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Member since: 2001
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To all those upset at the SCOTUS today....

Remember this day when you read on DU that "there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats". Just remember today.

George Lucas ties the knot. Bill Moyers Officiated the Wedding, and Bill Bradley escorted the bride.

Like a Liberal fantasy wedding:


So, I went to my local Starbucks and this woman is in front of me

On edit: a more forum friendly pic

For argument's sake, let's say Obama closed Gitmo, ended the drone program, ended the NSA program

and the terrorist attack in Boston occurs or some other terrorist attack occurs.

What do you think the political fall out would be for Obama and the Democratic party?

Any sane person knows that these are completely unrelated events, but I've lived through the Ronald "tough on defense" Reagan years, and I've lived through 2002-2004 where the Republicans gained control of our government based solely on 9/11. The Republicans would demagouge this issue and keep the Dems out of power for decades.

Yes, you can stand on principle and lose elections to the Republicans who would not only maintain the drone and NSA programs but would go much farther with actual invasions of other countries.

Rand Paul is an idiot, and so are his immature followers.

You cannot call yourself a Liberal and support Rand Paul.

Why do we have 5 branches of the military?

At most we should have two: Army and Navy. Won't two branches work just as well?

Portland, Oregon DUers, I am coming to your beautiful city next week

I will be there for 4 days. What should I see? Where should I go?

Snowden would have never gotten that job at Booz Allen if he wasn't a White Male

This is not about his leaking information. This is about a guy getting a very well paying job in IT with only a GED.

If you're an African American, Hispanic, woman, or anything else, good luck getting that position with only a GED.

Dog Butt Looks Like Jesus Christ In A Robe (PHOTO)



The internet is officially over.

We live in a binary political system. If the Dems lose, the Republicans win.

And that's why so many DUers rally and close ranks behind Obama/Hillary/Biden etc. It's not that we're apologists or sychophants or whatever derisive name that you can conjure. No, it's that we know who and what the alternative is.

The alternative is ultrasound legislation, restricted access to health insurance, denial of citizenship rights for the GLBT community, denial of voting rights for the poor, denial of Medicare for the elderly, more tax breaks for the 1%, deregulation of Wall Street, and more war in the Middle East.

So my humble suggestion to my fellow DUers is stop attacking those who are supportive of Obama. Instead, do the hard work of building a political consensus for a third party. Organize and elicit public support for your party and your candidates. Build a real party from the grassroots. Give people a real choice out of our binary political system.

Until that happens, lay off the name calling of your fellow DUers.

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