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Repeat After Me

Early Spring snow heading for mid-Missouri

Starbucks workers at 3 more NY stores vote to unionize

Slovakia and Poland

Twitter launches service to bypass Russian block on dissenting information

RI hasn't submitted plan to address Eleanor Slater Hospital deficiencies

Former US general: "Ukraine is going to win this" DW News

Collisions and carjackings dominate wild police chase in Florida

MeidasTouch tweets Pelosi saying "I'd like to take out those tanks. More planes might be useful."

Sniper arrives in Ukraine after answering call for foreign fighters

Pentagon Assesses Transfer Of Poland's Jets To Ukraine As 'High Risk' - MSNBC

Some pics from Ukraine

U.S. Warns Russia Could Use Chemical Weapons

US Sanctions on Russian Oil to Leave More Cargoes at Sea with No Buyers

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She's Working 'For Free' With All Her Pay Going To Mask Fines

Zelenskyy Continues To Plea For No-Fly Zone Amid Russian Attacks - Deadline - MSNBC

TWEET: This is how retired astronaut Leland Melvin posed for his official NASA photo.

McDonalds is still paying its 62,000 workers in Russia.

Ballet dancers from Kyiv National Opera join military to fight for Ukraine

Tweet of the Night:

Major League Baseball cancels second week of season after discussions fail to produce CBA

Sony suspends all PlayStation sales in Russia over Ukraine war

Great Podcast on Russian Disinfo...

Washington Commanders trading for Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz, sources say

Sidney Powell Has Secretly Been Funding The Legal Defense Of The Oath Keepers

UK Ministry of Defense update on Ukraine

Putin changing his propaganda to save his political ass

editors, reporters, tyrannosaurs, and dirty professional secrets.

I just can't believe there isn't a bumble bee drone somewhere looking for Putin honey.

Foreign volunteers will be able to obtain Ukrainian citizenship if they want to

How many US House seats will the Democrats have a net gain/loss in 2022.

Why Not Planes? West's Aid To Ukraine Hits Snag On Fighter Jets - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC


Alexander Vindman on CNN

'We are not co-operating': Life in occupied Ukraine

Russian ex-minister: Ukraine invasion is stalling bc officials embezzled from the military budget

Can it really be done?

What Ukrainian Refugees Find As They Cross The Border Into Hungary - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Guatemala increases abortion penalty, bans same-sex marriage

Guatemala increases abortion penalty, bans same-sex marriage

Index provider Morningstar will remove Russia securities from its fixed income indexes beginning

Are the yellow arm bands the chief way soldiers can identify other Ukrainians?

Vindman: Ukraine Fighter Jet Hang-Up 'Pretty Absurd' - TRMS - MSNBC

Ukrainian Mom Pictured Dead in a Gutter Was Silicon Valley Tech Worker

Texas flagged 27,000 mail ballots for rejection in primary

Biden just declared

Florida House passes election police bill, sends it to gov

Looks like the Chinese are distancing from Putin & Co

Why Isn't Brittney Griner the Biggest Sports Story in the Country? (Russia)

No Биг Мак for you!

Kenney is such an idiot.

Sending UK-made, man portable Starstreak surface to air missiles to Ukrainian forces

It's a damned good thing I'm not in charge.

Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch (live in Tempe AZ, 1980 + studio version)

Ambassador McFaul is universally respected... he's a "NO" on No Fly Zone

Medical school graduation gowns (cartoon)

Report finds Hill Country suffering the demands of rapid growth

Native Americans fret as report card released on 2020 census

Tweet of the Late Night #2:

Texas regulators seek punishment for pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell

Biden Will Cancel $6.2 Billion Of Student Loans

Ukrainian flag unfurled at DC's Glover Park Hotel, across the street from Russian Embassy

Renee Poussaint, former 7News anchor and journalist, passes away at age 77

US M$M and Ukrainians think a No Fly Zone applies to artillery, IT DOESN'T !!!

Oligarch renounces Russian citizenship, saying 'everything Putin touches dies'

As gas prices soar amid ban on Russian oil, will more drivers move to electric vehicles?

New Yorkers With Marijuana Convictions Will Get First Retail Licenses

City, county leaders stress caution to keep Covid numbers down through SXSW

Ukraine Warns That Power Cut at Chernobyl Could Cause Nuclear Accident

Do we have secret bio labs in Ukraine?

International Women's Day: top universities led by women

Chris Hayes just confirmed: No-Fly Zone would be minimally beneficial to Ukraine

China Is Learning Lessons From West's United Response to Russia?

Pictures of the destroyed hospital will define Putin forever.

Fox News Won't Be Getting Out of a $2.7 Billion Lawsuit Over Its Rigged Voting Machine Claims

State Department tweet on the Russian lie that we have chemical & biological weapons labs in Ukraine

Members Of Congress Buy Energy, Defense Stocks Prior To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine: Who They Are

Putin's Russian Support Base Is Vanishing, Says Navalny's Chief of Staff - Amanpour and Company

Redlining means 45 million Americans are breathing dirtier air, 50 years after it ended

Zelensky - "You have the power, but you seem to be losing humanity"

EU says Russia reports of biolabs in Ukraine likely disinformation

Deep Purple

"I appreciate having an honest person on the show...

Strange "Cult" of people out there, that think they can do "anything" with no "consequences"

Russia admitted to bombing the hospital.

Kim has had it with lazy women - "Get your F---ing ass up and work"

How the West Undermines Its Own Sanctions

So tired... Ltd. Insurance payback

Trudeau rebukes Putins idea that democracies are weak.

RNC is suing Jan. 6 select committee over subpoena to key vendor

Kremlin Vet: They'll Overthrow Putin Before Giving Him 'Bad News' About Russian Setbacks In Ukraine

Microsoft has a new Photos app & it is good.

No, I am not thinking the same thing

Mississippi advances COVIDIOT's bill of rights

This reporting from a month ago was accurate about Ukraine preparations

Nearly 35,000 people rescued through humanitarian corridors, Zelensky says

Disney C.E.O. Says Company Is 'Opposed' to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

This reporting from a month ago was accurate about Ukraine preparations

Stoltenberg Warns Russia against attack on arms Supply

Is there any current reporting about inside Russia?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy thread!

Comparing Ukraine's largest cities to U.S. cities

TFG Refinances $100 Million Mortgage On Trump Tower With A Bank Headed By A Political Supporter

Caterpillar, Deere Join Firms Suspending Business in Russia

Brad Delp ended his life on this day 15 years ago.

Stephen Miller's Frivolous Lawsuit: Michigan Trial Underway in Conspiracy Plot to Kidnap Gov Whitmer

What do you do when you see someone wearing a mask - Brittlestar

Russia admits conscripts have been fighting in Ukraine, despite Putin's previous denials

Chris Hayes: Putin's Biggest Fear May Be The One Thing He Can't Lie About - All In - MSNBC

I don't know why people are so shocked and dismayed by gas prices goi g up

Johnson blocks vote on antisemitism envoy, meets with truckers instead

Democrats scrap a $15.6 billion Covid response package meant to help fund a new Biden strategy

(Jewish Group) Why This Classic Romanian-Jewish Dish Is Nearly Impossible to Find

Tucker Carlson's Rejection of MAGA 'Kraken' Lawyer Actually Backfires on Fox New

(Jewish Group) How the last Jews of Bila Tserkva escaped Putin's army

police officer Jeffrey Smith's suicide days after Capitol attack is declared a line-of-duty death

Seattle area still gaining tech jobs even as hubs grow elsewhere

Trump is asked how he sees the war in Ukraine playing he talks about windmills

Reversing Trump, Biden reinstates California authority to set pollution standards for cars

Switched to Fox - Hannity - Jennifer Griffin just had a hilarious exchange with him (no video)

Biden Exploring Creation of Crypto-Like 'Digital Dollar,' Says Report

Fed up Jen Psaki schools Peter Doocy in MUST-SEE smackdown - Brian Tyler Cohen

Fears rising Russia could be setting stage to use chemical weapons in Ukraine

Russia admits it sent young conscripts into its Ukraine war after Putin denied those troops were inv

(Jewish Group) Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin spoke to white nationalists a week after....

(Jewish Group) Italian Jewish communities look to digitize 35,000 Jewish texts

People Think There's Something Familiar About Ted Cruz's Airplanes Story

Around a dozen Russian aircraft stranded in Switzerland

Sting Russians FYC

Federal Judge Dismisses Claims That Congressman Helped Incite Capitol Riot

Michael Moriarty on Dick Cavett talking about this new show he is doing on NBC

They'll Overthrow Putin Before Giving Him 'Bad News'

The Willauer technology for producing jet fuel from seawater is economical at $6/gallon

The hidden billion-dollar cost of repeated police misconduct

Is there any condition that would compell the US to get involved militarily in Ukraine?

Women and Children First?

"A lesser-known fact about sunflowers is that they are symbols of nuclear disarmament."

Did Amazon violate federal laws? Lawmakers ask for DOJ probe

Can't explain why but now and again I need to visit home

Foreign policy experts call for 'limited no-fly zone' over Ukraine

Florida OKs bill aimed at keeping immigrants out of state

Largest Humanitarian Crisis Since WWII - Zerlina. - The Choice MSNBC

"The girl was me." (FOLLOW UP)

A Brutally Honest Conversation on the Metaverse

My husband is having bypass surgery and an aortic valve replacement in the morning.

In spaceport defeat, Georgia county blames bare minority'

When you realize...

Georgia Senate passes bill seeking to regulate social media

Hilarious Twitter thread on Stephen Miller & his phone. Rare video of him in high school.

Mass graves at Mariupol.

Malcolm Nance on What Could be Putin's Strategy... - Political Voices Network

Ukraine's military: Ukraine regains control of Derhachi, Kharkiv Oblast.

Tweet of the Late Night:

Kyiv Independent tweets on Russian equipment losses

Richard Ojeda TEARS Into Pro-Putin Republican

Not one Democrat should be voting against the powerful Magnitsky Act

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoes GOP's "unfair" redistricting map

What to do if you see someone wearing a mask:


Adam Kinzinger: What is the red line with Putin? What will it take for the US to act?

'A new low': Reporter on Russia's airstrike near a maternity hospital in Ukraine (CNN)

Assistant principal fired after reading children's book to class (Mississippi)

Ukrainian Cabinet Member Condemns Hospital Strike As 'War Crime' - All In - MSNBC

Would you rather Trump lose all his money or spend a decade in prison?

Austria abandons its sweeping vaccine mandate, citing milder Omicron symptoms.

45's plane had to make an emergency landing after an engine failed.

Timothy Snyder: Ukraine Is Europe's Chance for Renewal

An interesting 5 minute video on the controversial Ukrainian Azov Battalion

New US estimate of Russian casualties

Idea for a country song: I think am missing a couple of tens from my bartender

Tweet with Rittenhouse and Ukraine

The older I get the cheaper I get.

Idaho Republicans push bill that would fine and jail librarians for certain books

Analysis: Russia and QAnon have the same false conspiracy theory about Ukraine

Border authorities in San Diego find 52 live lizards and snakes hidden in man's clothing

Putin Is In Over His Head, And That Makes Him Even More Dangerous - Ring of Fire

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Busted for Driving Without a License

Trump says 100 million people would've died of covid if he hadn't saved them with 'Warp Speed.'

OK, got a weird question for boxing fans, particularly Ali fans.

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will easily win.

Seth Meyers - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Reveals Location on Social Media

The Highwaymen - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (live at Nassau Coliseum, 1990)

Trump weakens fuel economy standards, rolling back key U.S. effort against climate change (2020)

Book bans have reached levels not seen in decades

Ex-Obama Adviser Fact-Checks Fox Anchor on Keystone XL

House Passes $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

The Daily Show: Russia Shuts Power at Chernobyl & Saudi Arabia and UAE Refuse Biden's Calls For Gas

Judge's Election Nightmare Comes True: The MyPillow Guy Has Entered the Chat

Interesting article on the MiG-29, the plane Poland is offering to Ukraine ...

Special Report: Trump told Saudi: Cut oil supply or lose U.S. military support (2020)

Sail Away - David Gray

Military hubris defined.

Putin hits new low.

The Daily Show: The Women Vital to Ukraine's Resistance

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 11, 2022 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1970s Winners

I wonder how the Republican business leadership like autocracy now? Tweet

Admiral Stavridis: I believe the Polish fighter jets could help stop this

Ugh. 13 billion Ukraine funds passed BUT the RU oil ban is being played ...



Fox News chyron: "Liberals are sexually grooming elementary students"

Not drinking coffee I wouldn't have thought of this.

Florida Lawmakers Approve Elections Police Force

My favorite Tweet of the Night 🤣

How a Playground for the Rich Could Undermine Sanctions on Oligarchs

Just a nose count: Enter the action in UKR or not.

Sole Black MP In Ukrainian Parliament: 'We Don't Support Racism Here' - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Putin may re-open McDonald's in Russia by lifting trademark restrictions: report

Russia, Belarus squarely in 'default territory' on billions in debt -World Bank

WNBA's Brittney Griner Must Be Released By Russia Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says - The ReidOut - MSNBC

Wordle in 3 (shoulda been 2, but lousy guess)

Trump's Epitaph

1974 Chas. Koch 'Anti-Capitalism, Big Business, Powell Memo Did Not Go Far Enough': The 50 Yr Agenda

Seth Meyers: Boebert Compares Biden to "Prince John" as GOP Blames Biden for Gas Prices: A Closer Look

Bolsonaro suffers setback on bill to mine indigenous lands

Anyone who thinks that 4 years of having a fucking imbecile as President didn't lead us to this is a

Tweet of the Early Morning:

Remote indigenous Amazon tribe has lowest dementia rates in the world

Ex-Honduran national police chief wanted in US arrested

--- another one of my mind ramblings. Feel free to click on to something else because this one is

So it took the threat of WW3 to get people to question cheap gas?

Russia's invasion puts a new light on Trump's Ukraine pressure campaign

Both OCP Consumer Products and Weyland-Utani are now pulling out of Russia.

Conservative interim leader on Women's Day:

Ukrainian's Father In Russia Didn't Believe Him About Putin's War - The Last Word - MSNBC

How US redlining led to an air pollution crisis 100 years later

Russians bragging of their war crimes on phone calls back home.

Link to interactive map showing actions on the ground in Ukraine

The hidden billion- dollar cost of repeated police misconduct

Should Fighter Jets Be Supplied To Ukraine? Vindman And Lawrence Discuss - The Last Word - MSNBC


The Vote.

Watchdog Says Hate Groups Dip in Texas and U.S., but Far-Right Remains Threat to Democracy

Report: Former Kaufman County Judge Mike Myers Admits to Stealing Campaign Yard Signs in Forney

After Police Review, No Charges Filed Against Former Dallas Paramedic Who Kicked Mentally Ill Man

Every Local News Station when Gas Prices go up

pond behind daughter's house, river behind, 'tamed' by neighbor,

The Game of Love (Main / Radio Mix) (feat. Michelle Branch)

Wordle #264 3/10/22 and Wordle2 #101


Let's talk about reinforcements headed to Ukraine....

Too much scotch, too many tyrants, Ukraine, and the Declaration of Independence

Thursday A.M. Happy Mood Jazz & Bossa Nova For A Smooth Spring Morning Live

My Father Fought Against The Nazis In World War II

Ukrainian Police Evacuate Civilians From Combat Zone Near Kyiv - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Castroville police chief resigns following accusations he repeatedly used N-word during investigatio

Foreign Policy Experts Advocate 'Limited No-Fly Zone' As Humanitarian Outcry Grows - TRMS - Velshi

For how long has MSNBC been SkyNEWS tonight?

For Ukrainian Refugees, Hope For What's Ahead And Paid For What Is Left Behind - TRMS - Ali Velshi

And Chickens too?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Stop the lies

His grandchildren and cat survived

Someone's comment on YouTube:

Ukrainians Will Make A Russian Occupation Unsustainable: Yovanovitch - TRMS - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Harris lands in Poland amid turbulence over jets for Ukraine

'Hope dies last': Bosnian journalist hears echoes of Sarajevo in Ukraine.

Fala moment

Just for fun, Trumpy and his Bible holding stunt, a wee bit altered.

Uncanny predictions of Ukraine's war with Russia by former MP, April 2021, Worth the watch!

Uncanny predictions of Ukraine's war with Russia by former MP, April 2021, Worth the watch!

Oil Tycoon Sues Beto O'Rourke For Criticizing His Political Donations - Ring of Fire

THIS is my kind of Democrat. I will probably catch hell for this, but I am doing it anyway.

Official Website for the President of Ukraine

American anti-choice nuts celebrate Guatemala abortion law to put women in prison for 10 years

Leif Ove Andsnes plays Haydn Piano Concerto

By OPEC refusing to increase oil production to decrease rising prices,

Trump immediately loses his train of thought... asked about Ukraine, talks nonsense about windmills

Texas Democratic voter participation dipped in primaries, GOP voter turnout increased slightly

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/09/22

Stephen Colbert: Guest President Obama's ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul

Photo: A family of refugees from Kyiv carried their elderly dog 17 kilometers

The Beatles Defeated the Soviet USSR

Anonymous donor to pay Montgomery's $25K fine for violating Confederate monument law

Polar Bears Occupying an Abandoned Weather Station - Kolyuchin Island

After ceasefire talks fail, Lavrov tells the world Russia did not attack Ukraine

"No progress" toward cease-fire in high-level Russia-Ukraine talks after Russia accused of bombing

D.C. police officer's suicide after Jan. 6 riot declared line-of-duty death

Miami Herald Rips GOP's 'Terrifying Tolerance Of White Supremacy'

I just got a text last night from an old friend in Wisconsin and he is friends ...

This hypocritical mash up from Faux Noise: BLM vs. 'MuriKKKa's trucker convoy!

Alabama Constitution of 2022 will be on ballot for voters in November

Russia Absconds with $10bn in Aircraft in Response to EU Sanctions

NATO Must Prepare to Defend Its Weakest Point--the Suwalki Corridor

My God. This crater in the middle of the hospital buildings in Mariupol

Is Europe Travel Safe During Russia's Invasion of Ukraine?

Wordle 264 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

Thursday TOONs - Ukrainian Solidarity

Lawsuit seeks to stop group's door-to-door voter fraud hunt

Biden's Schedule for Thursday, March 10, 2022

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Teaser Trailer - Paramount+

Is there anybody here who gives a happy rat's ass what is said by any of the following:

Mississippi Moves Toward Reviving an Initiative Process

I can relate to this:

Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoes new Louisiana congressional map

Kyiv Independent: No result for Foreign Minister talks. Ukraine foreign minister press conference.

Is anyone watching Marie Yovanovitch (Fmr. Ambassador to Ukraine) on MJ? She is so smart but I'm

Rep Shontel Brown gives 5 exciting reasons for her YES Vote..

If Russia absconds with 10 billion dollars worth of aircraft, why is this airplanes to the Ukraine

Republicans Approve 'CRT' Bill Despite Opposition From All Black House Members

Please. Contact the White House....

Biden and the Dems need to start a campaign for ways The American people can help Ukraine,

Ford Fischer's videos of the truckers meeting with members of Congress

Five men arrested for 2012 killing of boxing great Hector "Macho" Camacho

Breakfast Thursday 10 March 2022

People adopted in Louisiana could get access to their birth certificates

The Conservative Entertainment Complex in a nutshell.

US Department of Labor announces plans to hire 100 investigators

Gotta start somewhere. Russian foreign intel body, GRU, referred to as "terrorist organization"


I enjoyed this little video

Oregon GOP Chair Quits Over 'Evil' In His Party

America cannot pick and choose when to follow international law

Garland says the Jan. 6 investigation won't end until everyone is held to account

Trump Begs Fans for Cash to Fund New 'Trump Force One' Plane

We're showing we're alive': the older Ukrainians running daily as war rages

4 years of Trump propaganda vs 20 years of Putin propaganda.

Miami Sea Level Up 6" In 25 Years - No Amount Of "Resilience" Is Going To Save Florida

Russian Billionaire's Superyacht Mysteriously Vanishes

EF 4 Tornado In Iowa In Early March "Very Unusual, Especially At That Magnitude"

Assistant principal fired after reading children's book to class

A former Soviet pilot's one-man campaign against Putin's war

Biden heeded Republicans' pleas to ban Russian oil. Then they pounced.

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/9/2022

Annals of diplomacy:

Art of the Week: Week of 3/9/22

The Rundown: March 10, 2022

Vice President Harris says US is 'prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory': Live Ukraine upd

Eastman: Pence should have broken the law, because the Capitol riot delayed debate over 2 hours

Full Circle: Record Heat Powers 29,000-Acre Florida Fire In Forests Killed By Hurricane Michael

The Russian people, who like the Trump voters, cannot recognize obvious propaganda.

It is interesting to hear Republicans criticize the January 6th investigation as "politically

UK Covid cases rising among those aged 55 and over

Climate Liar Anthony Watts Solicits Student Essays For $2,000, Doesn't Get A Single Entry

Inflation sets fresh 40-year high: February CPI rises 7.9% over last year

Eric Swalwell FTW

It's The F-List Awards, Recognizing Outstanding Achievements In Greenwashing And Climate Bullshit!

Narrative: Putin may get desperate enough to use chemical weapons. War Crime accountability?

Ukraine releases anti-tank attack footage from eastern outskirts of Kyiv

Anyone know when the televised hearings by the J-6 Committee will begin?

Jobless claims: Another 227,000 individuals filed new claims last week

China's promotion of Russian disinformation indicates where its loyalties lie

You raised $370.00 on March 9, 2022 for our DU tax deductible Ukraine fund raiser & new info

We not only WANT Ukraine to survive, we NEED Ukraine to WIN---to DEFEAT Putin.

CBC*: 'Teachers are helping Black history become part of everyday learning in schools.

Woman sues Jerry Jones--alleges Cowboys owner paid mother to conceal he was her biological father

Cowardice, Inertia, Lies - Lismore NSW Pays The Price For Morrison's Refusal To Engage W. Reality

Montana's Two National Embarassments

Russia, Ukraine Foreign Ministers Meet For High-Level Talks In Turkey

Boycott Amway...still doing business with Russia. See graft for the reasoning behind it.

Drought Monitor 3/8/22 - D0-D4 Drought Now Covering Roughly 2/3 Of Continential US

Russia Says Economic Situation Is Unprecedented

I used to enjoy Washington Journal (C-SPAN)

Bix Beiderbecke was born on this date.

Florence and The Machine - The Dog Days Are Over (live studio)

Ukraine's Rejection Of Russian Corruption Set Context For Putin's Invasion

Marian Hutton was born on this date.

Use Russian money to rebuild Ukraine, says Ukraine central bank governor

Jethro Burns was born on this date.

Zelenskyy Says He Believes Putin Will Negotiate

Fox getting it's propaganda directly from the kremlin

Norman Blake has a birthday today.

I've discovered the best way to keep cake from drying out.

Jayson Boebert: 2004 indecent exposure, public lewdness, four days jail-time, bonded out, probation.

Ukrainians Will Make A Russian Occupation Unsustainable: Yovanovitch

Stephen Miller sues to block January 6 committee's subpoena for his phone records

Russian tank regiment commander Andrei Zakharov, decorated by Putin, has been killed

Ronnie Earl has a birthday today.

Guardian: Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance found - in pictures March 9. 2022

Some very funny signs at link below..Warning: it's addictive..

US Border Patrol finds dozens of snakes and reptiles in man's outfit

Former CDC directors: Coordinating our nation's health data will save lives

Daily Distraction 10/3/22

Exposure to wildfire smoke altered DNA structure in monkeys

Biden should not be blamed for higher gas prices. It is an error to conflate Biden's policies

Shoutout to great DUer hatrack for everything they do to keep us aware of

House approves ban on Russian oil to US, bolstering Biden

Human Rights Campaign refuses donation from Disney until 'meaningful action' is taken against 'Don't

What do you think is the best military strategy against Russia in Ukraine?

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock'n'Roll (But I Like It)

Sovcomflot's Tankers Find Refuge in the Bahamas Amid Growing Sanctions

Ali Velshi Calls Out Trump: Ukraine Needed An Ally. Instead They Got Donald Trump

Blairsville, Pa, woman to serve 3 years in prison for defrauding employer

Marine Insurers Widen High-risk Area as Ukraine Conflict Escalates

As Ukraine Evacuates Trapped Seafarers, Foreign Mariners Count Cost of War

The earth is running out of oil. Why is this not the top story every day, all the time?

Feeling Good

Austal Launches Second Evolved Cape-class Patrol Boat

Kamala Harris says Russia should 'absolutely' be investigated for war crimes in Ukraine

Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump

Putin's buddy Alexander Ovechkin gets booed in Edmonton. Navalny would be proud.

Irish mortgage rates see biggest rise in five years

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Explains What Will Happen Next In Ukraine

Judge rules against Trump lawyer John Eastman in dispute with Jan. 6 investigators M

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- March 10, 2022

Russia Doesn't Train Troops for Urban Warfare. It's About to Learn the Consequences in Ukraine.

The crazy talk of moral war needs to stop.

Trump's PAC is fundraising for a new 'Trump Force One' jet

Training for war at the Army War College

TLP's latest: President Biden Has America's Back. Do You Have His?

Roger Stone's potential Jan. 6 swan song -- and what it means for Trump

OK, explain to me why this isn't possible? On Morning Joe, someone said that if Finland and

Paris court declines to drop rape charges against Depardieu

Frump is coming out in support of Russia over Ukraine

Russia says China refuses to supply aircraft parts after sanctions

Russian Tanks Come Under Attack in Kyiv Suburbs

Bad Company - Shooting Star (studio version + live at Wembley, 2010)

Raskin's Nomination Takes a Hit as Manchin Backs Separate Fed Votes - (Bloomberg)

Russia shifts stance on hospital bombing condemned around the world

CIA releases photo of so-called 'Ghost of Moscow' who took down Russian economy in one week

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Attempt to Sue Nancy Pelosi Dismissed by Judge

Not a nickel's worth!

How the letter "Z" became Russia's pro-war symbol

"I Watched Russian TV So You Don't Have To"

If you're not already following it, do yourself a favor; drop in on the CivMilAir Twitter account.

Adam Kinzinger: Good morning to the #Ukraine Wolverines!

Mykolaiv: Invading Russians will be dog food, says city's general

How Vladimir Putin Lost Interest in the Present

Soon, the Russian ruble will be worth as much as a degree from Trump University.

Can we please recognize the ICC now, so Putin can be prosecuted?

Weird thing about having an Entenmann's cake in the house

this is adolescent humor at it's best.

California wants to use electric cars to back up the power grid


Am I being a pain?

Today in the IA Senate: Republicans pass SF 2309 to legalize sale of unregulated raw milk

The AFL-CIO is organizing a Joint Action Petition


What happens now for people who never got COVID?

Experts: How to impose internet sanctions on Russia

Former NATO Secretary General Fogh: Full on war with Russia!

This is for those who own a MAGA cap or "Stop the Steal" tee shirt. Please sit down

I have felt increasingly anxious the past few weeks.

In L.A.'s election, Ukraine and the role of NATO emerge as campaign issues

Some of dis and Some of dat

Anniversaries and Posting Milestones (March 10, 2022)

Alexander Vindman, "You (SteveScalise*) were complicit in inviting Russia's war on Ukraine."

Updating the never ending saga of my wife and my travels through immigration

It's been twelve years now! I don't think I'm

Amazon cancels Russia...halts retail shipments, Amazon Prime and AWS Cloud services...

Doctors learned how to save premature infants' lives. They forgot about pain.

Homemade Frybread Apple Fritters Recipe (video)

Why it costs money to get your own money

Red Phone - The Lincoln Project

I did Nazi see that coming.

Is Vladimir Carson dishing out straight Russian propaganda on his Fox program?

How bad are things in Mariupol?

After what we went through with the recall of Governor Newsom, one would think the Democrats

Rep Brown's 5 exciting reasons for her YES Vote on spending bill

Can someone help me here?? Mariupol is being destroyed.. lack of food water etc.. Can the UN

The Grown-Ups Are Losing It

Seven more oligarchs sanctioned, and they're big ones: Abramovich, Deripaska and Sechin.

As far as my anxieties go, the California drought has Ukraine beat

WTF ? Pence and mother in Ukraine.

How Western Firms Quietly Enabled Russian Oligarchs

The FlyLady cleaning method is huge on TikTok. What is it?

Goldman Sachs becomes the first major Wall Street bank to cut ties with Russia since the invasion of

Going Negative on Inflation. A magic cure for inflation is not coming, so time for Plan B

Aid workers describe 'apocalyptic' scenes in Mariupol, a Ukrainian city under siege

Sidney Powell Has Secretly Been Funding The Legal Defense Of The Oath Keepers

Winning the Lottery in Ukraine

Goldman Sachs is the 1st major Wall Street bank to pull out of Russia

Want to Understand the Red-State Onslaught? Look at Florida.

Just had a nice surprise. I have caller ID and my first call this morning popped up as SPAM?

Putin has overestimated his ability to use cryptocurrency to bypass sanctions; US has intercepted an

TSA to extend mask mandate for planes, public transportation until April 18

I'm wondering, since holding trump and those

About Tucker Carlson spouting Russian propaganda last night

Ancient Ten-Armed Octopus Relative Named for Joe Biden

United Airlines will let unvaccinated employees return to their jobs this month

Sen. Cruz rides with 'People's Convoy' truck to D.C. as Beltway protest enters fourth day

US Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Zelensky a 'thug'

It's not Dementia or Memory! He's Projecting for his Oil Barrons! He has a loan due!

Ukrainians deliver message to Russia with submission in stamp design contest

Troopers Investigating Hate Crime In Washington County

DiCaprio donates to Ukraine, but earlier reports false

The Old Oaken Bucket

In rebuke to Brian Sims, Pa. LGBTQ leaders back his straight opponent

Sen. Cruz rides with 'People's Convoy' truck to D.C. as Beltway protest enters fourth day

In rebuke to Brian Sims, Pa. LGBTQ leaders back his straight opponent

Ahh, yes, I remember it well...

A couple of songs from Envy of None.

US Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Ukrainian president a 'thug'

Putin rejected every U.S. off-ramp in Ukraine conflict, Blinken says

Sergei Lavrov: Family Man!

US to ease nationwide mask mandate on planes, buses, transit

What's more deadly, cancer or dealing with insurance companies?

Oregon GOP Chair Quits Over 'Wickedness' And 'Communist Psychological Warfare Tactics' Within His Pa

Ruber Gallego on Madison Cawthorn, who just called Zelensky a "thug"

House passes ban on Russian oil, natural gas and coal

U.S. Census undercounted Black people, Latinos, Native Americans, officials say

Incoming Russian convoy got smashed at eastern entrance of Kyiv

Putin moves to seize property of companies that leave Russia

Trump lawyer knew plan to delay Biden certification was unlawful, emails show

Ted Cruz visits 'People's Convoy' protesters, rides shotgun in semi

Photo: 24 babies have been born in Mariupol since yesterday.

I stopped for gas this morning.

Ted Cruz visits 'People's Convoy' protesters, rides shotgun in semi

Virginia lawmakers vote to end ban on Sunday hunting * WTOP News

Is It Cheating To Use A Dictionary When Doing Wordle?....

Russia says China refuses to supply aircraft parts after sanctions

How Powerful is Javelin Anti-Tank Missile?

Ukrainian embassy draws US citizens seeking to fight in war

This isn't meant to be a slap at anyone, that isn't my intention,

" Remember the recently detained Yelena Osipova, who survived the siege of Leningrad? She's back":

Mask mandate extended for airline flights and on public transportation until April 18

We shall pay any price!

United on Ukraine, EU tackles the devil in details at summit

Aww! That poor widdle twucker!

"Threat to Civil Aviation?"

This trucker is live streaming from his truck on YouTube

Why Putin Can't Win the Propaganda War at Home

President Zelenskyy: Thanks to our defenders, Ukrainians have not become slaves and will never...

We did not want this war. We denied its existence. But now Democrats have a model for fighting.

TFG supporter is mad at Mike Luckovich for being mean to TFG

Pence visits Ukraine border in Poland

Ukrainian children fleeing war without their parents (CNN)

After Ukraine, Europe wonders who's next Russian target

I wonder how many stories the MSM would still be writing if Dems had teamed up with a Russian Spy

More than just one hospital was bombed.

There may be a new COVID variant, Deltacron. Here's what we know about it.

McCain Foods scraps plans for Russian plant

House voted to ban the import of Russian oil even though Biden already banned it by executive order

Yep, bad news is ...SLOWLY ... starting to hit informed Russians ... slowly

Junior claims his daddy was using psychological warfare on Kim Jong Un and Putin:

Legislature gives DeSantis new election police to target voter fraud in Florida

Giant Senior Rescue Horse Finds The Perfect Girlfriend

Inflation or "corporate greed"? Meat prices increased by double digits during pandemic

Trucker with 'People's Convoy' riding behind Ted Cruz says "birds are flying everywhere"

NOT THE ONION: Trump's PAC is fundraising for a new 'Trump Force One' jet...

Puppy Who Couldn't Stop Crying At The Shelter Is So Happy In Her Forever Home

Donald Trump Jr. says his father only praised Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping in order t

Even Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War

Former Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels looks to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar

Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt's brother charged with hate crime and battery

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Marche slave, Op. 31

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Marche slave, Op. 31

Actual photo of Trump Force One's emergency landing after experiencing engine failure.

Repugh Congressman calls Ukraine president a "thug"

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Where's Sasha???

Moscow, July 4th, 2018

2020 Census Undercounted U.S. Population by Nearly 19 Million

Photo: OTD in 1945 Two US Army Soldiers prepare special Easter Eggs for Adolf Hitler

Flashback: Spring 2020 - Donnie extorts Saudia Arabia to cut oil production

Russian Commander Killed as Tank Convoy Ambushed, Drone Footage Shows

Republicans Wrongly Blame Biden for Rising Gas Prices (Fact check by NYT)

Steve Winwood - Walking On (Live at PBS Soundstage 2005)

Mt. Hood rescue: Oregon crews find 1 climber dead and another seriously injured after avalanches del

Screen on my phone suddenly changed

Analysis-Oil shock is coming, but U.S. may have already paid for it

Doesn't this seem like it is too good to be true?

A lousy, cruel way to die. My wife barely escaped. Our friend's son did not.

A pregnant woman is being evacuated after the Russian airstrike at the maternity hospital.

There will be a purge of all Districts reporting only 100%

Russian TV Station Proclaims 'No To War,' Plays 'Swan Lake' Before Going Dark.

U.S. Spy Chiefs Reject Russia's Claims of Ukraine Bioweapons

NC mom says Black students 'sold' at school 'slave auction.'

FBI agent: Suspects in Whitmer kidnapping plot arrested over 'real concern' they might obtain explos

The Strawbs - Part Of The Union (Top of the Pops, 1973 - huge pro-union hit in the UK)

Pooty Poot says Russia will emerge from sanctions stronger

Peace talks in Turkey

Three day turnaround -- AMAZING!

Who loves mentioning higher gas prices more?

Today's Image Dump (3/10/22)

Thursday's history lesson, 7/5/18

Fund the police? U.S. Police Have So Much Extra Gear They're Sending It to Ukraine

Russia condemned over deadly Mariupol children's hospital bombing as WHO highlights pattern of

Best Jen Psaki Response to Right Wing Journalist Ever!!

Massive bursts of methane plumes occur all over the U.S. with little explanation as to why

Democratic US Senators up for re-election in 2024 likely to retire or face a tough race.

Colorado MAGAt clerk is indicted for election tampering and misconduct

family moves from Los Angeles to tiny rural town, excitement gives way to boredom

I followed DUer LeftStreet's advice from my earlier thread about reuniting with my wife

So, what is the process of charging someone with a war crime?

In the hospital

A mom who invited Texas AG Ken Paxton to meet her transgender son is being investigated

Marsh & McClennon exits Russia

Nurses are waiting months for licenses as hospital staffing shortages spread

When did Russell Brand turn into a kook?

Clivia in Bloom

New Covid fraud prosecutor steps up effort to convict people who stole billions in relief benefits

VP Harris speaks in Poland. Announces delivery of Patriot missile batteries

A Billionaire Is Suing Beto, What Comes Next?

A Billionaire Is Suing Beto, What Comes Next?

Is It Cake? - Official Trailer - Netflix

The D.C. government has more than 500 job vacancies--and Mayor Muriel Bowser is pushing to fill them.

IRS audits the poor at 5 times the rate of everyone else, analysis finds

White House warns Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine, rejects false 'conspiracy' of biolab

(Jewish Group) Iranian media slanders Zelensky with antisemitic article

Pointlessly driving in circles, the so-called "Freedom Convoy" fails to make points or block traffic

Russia's Economic Blackout Will Change the World

What America did you grow up in?

cane vs cane: disabled 45 year old man robs 91 year old disabled man in Brooklyn (arrested!)

Should Ukraine be invited to join NATO?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Russia's Potemkin Village military....

At 91, siege of Leningrad survivor is besieged by war again

Can't help but wonder if "inflation" is really war profiteering in disguise. Just saying....

To Solve Long-Term Inflation, America Needs More Babies and Immigrants - TIME

Calling Zelenskyy a "thug" and saying human rights is a code word for "Marxism" isn't normal

Bodycam shows 'Black Panther' director detained on suspicion of robbery (CNN)

'They were shooting civilians': Ukraine refugees saw abuses

Madison Cawthorn Calls Zelensky a 'Thug'

Russians keep pressure on Mariupol after hospital attack

Daily touch of France - Thursday edition - Breaking wave.

Apparently, most Russians have been infected with a virus that causes them to

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism Uncovered Video: Myth of Power

Antisemitism Uncovered Video: Myth of Power

War in Ukraine will cripple global food markets

Cartoons 3/10/2022

Twitter removes tweets by Russian Embassy in United Kingdom for denying 'violent events' in Ukraine

One of truckers yells out, "Ted Cruz sucks!" as he is giving his speech.

UK lowers the sanction boom on Chelsea's (soccer) Abramovich

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have reached a tentative agreement

We're back baby!

Antisemitic Idaho Republicans attempt to take over local Democratic party

Gregg Allman - Multi-Colored Lady (1973)

Yoon heralds tough stance on N. Korea as Pyongyang threatens to cross 'red line'

Uh oh DU. We have a time traveler in our midst 😳

A Fox News reporter's schooling of Sean Hannity veers into dark territory

Chornobyl worker's daughter on what is going on inside:

Antisemitic Idaho Republicans attempt to take over local Democratic party

tiedrich on what trump gets away with, including praising "baby-bombing bestie Putin"

Feds press Monroe company to stop selling unsanitary seafood

Baseball is back: MLB, players agree on new CBA to salvage 162-game 2022 season

Dems push through sweeping $17B state transportation package

'Birds flying everywhere!' Convoy trucker...complains about...drivers giving him the middle finger

Virtual Bank Loans TFG $100M After Firm Warned of 'Unreliable' Finances

Ryan Coogler had ID AND bank card with him when BOA called police.

MLB, union reach tentative agreement on new CBA, salvage 162-game season

Fun! Daycare doggies racing out to the big play yard:

Harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar debuts somber album 'Never Forget'

Prosecutors Resigned Because DA Wouldn't Indict Trump - David Pakman

Harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar debuts somber album 'Never Forget'

Your Afternoon Animal Fix

"Biolabs" is a horribly ambiguous term and RW media, QAnon fell for it hook, line, and sinker

Several South Sound motels to be converted to affordable housing

One of these goats is not like the others:

THE LETTER: Joe Cocker, Leon Russell - Live, Mad Dogs & Englishmen: Joe Cocker & Belushi, SNL

Young Ukrainian dancers, trapped abroad, get Paris residency

More Trump plane troubles

If Republicans Really Cared About High Gas Prices They Have The Power to Change Them


***The Winter Contest is now open for a Second Submission***

McDonald's didn't just close 850 restaurants in Russia - it froze a whole 30-year investment

Kremlin defends bombing hospital

John Bolton, 'Putin saw Trump doing a lot of his work for him,' so he chose not to invade Ukra

US Senate seats up in 2022 that the Democrats will win easily.

It's 50 degrees and sunny in Ohio today. We have 5-7"

Mike Pence tries to separate himself from Donald Trump as both eye 2024

Beating a horse I hope is not dead. What is the difference between . . . . .

This is why we can't have nice things.

WTF Scotland

Cats with jobs

Be More Like Al

Florida GOP lawmakers pass bill to limit discussion of race

Officials say a new juvenile lockup was 'born of necessity.' Experts call it 'child abuse.'

BREAKING: Ukraine deploys special forces

"racist double standards in Western media coverage of Ukrainians fleeing Russia's invasion ":

Re: Trump soliciting donations for a new airplane

Dammit, I forgot which one I left my key under (Twitter)

Official Season 6 Trailer - Better Call Saul - The Final Season - Starts 4/18/2022

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 March 2022

Nuclear disarmament needs to be a condition for ending sanctions

Shackles and Solitary: Inside Louisiana's Harshest Juvenile Lockup

Horses rolling in the sand on the beach:

(Jewish Group) 'Advancement of ... anti-Semitism'? Error in U of Michigan diversity officer's email

(Jewish Group) Their country suddenly a pariah, Jews look for ways to leave Russia

Appropriately colored macaw raises the Ukrainian flag:

Disney censors same-sex affection in Pixar films, according to letter from employees

Wisconsin justices wrangle with case of appointed official refusing to leave his seat

Driver Who Killed Three Siblings ... Gets Early Release from Prison

(Jewish Group) 'Jewish soup' is keeping soldiers and refugees warm at the Romanian-Ukrainian border

The hypocrisy is astonishing....

Flynn takes the Fifth

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Putin banning words and what we can learn....

TN GOP senate confirms Aurora shooting ammo dealer to education board

This woman has a voice like a 50-pound brass bell

Russian foreign minister falsely claims that it didn't invade Ukraine

A blast-stressed elephant and an abandoned lemur: The war within Kyiv's zoo

Judge orders Speaker Robin Vos to produce deleted emails

Family pets, zoo animals taken to safety from Ukraine

Baby trying to make friends with his shadow:

Slouching Toward the Big Lie in Ohio

The US Pentagon had another briefing on Russia's invasion of Ukraine today that happened off camera.

Family pets, zoo animals taken to safety from Ukraine

US conducting 'legal review' of possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine

(Jewish Group) NYC grapples with sharp rise in hate crimes targeting Jewish people

For What It's Worth & Mr. Soul, Medley - Buffalo Springfield

After weeks in Russian custody, questions remain on Brittney Griner's whereabouts

TN State Rep implies teachers are leaving the profession because they can't hit kids

Police Bodycam Footage Shows "Black Panther" Director Ryan Coogler Being Mistakenly Detained

At this rate, Russia is going to change stories on why they bombed that hospital more

Madison Cawthorn Calls Ukrainian President Zelenskyy A 'Thug'

Trump lawyer knew plan to delay Biden certification was unlawful, emails show

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 10, 2022

Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., called President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine a "thug"

Column of tanks drove close by the river and all got stuck in the mud

Buildings That Look Unique And Cool

South Dakota AG impeachment committee meets amid new claims

Outside the West, Putin is less isolated than you might think

'Trump Will Be Charged,' Kirschner Concludes After AG Garland's Remarks

How to end the war in Ukraine? Tell Putin he can have Texas and Florida if he leaves Ukraine.

About those skydiving spiders....

Is Putrid starting withdraw process?

Tucker Carlson comments could hurt Fox News in election defamation lawsuit, judge says

Another one of those guilty people pleaded the fifth today!

Captured Russian soldiers: We will be 'dead' if we are sent back home

Sen. Lisa Murkowski Is Now Conflicted On How She'll Vote For SCOTUS Nominee

Heh. Snowflake Convoy Pickup Driver complains about people flipping him off on the Beltway.

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project - Eye In The Sky (live)

New England fishermen reel in 12,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth

"The Horror" Graphic: If you don't recognise these tactics, then you haven't been paying attention.

Woman Who Survived Brutal WW2 Nazi Siege of Leningrad As Girl, Trapped In Kharkiv, Ukraine

South Carolina Senate OKs call for constitutional convention

War map for Ukraine



IRS Plans to Hire 10,000 New Workers

My wife, who rarely gets political or discusses international affairs, made a rather astute comment:

Anonymous delivers...

One of my favorite movies, Oz The Great And Powerful is just starting here on my

US officially designates Qatar as a major non-NATO ally

Ukrainian no-fly zone would end war quicker, says Polish ambassador

Facebook Will Allow Calls for Violence Against Russians


Russia's reengagement with Africa pays off

The real reason the feds haven't indicted Trump

"The Dropout" on Hulu

Russia in default....

"Echoes From Odessa, the Onetime Jewish Metropolis Now Menaced by Putin"..(subscribe)

Does anyone have a link to the 1/6 page with the photos of people that

Tweet of the Day

Cyber nimrods complain about paying fines for not releasing public documents which

Cyber Ninjas complain to court about $2 million in fines for concealing public documents: report

After they condemned the 'Don't Say Gay' law, Desantis attacks Disney

I know it doesn't really fall into what we consider important at the moment, but

And he wants to be elected in 24....INSANITY

McFaul: "The Ukrainians will never give up"

Right Wing Trucker Convoy Gets Defeated By Regular DC Traffic

Tubby McOrange is furious about the stumbling launch of his social media app, Truth Social

Anne Applebaum's "Rd Famine:Stalin's War on Ukraine" is back in stock, on Amazon and everywhere else

What do young Russians think of Putin, today (Stills/Video)

The Church Says The Earth Is Flat

Ted Cruz complains about gas prices, then joins trucker convoy.

Ghost Of Moscow

TX facility to care for victims of sex trafficking was discovered sex trafficking the same children

Siege of Leningrad vs siege of Ukraine

Classic hollywood:

The Ukrainian Military Is Outperforming The Russians, But How Will It End? - Deadline - MSNBC

Couple Finds Out They're Fostering A Pregnant, Deaf Mama Dog

Jen Psaki schools cognitive-dissonant Doocy: Ask oil companies to justify their failure.

Tiedrich Tweet:

Psaki gave best response to a question on Right-Wing Rep. Cawthorn's claim Ukraine's Prez's a thug

Putin's Road to War: Journalist Julia Ioffe (interview) - FRONTLINE

Police are sending unused body armor and equipment to help Ukraine fighters

Hmmmm....I was just looking at Formula 1's schedule, and there's a race missing!

Sunset, southern MD

UK imposes sanctions on Roman Abramovich over 'clear' links to Putin

U.S. Census undercounted Latinos, Black people and Native Americans

I gotta say, I hold up my middle finger at the TV...

Russian Tank Unit Decimated

Colin Kaepernick STILL working out in hopes of an NFL return

*All 133* Superintendents in Va. Slams Youngkin's Assault on Equity, Demands End of "Tip Line"

Trump Jr. says father only praised Putin, Xi to 'play' them


'Putin Won't Stop Unless The World Stops Him' Says Ukrainian Parliament Member - Deadline - MSNBC

I heard the fighting foreign volunteers...

America has found a new secret weapon in Russia - the "Big Mac".

American fighting volunteers...

Prosecutor seeks incarceration, restitution for Smollett

(Heavy propaganda but still) "Even Russian State TV Is Pleading With Putin to Stop the War"

Senator Angus King telling the truth about oil production & prices