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Vetting Bernie Sanders

In the 1970s, Sanders became involved with the Liberty Union, an anti-war political party in Vermont. In 1971, Sanders’ platform involved the legalization of all drugs, while in the following year he wrote in an op-ed that Congress should “institute public ownership, with worker control, of the major means of production.” Several years later, in 1976, Sanders told the Bennington Banner that a “sane society” required that “capital has to be controlled by the people.”

Sanders also served as a presidential elector for the Socialist Workers’ Party in 1980, something that he acknowledged in a 1988 television appearance. The group at the time was a Trotskyist party that pressed for the abolition of capitalism and the peaceful establishment of socialism.


The consumer side of global trade agreements

It's strange that no one seems to mention nor consider the consumer side of global trade agreements. That computer you're typing on. That smart phone in your pocket. Your shirt, pants, shoes that you're wearing. That flat screen in your living room. That Prius, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai that you drive.

All of these things and more are made more affordable courtesy of global trade agreements. Consumers, on a collective level, demanded lower prices for goods and services, and the market has responded to your requests.

Imposing protectionist policies means higher prices for those goods and services which will bring less overall demand and consequently less jobs.

For example, Carrier moved its plant because it has to keep their prices in line with their competitors who can make the same unit at lower costs. If Carrier doesn't move, they won't be able to compete and will go out of business.

If you want high quality, cutting edge goods, and services at low costs, then you have to be open to global competition.

With globalization, many air conditioning manufacturers are expanding and merging to become big corporations that give them an edge over their competitors. Competition in the manufacturing of HVAC equipment have forced these companies to reduce their manufacturing cost, procurement of parts, services and hence bringing profit to the shareholders.

Carrier Corporation, a U.S. company named after Willis Carrier is still the top HVAC company. It is a $13.5 billion manufacturing company and has over 43,000 employees in 170 countries. The Japanese companies such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba and Sanyo are also global companies. LG and Samsung from South Korea are aggressive in making competitively priced unitary products. The Chinese companies Haier, Midea and GREE produces 50% of the world HVAC & Refrigeration products.


A Trump presidency would bring about a revolution and a progressive utopia?

Do some here actually believe that? We'll have to endure 4 years of sheer hell and then be saved by Elizabeth Warren in 2020? Is that what some of you think?

If you're registered as an Independent, then you have no right to complain about the Dem party

If you're not a member of the party, then you cannot complain about the order of the primaries, the caucuses, the Super Delegates, the debate schedule, NOTHING. You're not a member of the party, then you cannot complain about the rules of the party.

The Dem party is designed to service those who are members of the party. Those who have put in the time and effort to build it. You didn't want to be a part of that process, so now you want to file list of complaints? That's absurd.

--On edit--

For those who disagree, if you were in a union, paid your dues, attend meetings, etc., you would be okay with someone outside of the union having a voice on what your union should and should not do, and who gets to lead the union?

Given all of the updsets in the tournament, was the seeding off?

Or is there just more parity in the NCCA mens bracket?


Yesterday, Bernie won a grand total of 230,000 votes across three states --EDITED

So, I have edited my post to include the updated attendance totals for each state from Saturday. There were a total of 286,564 votes cast. Bernie won on average of 80% of the vote in each state to give him 230,000 votes yesterday.

As a contrast, Hillary won over 1 million votes in Florida alone.

My point still stands. This is his HUUUUGGGEEE momentum? 230,000 votes in total across 3 states????

Total Turnout
WA: 244,548
HI: 32,000
AK: 10,016

Democrats likely set caucus attendance record

Democratic officials in Hawaii said that more than 32,000 votes were cast.




Bernie won 43,150 total votes from yesterday

This is his big momentum?

Bernie Sanders has not been vetted. Not a single hard negative ad has ever been run against him.

That's why he polls so well against the Republicans. At one point in 1988, Mike Dukakis was out-polling George H.W. Bush, and then they started in on him.

Conversely, Hillary has been vetted since 1992.

Why are polls showing Bernie doing well a good thing but the actual votes and delegates

including the Super delegates where Hillary is leading a bad thing?

President Obama was right to continue his Cuba trip

Dropping everything to respond to every terrorist attack sends the wrong message to the terrorists. What they want is to control our behavior and actions through mass violence. Ending a historic event enables and encourages them to do more of it.
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