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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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Bojack Horseman: Generic Pop Songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2007

Trump Tweet Asks - "Delay the election"?


Trump whines about Twitter.

How are Twitter trends illegal? I'm not a lawyer. Can someone explain how it's "illegal"?


Texas joins the 400K cases club along with NY, CA, and FLA


Temporary UBI monthly payment of $1500 for all Americans for two years

If your income in a year exceeds $90K, then you will have to pay it back in taxes.

But won't this dis-incentivize people from working? No. If you work, you get both. Your normal salary and your UBI. Also, given that this virus is still raging out of control, it would be better for our public health if more people stayed home.


Florida joins the 400K covid-19 total cases club.

along with NY and CA.


My advice to the Democrats if they take control of the Federal government in January.

Dear Democrats,

Should you take complete control of the Federal government in January, you need to act as if you are the sole national party of the U.S. What does that mean? Right now, all Americans are in some stage of crisis, either ill from the disease, unemployed, and/or have no means to send their children to school. What's the Republican response? Nothing. The Republicans have completely abdicated their responsibility to govern this nation. They simply do not care about the people they are supposed to lead.

That means that you have to act unilaterally to address this emergency. Do not seek out bi-partisan support. If you have to kill the filibuster to get help to the American people. Do it. Do not hesitate. Do not concern yourself with budget deficits. If a foreign army had invaded the U.S. and killed 150,000 Americans, we would be writing blank checks to our military. This is the same situation.

Think big to find solutions to this crisis.

Ok. I am now convinced that Trump is supplying Sarah Cooper with material.

I said this yesterday that Trump must be working with YouTube comedian, Sarah Cooper. Well, Sarah has new video, and I laughed out loud:

Is there a source that informs you about daily covid-19 test results, Pct of positive results,

No. of tested
No. of hospitalized
Availability of ICU beds
Location of people who tested positive

One centralized location for all of these details would give people an idea of the current state of the virus so that they can take proper measures. For example, if the pct of positive results are rising daily, maybe people don't go to the grocery store and order in that day/week.

Michael Brooks, political commentator and podcast host, dies at 36

He was Sam Seder's co-host on The Majority Report and had his own show, "The Michael Brooks Show". He was a tried and true leftist, and he was funny as hell. He will be missed.

Michael Brooks, a progressive political commentator and co-host of the "Majority Report" podcast, died of a "sudden medical condition," the show announced on Twitter Monday. He was 36.

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the unexpected passing of Michael Brooks: a son, brother, friend, and true comrade to so many," Brooks' colleagues tweeted. The statement didn't offer details about the medical condition.

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