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How important is the Select Committee in the course of American history?

How will they be remembered?

Much of it will depend on what they do, I suppose?

They are about the only buffer the American people have at this moment between the lawless autocrats and the continuation of democracy in this country, in my opinion.

We cannot see the significance of their efforts at this time, but history may record it as one of the most relevant and essential Committees in history. Their importance cannot be over-stated.

Let us hope they have the stamina and the courage to keep politics out of their hearings and the wisdom to understand their role in the saving of our democracy.

The Time Has Come Today

America needs a crash civics course.

They need to understand that they can lose their democracy and it will not be pretty. They will not be more "free". America will not be better with the autocrats and fascists in charge.

The lack of education has always been an Achilles heel for our country. They will not understand what they had until it is gone.

Many voters need a "Democracy for Dummies" primer. They need to know the three branches of government and the balance of power created in each of them. They need to understand the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and what each of them means, including the 2nd Amendment.

Assuming they were never taught about the threat of fascism and authoritarianism before WWII, perhaps that should be on the curriculum also?

They need to understand the value of their vote. Elections are not a sporting contest between two opposing teams - they are a time to choose which direction our country will go.

Ignorance will kill us all.

Big Arthur Crudup in 1946 (Elvis did the same song on his first record in 1954.

For those that follow the history of rock and roll. It's roots were in the blues.

Our country is only as strong as our Justice System.

If there is no justice, there can be no democracy.

The future of our country is dependent upon the rule of law and the application of those laws by the elected judges across this country. Judges at all levels and of all stripes.

Justice will not be rushed but justice must be applied. But it is not up to the Democratic Party alone to apply justice. They must have help from the Republican Party. Somebody has to step forward and lead them out of the wilderness they have wandered into.

The Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch have to be able to give the Judicial Branch the authority to defend the laws of our Constitution.

Is it a "crisis"?

That will have to be up to the judges to decide. They all will need to put politics aside and do what is best for our country and our people. The Judiciary has to lead with the idea and practice of justice. (The Executive and Legislative cannot resolve the present "crisis" within our government. There is little they can do with Lawbreakers and Liars. Only the Judiciary.)

Just my opinion.

Did Trump conspire with his four aides to defy the subpoenas?

Since they are not yet charged with any crime, I suppose it would not be illegal?

Perhaps someone could clarify that?

They are showing their cards. They are going to fight it our in the courts. They believe they can obstruct and delay until after the midterms next year, and when they win back both houses of Congress, they will end all investigations.

Is that the plan?

Bill Barr corrupted the Justice Department.

He permitted people to ignore subpoenas from Congress and the rule of law in general. The lawbreakers knew they would not be prosecuted so long as Bill Barr was the Attorney General.

Unfortunately, they still believe that. The Justice Department is broken. They have not regained the legitimacy they lost during the last five years. People are still ignoring subpoenas. They do not believe anyone will hold them accountable. They are scofflaws.

How does the DOJ regain its legitimacy? They have to show that they are not a paper tiger. They need to show their teeth.

They cannot permit criminals to ignore subpoenas if they are to have any credibility at all. They must act.

Where are the leaders in the Republican Party that will defend democracy?

They fall in behind McConnell and Trump in lockstep, oblivious that they have any responsibility to the oath they took to defend our Constitution.

They are like lemmings marching to the edge of the cliff with their eyes closed. Surely nothing bad will happen if they just remain silent?

Their job is to oppose "government" at all levels. No government is the best government, in their eyes. If anything bad happens, then the Democrats will fix it. If they don't fix it, we will blame them in the next election.

That is all that matters.

Republican leadership is an oxymoron.

Re: The discussion between Lawrence O'Donnell and Daniel Goldman

It was quite interesting.

They were discussing Goldman's theory that Trump's lawyers would file a lawsuit preventing the four subpoenaed witnesses that were closely connected to Donald Trump. It is under the claim of "executive privilege".

Lawrence asked Goldman what would happen if they defy the subpoenas?

One of them mentioned that it would go to the DOJ and they would make the decision whether or not to charge the named individuals?

This would happen this Thursday, if the documents are not turned over.

There is nothing they like better than a good ol' court fight.

There's more than a shadow of deceit in their machinations.

Should the Select Committee subpoena Donald Trump?

Why not?

Let the courts decide if he has to respond to a subpoena. There is little doubt but that he would fight it every inch of the way. But, let him. Make the courts make the decision. We will find out once and for all if "no one is above the law".

If nothing else, it would keep him busy.
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