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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
October 4, 2012

Chill Out. That "Debate" Will Not Make Americans Fall in Love With Mitt Romney

President Obama showed dignity and grace last night, something required when you hold the highest office in the land.

President Obama did not make a single mistake.

President Obama was resolute when required without theatrics. He was what Americans like about him: No drama Obama.

President Obama did not let any of Mitt's newly "invented" positions slip by without a challenge.

And here's the bottom line, which is all that matters:

Seniors are not going to suddenly now trust Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan with their Medicare and Social Security because of a debate. Ain't gonna happen. They are on to him.

Women are not going to suddenly now trust Mitt Romney as their new "champion". They've long had this faker's game.

African-Americans are not going to suddenly become bedazzled by the phony, Romney. They have the best bull-shit radars in America.

Latinos are not suddenly going to rally to Mitt Romney who wants their family members to "self-deport" and is heartlessly against the Dream Act for Latino children and who has said that "Arizona's law is the model for America". No debate will erase that.

The millions who have been outsourced, downsized by slick, men of privilege in thousand dollar suits have not suddenly forgotten that the man on that stage last night flapping his hands is the same man who says he "I enjoy firing people" and looks just the person that cost them their jobs and their livelihoods.

The millions of those underwater on their homes will not be smitten by Mitt Romney's smooth talking. They painfully know it was Wall Street fat cats like Mitt Romney that caused the Great Recession. President Obama hung that all over Romney last night.

Our fellow Americans who are sick, those with pre-existing health conditions, disabled or with kids on their insurance plans will now not suddenly believe this guy who etch-a-sketched right before their eyes last night promising them he's a changed man.

LGBT Americans and their families are not suddenly going to be wowed by talking heads that Mitt Romney "won" a debate and then go out to vote for a man who opposes even civil unions for them, who opposed their serving openly with dignity in the Armed Forces, who opposed adding LGBT Americans to the federal hate crimes act. There's no new love this morning for Mitt Romney.

Working class men and women, be they red, yellow, black or white, mixed, straight, gay, old or young will not suddenly now see Mitt Romney as the answer to job creation in America. They know that men like him are not the solution, they are the problem.

Listen, Mitt Romney did not move any goddamned so-called needle with the electorate last night one bit. Romney looked just like the snake-oil salesman he is and he did what snake-oil salesmen do: They lie and they lie a lot. But he subliminally telegraphed a message about himself to country: he's not to be trusted.

The American People know President Obama and have watched his quiet, steady hand and his great heart for four years. And they know his demeanor and they trust him in the White House. They do.

Barack Obama won the debate in the quiet battle for TRUST in the hearts and minds. And he didn't win all of that trust in a 90-minute debate last night, he's won and earned that trust over the last four hard years of cleaning up the financial wreck and two wars created by Mitt Romney's party. Americans will not forget that. They know that President Obama is on their side.

President Obama did not need to lower himself and get nasty with the con-artist that stood next to him.

Stop the second-guessing. Hold your heads up high this morning. The American People are going to re-elect President Obama in November. Why? Because they trust him. That's why.

Stand with President Obama in your hearts, mind and with words. I do so with pride, respect, gratitude and love for this man.

President Barack Obama won the debate.

September 25, 2012

Please Remember. Republicans Steal Elections.

There's no doubt whatsoever that President Obama has the favor of the American People. The polls clearly are encouraging and hopeful across the spectrum. But we can not take anything for granted and I know that just as the GOP has stolen national elections before, they are not going to suddenly have a change of heart in 2012.

I am very concerned about the complete lack of campaigning in public by Mitt Romney. I humbly submit that others also should be concerned. I have never seen anything like it in all my years. He's behind in the polls and disappears? What does he know that we don't?

While some might read this recent Romney disappearing act as the manner of a wealthy man, and while others are saying he's a bit lazy or that he's not comfortable at campaigning in public , I am not so sure myself. I also do not buy into the fact that he took a full week off to practice debating so far before the debates.

So what's my worry. It could also be that the Corporate CEO is confident about the outcome in November already. Not the voting outcome, but the "outcome". After all, his party steals elections. It's in their DNA. Indeed, it's one of the GOP's most cherished traditions.

From Pennsylvania and Ohio to Texas and Florida, the purging of voter rolls has been going on quietly, but like a machine for over a year. Voter I.D. requirements were successfully mandated by state houses across the nation after President Obama was inaugurated. Like termites at work, the GOP and its accomplices are busy with their skulduggery doing everything in their capacity (legally or not) to make sure that the outcome tally of electoral votes is to their liking regardless of the national or state by state popular votes.

Long before a single vote had been cast in Florida in 2000, the voter rolls had been quietly purged by a Bush friendly company in Texas, the butterfly ballots had been diabolically designed, printed and the ink was dry. And George W. Bush stole the election.

The rigged election of 2004 never merited much of the media's attention as did that of 2000. Perhaps Americans were weary, but none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and others have shown that what happened that November night in Ohio was the theft of the Presidency...again.

While I will go to my grave convinced that the election of 1960 was stolen in 1963 and that the election of 1980 was stolen in October of 1979, I will not go "there", but I will continue here with what there is no arguing.

After Bill Clinton was helped by the wild card candidacy of Ross Perot who took 19% of the vote in November 1992, the GOP was busy at work to make sure they had a fall-back position in 1996. The right-wing had tapped their tobacco lawyer, Ken Starr (already a friend of the court in the Paula Jones case) and had him ready to replace an existing Independent Counsel. Starr wasted no time in morphing his investigation of a real estate deal in Arkansas eons before (Whitewater) right back into...the Paula Jones case he'd been involved with earlier. As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, Surprise". Their goal? The impeachment (the GOP succeeded in the House of Representatives) and the removal (they failed in the Senate) of President Clinton...in other words to overturn the election of 1996 and it was already in process before that election.

Past is prologue.

Why has Mitt Romney, behind in the polls, skipped an entire week from the campaign trail just before an election when history and common sense says he should be out there pressing the flesh instead of meeting privately with donors?

Why? Because once again they intend to steal the election for the same reason the scorpion stung the frog. It's their nature.

While the media is focused on the upcoming debates and the onslaught of television advertising and fact checking and talking heads on television...the termites are chewing away 24/7 at the upcoming election.

May God bless President Obama. And may we all help get out the vote.

And may Attorney General Eric Holder please do his part now to make certain that the American voter is not deprived of their voice this November.

August 30, 2012

Guaranteed: Here's the Up-Coming Gushing Post-Commentary on Ryan Tonight"

"He brings a youthful vitality to the Romney ticket."

"He just put the Democratic Party on notice that he's no Sarah Palin simpleton."

"He hit it out of the park tonight."

"He said exactly what he needed to say."

"He introduced himself tonight to America."

"He invigorated the base."

"He just won the mid-west."

"He will have a great appeal to women voters."

"He put women voters at ease with his positions on rape and abortion."

"He just delivered the Catholic vote to Romney."

"This just made the election even tighter."

Blah, blah, blah...

I'm sure I missed a few of the *brilliant" opinions that will be spoon-fed to the masses by the corporate media, but these are certain to be voiced.

Edited: My co-workers added a few.

August 4, 2012

Truman Capote was an author and a brilliant talent.

HiPointDem, first thank you very much for passing along this fascinating piece and link about William Burroughs and his letter to Truman Capote.

I am a fan of both writers. I would like to point something out here for all that read this to ponder.

Burroughs grew up in great wealth and privilege with all the fine trappings that go with it. He had what aristocrats would have called "pedigree". Indeed his later-in-life entry into the world of being a "bohemian" and living poor was not his first choice. No, rather he ambitiously planned and sought out a proud career with all the trappings of social status and power that he'd grown up with. He miserably failed at that. And found himself chemically dependent, and became what back then was called "a drug addict".

Contrast that to this:

Tragically flawed, deserted by both of his parents as a young boy, stunted in physical growth, a homosexual who couldn't (and really never tried) to "pass" in a very hostile piece of time/space fabric (the South in the first half of the 20th Century), ground down by the humiliating boot of poverty and class, Truman Capote (like so many others who had lived their lives, from early childhood, on the edge of hate and violence and ridicule) left behind a legacy of literature and story telling that is monumental compared to most of what we are peddled today under the euphemism of books.

And as quaint and silly as it may sound, the truth is that Truman was probably "in love" with one of the condemned in his book. He never was the same after the execution. We will never know, but my library is filled, not just with all of Trumans books, but also almost every book (and there are many) that have been written about him, and I believe that he was indeed in love with Perry Smith. And my library has the great talent of William Burroughs, too.

Still, here's the rub: That child that no one wanted (John Lennon also suffered the same fate) and who later came to New York and was laughed at as a poor, white trash, hick with an accent and "queer", wound up having the world's jet set eating out of the palm of his very hand...and then he dared to write about them, perhaps subconsciously to expose them, causing them to ostracize him. In any event, Truman bit down on that smug, aristocratic class with all the bite that his unwashed teeth could muster and they hated him for it.

Anyone who reads Capote or Tennessee Williams will find a powerful sub-text of "class" layered throughout their work. Sometimes literature can be as corruptive and as dangerous to the status-quo as a political rally. In many ways, Capote and Williams were just as "dangerous" to the status quo of the times as Emma Goldman was in her day.

Burroughs' letter only reveals to me a lot of self-hatred and professional jealousy with regards to Truman's literary success. It seems to me that Burroughs' old aristocratic smugness was stinging at this lower class youngster who surprised the world.

July 12, 2012

Chief Executive Officer Means Exactly That: Chief Executive Officer

The Boston Globe's reporting the undeniable evidence of Bain Capital's formal filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission now leave zero wiggle room for Presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney, to attempt to deceitfully distance himself from his corporation's predatory activities when it was systematically outsourcing and off-shoring American jobs along with closing down American factories. The official filings made by Bain to the SEC not only show that candidate Romney remained as the firm's chairman of the board until 2002, but also reveal in ink that Bain considered him the Chief Executive Office.

That same Chief Executive Officer is now the nominee of the Republican Party to be the Commander and Chief of the United States, our American Chief Executive Officer.

Willard Mitt Romney's much ballyhooed business "experience" has now come to the center stage of our national scrutiny. Romney is in a vice now of his own making because he has, on the record, made his case that he had "left the company" (Bain) prior to its more troubling activities.

Mitt Romney, a politician already with a long, established resume of self-contradictions -- so much so, that at least one of the upcoming televised Presidential Debates should have Romney and a hologram of himself debating each other from two different podiums -- now has, by his own words placed himself into quite a vice. He can't have it both ways with regards to his history at Bain anymore.

Romney leaves us all with a choice of two, hardly flattering images now 1.) he was a very sloppy CEO and asleep at the wheel when the all the nefarious and greedy actions of his corporation took place, or 2.) he was actively engaged and calling the shots of all of the outsourcing and off-shoring that left economic graveyards all around the country. Everyone understand Romney wanting to whistle through those graveyards, it's just that he can't pretend everyone didn't see him doing it now.

It is impossible for Mitt Romney to square his earlier assertions that he had left Bain Capital for years and the stark fact that he was its Chief Executive Officer during that time-frame.

Even George W. Bush, for all of his may foibles, has never suggested that he wasn't actually the Chief Executive of the United States between 2001 and 2009 when his ill-advised and costly war in Iraq took place. I mean, no one would be so stupid as to try to dupe the American People into believing otherwise. Even Karl Rove wouldn't attempt pull off that disappearing act.

Leaving aside that Mitt Romney has established himself as a lousy liar, and even setting aside that his already sketchy business experience -- that would be etchy-sketchy business experience -- was one of destroying American jobs, the weighty decision American voters must make this November comes down to this: Should Mitt Romney be elected to being our national Chief Executive Officer? I believe the American People will want to re-hire President Barack Obama, our current CEO, a man who owns up to every single day of his Presidency thus far.

Edited to add link to referenced news story above, broken here by DU's Tracer earlier today, and requested by DU's liberal N proud below in this thread: http://bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2012/07/11/government-documents-indicate-mitt-romney-continued-bain-after-date-when-says-left/IpfKYWjnrsel4pvCFbsUTI/story.html

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