'s stunningly incriminating statement to the New York Times

Google Home Breaks Up Domestic Dispute By Calling the Police

Snagglepuss and Bubbles to hopefully make your day brighter

I think we should have a national referendum this November...

Fmr. Rep. Donna Edwards: " Congress colleagues: I have MS. Don't make my insurance unaffordable

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer on Trump Jr: 'This borders on treason'

White House officials forced to admit Trump accepted Putins denial about election meddling

They Don't Care Who They Hurt. We Should Not Care If They Hurt.

*Amelia Earhart: Finding the Lost Evidence

Are you psyched about Game of Thrones return on July 16th ?

The lawyer Jr met with: Prevezon connections and was also denied a visa to US

LHC finds a new and very charming particle: the Xicc++ baryon

Trump-Endorsed Media Outlet Tries To Ambush Democratic Candidate, Immediately Regrets It

A TV Family in Jail

" (ex-CIA director) Brennan's AOL account"....

I will be at U of Delaware next week....

NBA Star Leaves $14 Tip After Spending $487 in an Austin Bar

Democratic candidate for Congress arrested while protesting health repeal

Coburn will work to oust Mullin after congressman breaks term limit pledge

Accused Oklahoma state senator removed from leadership positions

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is asking for federal disaster aid

Democrat steps up to challenge Steve Russell in central Oklahoma district

One color, one B&W.

Oklahoma House to study how to implement medical marijuana if state question were to pass

Another wave of teachers may run for Oklahoma Legislative seats

fundamental attribution error

Will it be a Dodgers/Astros World Series?

On Animal Planet-- "The Zoo. Back to the Bronx"...

Army soldier accused of killing wife, New York trooper at upstate home

Policy that could let doctors who lose their license keep practicing for months draws complaints

Renewable energy is becoming so cheap the US will meet Paris commitments even if Trump withdraws

He Got Him

Congress Close to Approving a New Space Army

Haley Goes Off Message, Tries To Claim Trump Playing Eleventy Dimensional Chess With Putin

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says

Camden Lock market fire: large blaze brought under control

🐦 August 29, 2017 at 7PM (EDT) Cincinnati, OH - Sen. Sanders - Walnut Hills High School

🐦 Aug 31 at 7PM - Bernie Sanders - Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa

So Nikki Haley said that Russia not only interfered with the US elections

Non Sequitur Toon - The Alt-Bright Movement

🐦 August 28 at 7PM - Sen. Sanders - The Riverside Church, NYC

Monday Toon Roundup

A Jaw-Dropping List of All the Terrible Things Trump Has Done to Mother Earth

Old saying

The boog chocolate lab 0400 this morning got sprayed by skunk

Don Jr admitted seeking dirt on HRC because truth was even WORSE. What could be worse? THIS:

TYT: 44 States Refuse Trump's Voter Data Request

Film studio donates $25K to replace Arkansas Ten Commandments Tribute Monument

Video: Dalkey Book Festival - Bernie Sanders 4th June 2017

NYDN Cover Today !!

Trial Date Set in Kids Climate Lawsuit Against U.S. Government

Spyware Sold to Mexican Government Targeted International Officials

Morning Joe Shredding Trump into tiny little bits.

WH strained for resources to staff Melania'a CyberBully Task force & Putin/Trump CyberSecurity Unit

Hospital: Ailing China Nobel laureate in critical condition

This Day in History

Tillerson on Gulf shuttle diplomacy to ease Qatar crisis

Trump channels his inner Valley Girl: Comey's leaked memos are "SO ILLEGAL!" Totally. Fer shur. Sad!

🐦 Dallas, TX Oct. 12-15 National Millennial Summit - Invited guests include: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Trump retweets James Woods, who finally sees the scope of destruction

Fighting rabbits appreHENded...

Anyone subscribe to YES on their cable?

Fox and Friend

History of the Magnistky Act.

Chip off the old block*

Trump now defending on twitter letting Ivanka sit in his seat at G20

Putin can help command the US Army, Navy, Marines and AirForce.

The Uninhabitable Earth: cover story for New York Magazine

New republican talking points:

Islamist preacher who compared Jews to 'fleas' to speak at Palestine Expo event in Gov't building

My great uncle 1952 to 1976 retired army his birthday party

whats with the media splitting the screen into thirds?

Is that your final answer?!

Is that your final answer?! II

Don't forget Manafort also met with Uday and the Russian money laundering queen. Manafort's history:

In the Fox News universe, they are talking about Comey, De Blasio, and Hillary Clinton

The Post names Rob Goldstone a music publicist as the "acquaintance who set up Don Jr. Meeting.

Cuomo is DESTROYING Kellyanne right now

Ex-Bush ethics lawyer on Trump Jr: 'This borders on treason'

Is that your final answer?! III

Our democracy is hanging by a thread

Despite Pushback, Atheist Gives Lovely Invocation to Oskaloosa (IA) City Council

Atheist Delivers Invocation in DeLand (FL): We Hold Dignity In Our Own Hands

We Protested Outside Ark Encounter On Its First Anniversary

Chelsea Clinton responds to Trump (tweet):

Cuomo V (CON)way battle now -CNN

OMG Kelleyanne makes my head explode

Have you seen Trumps new propaganda MAGA film???

Australian TV destroys Trump in comments about G20

Kellyanne (CON)way-this is for you

"Strategy is to f**k Hillary up so she can't govern" - Steve Bannon

Keith digs up old DT tweet - mentions 33,000 emails SAME day as the Russian meeting

Keith Olbermann digs up old Trump tweet that may confirm he knew Don Jr. met with Russian lawyer

Is that your final answer?! IV

MAGAMA, make america great again my ass...

"Who misled you, and why did Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort allow those public denials?"

Trump Defends Ivanka's Place at G-20 Summit

Kurt Anderson goes after stinky Donnie JR. who cannot spell

Trump Tweet Throws Rex Tillerson Under the Bus: 'Sanctions Were Not Discussed'

Did anyone see the epic interview by Chris Cuomo with KellyAnne Conway on CNN?

Trump Aides: Russia Flap Proves Don Jr. Is the 'Fredo' of the First Family

"About Alex". Nice little indie film.

Happy Birthday Marcel Proust: those madeleines from "Swann's Way"

When will 75 % of the American public say enough?

Republican Congressman Jimmy Duncan's Campaign Paid His Son Nearly $300,000

Is that your final answer?! V

Nice of Donald to admit he was giving our country away during his sit-down with Putin.

We are new and dumb and don't know what we are doing.. say the Republicans

This is why I only camp at Marriott properties

My take - Don the Con and his entire family are caught up in this Russian mess which

WikiLeaks Asks Trump to Make Julian Assange Head of U.S-Russia Cybersecurity Unit

If Russia is our enemy and Trump & the GOP are colluding with the Russians what does that make them?

Dan Rather: "Once again I ask, what of his many enablers?"

NYT Columnist: Donald Trump 'Is a Pathological Liar'

Daily News: "Kid Quo Pro"

The Jim Crow Law Stopping African Americans From Voting in 2017

Public Option Versus Single Payer

Trump-Russia timeline: What happened after the Russian lawyer meeting

Robby Mook Hits Trump Jr.'s Meeting with Russian Lawyer: When Do We Stop 'Giving the Benefit of...

Howard Dean: 'Ridiculous' to Think Trump Knew Nothing of Son's Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Lawyer behind Sanders allegations has history of complaints

Keith Olbermann: You know what Trump did the same day Jr, Manafort, Kushner met the Russian?

Tether that Chicken Motherfuckers!!! KEEP it tethered to their necks!

Trump Accuses Comey Of Leaking Classified Info To Media: 'So Illegal!'

Listened to Conservative radio on the drive to work this morning...

Don't let them Frame the Fucking Narrative.

Kremlin Denies Knowledge Of Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian Lawyer

"God bless social media:"

The permafrost is dying: Bethel sees increased shifting of roads and buildings

"By definition, a president's son can't be guilty of anything!" Come CAPTION Donald Trump, Jr.!!!

"Modern Day Presidential"

Malala, now 19, signs up for Twitter to advocate for women and girls.

Doc: Russian attorney who met w Trump Jr linked to bank from Trump Russia Dossier

Trump Knew.

Lest we forget - Trump and team never though they would win last summer

Trump: Congress wouldn't 'dare' leave without 'beautiful' healthcare bill

Nepali 'menstruation hut' ritual claims life of teenage girl

Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat. She's also a powerful leader

MSNBC's Halperin: Trump Jr. 'in a world of hurt'

The Narcissist's Prayer

Survey: Number of uninsured adults in U.S. rose by 2 million this year

Demented old man wants to turn the USofA into a Russian satellite!

Such a conundrum. Listening to NPR's 1A - Hans von Spakovsky on. Should he be?

Conway to CNN's Cuomo: Aren't you embarrassed 'to talk more about Russia than America?'

President Trump's enemies list

Trump cabal's shifting stories on Russia meetings

Obama returns to politics with redistricting group fundraiser

Will Trump finally fire Mueller because now Don, Jr. is in

Federal court hears Texas redistricting challenge

So was it little tumpass' wife who told fox something big was coming?

Health system CEOs: Senate bill will not resolve healthcare challenges

Plan for U.S. tax increase on rich not being considered: Mnuchin

Anyone watch CNN this morning? Did anone else notice the cut out?

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Have Some Summer Fun

It's a mistake to blame our current Political situation on college students.

It was a coup and we had treason .... money laundering is a Trump family business.t

Trump Jr. Defends Meeting With Russian Lawyer For Clinton Dirt: 'Had To Listen'

Chinese labour activist says he was arrested due to factory's Trump links

Paris flooding: Record rainfall hits French capital

Pic Of The Moment: A President That Will Live In Infamy

Russia is coming up fast, but Ireland still has the best hit-man stories

Robert Mugabe ruling Zimbabwe from hospital bed, says opposition

Preemptive Wage Laws?? Republicans Turn to Backstabbing Tactic

The Uninhabitable Earth

9 Damning Charts That Explain The Senate GOP Health Care Bills Impact

Trump hails G-20 'success.' Others see political chaos and American decline.

Sources close to Trump are discussing which "advisers to the WH" might want revenge against Don Jr.

I guess I should postpone that trip to Syria

Trump's extraordinary surrender of power - By Robert J. Samuelson

Trump has done a big favor for small-d democrats left and right - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Trumps behavior is the biggest threat to U.S. national security - By Lawrence Summers

Here's what the Democrats are doing wrong

What are your encounters with friends or relatives who supported Trump like?

Wingnuts tried identifying with DRUMPF on "populism" - now on shared LOW SELF ESTEEM, demand respect

So why did tRump go to the G20?

A Father purposes a Thought Problem to his Young Republican Child

DU link - Preemptive wage laws...

Hillary Ran Against Trump and Russia At The Same Time - Trump Is Illegitimate 100% - Resign Now

TPM - "Report: Bannon Warned Trump You Cant Fire The FBI Amid Comey Chaos"

TPM - "It Took 3 Days For Don Jr. To Cop To Meeting Russian Lawyer For Clinton Dirt"

It took 50 years to confirm 1968 was stolen. It took 243 days to confirm 2016 was stolen.

Fifty Years Ago Today

There are some distortions told about universal coverage and single payer

Trump Jr. Kushner and Manafort Are Traitors Working With Russians To Swing Election - Traitors!

A personal example of the consequences of Disgusting Donald's disastrous environmental policies

France could close up to 17 nuclear reactors: minister

Fueled by Trump's claims, GOP state legislatures push new requirements to vote

Pierce: What Do the Russians 'Have' on the Trump Family? Fear.

"Hold the pickle and hold the lettuce..."

And Donald Jr. is supposed to the "smart one" compared to his brother Uday, I mean Eric!

States Push New Voter Requirements, Fueled by Trump

Expect upsurge in scuba gear, kayaks and rubber duckies sales

Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, Chris Christie, Donald J. Trump....

Medicaid group pans key insurance provision of Senate GOP bill

Ex-CIA spy says Trump Jr. fell head first into a classic Russian trap

Jared Kushner Tried and Failed to Get a Half-Billion Dollar Bailout From Qatar...

Kellyanne Conway squirms as she's shown her own past denials of campaign meetings with Russia

I suspect that one reason Mueller has assembled such a Dream Team of lawyers and

Poll: What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump? IDIOT!

google doodle today -Countess Eva Ekeblad's 293rd (agronomist, flour and alcohol from potatoes)

google doodle today-Countess Eva Ekeblad (agronomist, flour and alcohol from potatoes)

Fox & Friends sent a misleading tweet. Then Trump accused James Comey of a crime.

DEADLINE TODAY for submitting comments re review (and possible elimination) of 27 National Monuments

A good friend's son dead in an "accidental" shooting.

Jared Kushner Tried and Failed to Get a Half-Billion Dollar Bailout From Qatar

The world responds to the G19, DTrumph Not respected


Sen. Collins: Intel Panel Needs To Interview Trump Jr.

Report: Bannon Called Megyn Kelly 'Pure Evil,' Told Ailes 'Go F*ck Yourself'

Trump administration may let California keep emissions standards

Do you think Trump will propose we share our nuclear codes with Russia ?

The National - new album due Sept - if it is all as good as this first song, wow.

If I'm a political operative and the Russians offer dirt on my opponent I'm calling the law.

There is no Jayden K. Smith!

Putin playing Trump like a violin...

My question about Don, Jr. is:

E X A C T L Y.

The Book That Predicted Trumps Rise Offers the Left a Roadmap for Defeating Him.

Russia says joint cyber unit with US will take time to set up

The music video that connects President Trump to his sons meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer

The music video that connects President Trump to his son's meeting with a Kremlin-backed lawyer


Hints That Russian Meeting Is Part of Bigger Story

Your Daily Greenwald: Agitprop peddler...

Sparkly Vampires

Taking Stock of the Times Blockbuster - Josh Marshall

Fire Now Visible Amid Trump-Russia Smoke

meet aras agalarov--the trump of russia (and close friend of putin!)

Guess who helped write Trump's immigration non-policy?

Combine a fundy "Christian" and Trump phanboi...

Schumer, Senate Dems Urge Action On Bills To Stabilize Insurance Markets

Donny Jr.'s go-between with the Russian lawyer is this guy:

Pope Francis: US-Russia Alliance Dangerous, and the countries have a distorted view of the world

China says the U.S. has apologized for name gaffe

The Elephant In The Room.....Family Connections.....

Watch this clip!!! Two minutes and 12-seconds of gut-wrenching shame. This is scathing.

A chap at the presidents side.....

The Financial Ties between the Trump Administration and Russia

Trump tweets as of 8AM..........

Sick Sick country

Well, Donald Jr news stepped all over G20 newscycle...

72 Hours after Don Jr met Russian agent bot army begins

She spoke out. She tried to warn us. And we ignored and mocked her:

CNN now with Wolf--Sen. Roger Wicker R, Mississippi says Jr. meeting is a nothingburger

Was 45's "invitation" to the Russian hacking the go-ahead after the June 16th mtg?

Is it too late for me?

Texas Redistricting Back in Court

Someone should suggest to Kobach that

My "WTF?" of the day, "Gawd iz gonna cure ya!" delusion...

Saw a bumper sticker that said "Please Do Not Feed The Fears"

Quad Canes & kits v.3

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says

With Respect To The CBO Analysis On The Repug Healthcare Bill - Did They Comment On Jobs.....

REPORT: White House In "Total Meltdown" Following Trump Jr. Revelation

Stalagmites from Iranian Cave Foretell Grim Future for Middle East Climate

New Data, Advanced Modeling Techniques Suggest Extreme Coastal Sea Levels More Likely to Occur

Analysis Here are the times that Trump allies have denied or obscured links to Russian agents

Republicans debate Plan B if ObamaCare repeal fails

passports for domestic flights.

Lightning just hit right outside

Donald Trump Jr.s Two Different Explanations for Russian Meeting

What would happen if Hillary were to loudly and often start to voice how she was cheated, which she

Strengthening of West African Monsoon during Green Sahara period may have affected El Nino Southern

Commentary: Real threat posed by Trump? Trade war, not tweets

Warming May Turn Africas Arid Sahel Green: Researchers

Which does one choose to believe: Facts or Fake?

Steve Bannon Is Out of Trumps Doghouse and Leading the Charge Against Mueller

OxyContin Maker Criticized For New It Gets You High Campaign

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Americans Wont Need Healthcare If We Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

Federal prosecutors step up probe of land deal pushed by wife of Bernie Sanders

Big questions after the bombshell

The whole thing is nefarious:Ex-CIA spy says Trump Jr. fell head first into a classic Russian trap

The Daily 202: Trump aides learn the perils of speaking for a president who changes his story

Eric Schneiderman Tweet: Channel your outrage into action. Remember that every great progressive mo

Yesterday's Gone. Let's Start Thinkin' about Tomorrow...

GOP Sen.: Trump Jr. Meeting Russian For Clinton Dirt Is A Great Big Nothing

Maine AG Janet Mills to run for Governor.

Another Russian nothing burger - By Ann Telnaes

GOP lawmaker: Universal health care is too expensive but tax cuts for the rich are necessary

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3

Here's the big problem with the Trump camp's latest spin about Donald Trump Jr.

Bernie Sanders Faces Feisty Democratic Challenger

Naltrexone making a big difference in my sobriety

Oh the hypocrisy...

From Russia with Love for the NRA

JarFort JuniorGate (R)

Adverse reaction, I haz it.

Poll: Majority Of Republicans Now Say Colleges Are Bad For America

Um, yeah.

GOP lawmaker: Universal health care is too expensive but tax cuts for the rich are necessary

Engineers, chemists, lend me your expertise. I heard a word today,

Trump Admin. Lobbied Lawmakers to Weaken Russia Sanctions

The Genuine Constitutional Remedy for a Fraudulent Election

Funny or Die: Franken and Letterman take on climate change in hilarious web series

Most Republicans View Higher Education as Bad for America

Group flies Confederate flag again at South Carolina capitol

Koch network 'piggy banks' closed until Republicans pass health and tax reform (6/26/2017)

58% of Republicians believe College/University education Bad for America

Honda confirms 11th U.S. death tied to ruptured Takata air bag inflator

Meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer was requested by Russian pop star whose family...

That "cease fire" Trump "negotiated" only lasted 24 hours:

PR specialist says set up meeting between Trump's son, Russian lawyer at client Agalarov's request

Trump accuses James Comey of breaking the law based on a misleading Fox News report

TMR: Bernie Sanders On When 'Medicare for All' Details Will Go Public

Jon Snow meets Jack Sparrow

EU parliament threatens veto on Brexit over citizens' rights

"Trump Rage-Bitching About James Comey Again, Because Fox & Friends Told Him To"

Jon Snow meets Jack Sparrow

Ceci n'est pas un president

Former USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges

ICC wants Colombias armed forces commander prosecuted over execution of civilians

Majority Of Republicans Think Colleges Are Bad For The U.S., Poll Shows

Not a poll (too obvious). Majority of Democrats KNOW republicans are bad for our country

Medellin elite a lot deeper in narco trouble than willing to admit

Funny or Die: Franken and Letterman take on climate change in hilarious web series

Colombias jailed anti-corruption chief seeks help from top US lawyer

The Uninhabitable Earth - When Will the Earth be Too Hot For Humans?

DNC invests earlier in state parties, voter persuasion

I saw multi-instrumentalist, folksinger and storyteller John McCutcheon...

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit Over Trump Election Commission Secre

Could it be as simple as...?

More Truth in Teacher-Written Education Blogs Than Corporate Media

Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned Compilation

Infant dies; family was living in Maryland motel parking lot

The ESPY's

Ukraine wants membership plan talks, says Poroshenko

GOP 101: Shocking increase in the percentage of Republicans who think college is bad for US

DNC Announces Unprecedented Investments in State Democratic Parties

Docs: Russian attorney Don Jr. met with was attorney for Kremlin run company that laundered money...

Donald Trump Jr., seen here wistfully reminiscing at the spot where he whacked Adriana La Cerva.....

Earth's sixth mass extinction event already under way, scientists warn

What's for Dinner, Mon., July 10, 2017

Donald Trump Jr faces calls to testify before Senate over Russia meeting

'Nowhere to go': By Disneyland, benches favored by homeless are removed

Monty Python has a skit that perfectly represents this moment in history.

Audio Link - Interview: Sen. Sanders on GOP Health Care Reform

Mexico spying targeted international experts in student kidnapping case

Mexico spying targeted international experts in student kidnapping case

Little Donnie Jr. has lawyered up (Reuters tweet):

How come every one of them forgot their meetings with the Russians

U.S. deploys advanced anti-aircraft missiles in Baltics for first time

Propane Jane: When fascism came to America . . .

Environmentalists in Brazil blame government for Amazon land violence

Environmentalists in Brazil blame government for Amazon land violence

Trump Jr. hires lawyer for Russia probes

MSNBC reporting Don jr just retained council.

Tapper is tearing them a new one

One of my biggest health care fears.

LOSER 45 creating more jobs

Celestial Sound Waves Reveal Surprising Solar Changes

Open Door to Moscow? New Facts in the Potential Criminal Case of Trump Campaign Coordination with Ru

Once Trump sets up his cybersecurity unit w/Putin he can finally launch his anti-terror task force

Joni Ernst in Harlan Ia this morning just wants to hide somewhere.

Trump Admin. Lobbied Lawmakers to Weaken Russia Sanctions

Secrecy and Suspicion are Unhealthy for a Democracy

Randi Rhodes is back from her vacation.

Chelsea takes on Cheetoman in our ongoing Presidential Reality Show

ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Voter Fraud Probe

FFS, look at these inane tRump tweets. I guess he thinks this is what being president is all about!

"Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" does a segment on the fake Time magazine covers.

Land of Contradiction

Does Donald Trump know who the president is?

Here is the "acquaintance" Don said "suggested" the meeting.

Please keep your fingers cross (if it is not too rude to ask) for me

is this guy ignorant, drunk or both? Says there is nothing to working for the elderly to get medica

Senator Warner on CNN

Trump yesterday: I didn't talk sanctions w Putin -Trump spokesperson: Trump talked sanctions w Putin

TPM - Josh Marshall EdBlog - "The Sunday Afternoon of the Long Knives?"

The collusion isnt in the past...

TPM - "This Is What No Collusion Looks Like"

"What's the forecast by William King" app. Very funny

Slate- "Who Needs the U.S.? The G-19 Might Be Here to Stay."

Anybody in South Florida want to party tonight?

Novo Nordisk Recall: Novopen Echo Insulin Delivery Devices Recalled

Here' a shot of the talent manager who set up the meeting in Trump Jr.'s office.

Trump Jr. Hires Criminal Defense Attorney Alan Futerfas For Russia Probe

New Research Finds Mars's Surface Is too Toxic to Support Life

White House, Schumer Clash Over Confirmation Votes

Is Mike Pence betting it will all come crashing down on Trump?

NRA Spokeswoman Was Forced To Discuss Philando Castile During Heated Debate

Here's the big problem with the Trump camp's latest spin about Donald Trump Jr.

Why replacing Obamacare is so hard: It's fundamentally conservative

So After All This Talk About Collusion - Today They Are Saying....

Do you think Putin would ever release the pee tape just for sh*ts and gr*ns?

Full statement from Goldstone confirming his Russian client Emin Agalarov asked for 6/9/16 w-Don Jr.

Come on, Eric, you're slacking.

Rince Priebus Says Trump Jr. Meeting With Russian A Big Nothingburger

Oh By The Way Not Disclosing Meeting Is Actually A Crime Jr.

Here's a case where Futerfas (Don Jr's new lawyer) had his client turn on his dad to avoid jail.

The lawyer Don Jr. hired has a history of handling high-profile organized crime and cybercrime cases

got a virus alert on my iPhone

The Agalarovs were Putin's personal messengers to Trump in 2013. But let's not talk collusion, okay?

Ex-TD 4 May Regenerate Near the Bahamas - Pay Attention Gulf of Mexico DUers

Trumps Inner Circle Met With No Ordinary Russian Lawyer

If Democratic POTUS had children like Trump's

Obamacare is failing!

Well known elephant poacher shot dead in Zimbabwe.

4 Facing Felony Charge Following KKK Group's Justice Park Rally

Hi photogs. See you on the other side of a new knee.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Old-School Corporate Greed

Democratic camouflage in a red state

If the Earth was flat...

The controversial Christopher Steele dossier is aging well. Here's a link, in case anyone else

Health Bill Would Crush Senate Republicans

"Nothingburger". Who even fucking says that? Can we switch to Nyetburger.

If Chelsea Clinton and John Podesta secretly met with some obscure Iranian nationals...

Photo appears to prove that Donald SENIOR knows Rob Goldstone, the guy

Pew: Most Republicans View Higher Education as Bad for America

What The Mother Of A Black Son In America Fears The Most

Get your Trump Excuse Bingo cards here

Missouri bill targets ambulance calls to abortion clinics

Here's what Democrats are doing wrong they're not even fucking trying

Jr. hires N.Y. lawyer

New Jersey is calling Chris Christie names. And now hes calling them names right back.

Federal government cancels costly, decade-long search for a new FBI headquarters

Trump's election panel puts hold on voter data request

Trump's election panel puts hold on voter data request

ALERT: Today is the last day to submit your comments on @POTUS' threat to revoke protections for nat

Teabagger Pearce declares for NM governor

Regarding that testifying under oath concept.

U.S. agency to announce rule blocking mandatory consumer arbitration on Monday: sources

Jared Kushner pushed a hard line against Qatar after Qatari investor denied his bailout request: r

Russia Story Revisions

Liberals Have Turned Trump Into a Gay Villain Because Our Worst Villains Must Be Gay (Slate)

This artist rigged old New York City phone booths to tell powerful stories of immigrants

Legislative paralysis will take down dollar, says Credit Suisse

All we get from the Trump administration is LIES and more LIES.

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