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Kari Lake needs an intervention. Seriously, she needs help.


The big takeaway from DeSantis' DeBacle yesterday.

His campaign staff are rank amateurs, not ready for the big leagues. The primary job for any presidential campaign staff is to put your candidate in the best possible situations. You have to ensure that major events like a kickoff announcement go off without a hitch. The whole thing should have been worked out in advance. Any sliver of a doubt about the set up means scratch it and go with an alternative plan.

Now, it could've been possible that DeSantis insisted on doing this above the objections of his staff, but that shows that he has no faith in his staff or that his staff has no way to influence him. If that is true, then that means that he's going to run a national campaign against Trump pretty much by himself which is just more disasters waiting to happen.

We can safely assume that there are no Jim Bakers or James Carvilles or David Axlerods or David Plouffes or Jen O'Malley Dillons around him.

Is it time to call Elon Musk a fraud?

The excuses from his fanboys over that terrible episode with the DeSantis launch are laughable. It's not bleeding edge tech here. It's fairly standard tech that has to be planned out and scaled. Twitch and YouTube do it every day all over the world. For Twitter to break down like that shows that he's not the tech genius that the biased corporate media wants us to believe.

Maybe without those govt. subsidies, he is this

Neighborhood watch fully activated and on duty

Do you ever wish that you majored in something different in college?

I do all of the time. I wish that I had majored in computer science and art history. I really regret not majoring in either.

Cat reverses role with human

Too slow human. Gotta be faster than that.


My proposed solution to the academic cheating with Chat GPT

Since Chat GPT, and other applications like it, are here to stay. Here's my proposal for higher academia to leverage the technology. (No, I didn't ask Chat GPT for help.)

1. Assign an essay or a research paper.

2. Read the papers into a university's own AI tool.

3. Assign a personalized in-class exam based on the student's paper submitted in step 1. The exam would be a series of questions asking the student to further explain and expound on points made in the submitted paper.

This would force the student to demonstrate that they understand and know the material. If they cannot answer questions based on their own submitted papers, then it's an automatic fail.

Fruit Rollups and Ice Cream

We have a migrant crisis because we have massive labor shortages

Migrants are coming here because there's work for them. Plenty of work in agriculture and meat packing especially. They're being lured here by employers.

Hatred of migrant workers is being used politically by the Republicans to win favor with White working class voters, but notice not a one of them are calling for criminal sanctions against employers who hire these migrants. Not a one.

I just want one journalist to ask a Republican if they want to criminally charge employers and sanction them for hiring migrants. Instead of pandering to the Republican base. Do your job as journalists and ask them this question.

This country runs on undocumented, migrant workers. Without them, our economy would collapse. There would literally not be any food on the shelves at the grocery store. The entire travel and leisure industry would collapse.

In the 80s when video stores were a thing, the major studios didn't start their own stores

and stock each store with only their licensed shows and movies. There wasn't a Disney video store and Paramount store and a Warner Brothers store...etc.

All the studios licensed their movies to Blockbuster, Tower, or some other random video store. You could visit one or two stores and find what you needed.

I think that the rush to each studio starting their own streaming service was a mistake.
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