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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Could 17 State AGs persuade the Supreme Court to rule against Biden?

...and the voters of this country?

It appears they may get the chance?

I suppose Ted Cruz will be leading them in their argument?

How much pressure can they put on the Court?

History will show...

...that Donald Trump was impeached by a Democratic House of Representatives and the Republican Senate thought so little of it that they simply refused to allow any witnesses to testify.

For those reading the future history books, it will look as if the impeachment was nothing but a trivial partisan affair and Donald Trump never broke any laws.

Bill Clinton will look more like a criminal, in the history books, than Donald Trump.

Even though we know that he is a scofflaw that should be under the jail.

Trump has a legal right to take every legal recourse to make sure the votes are counted accurately.

How many times have we heard that?

And nobody argues with that.

But, he does not have a right to try and bribe election officials or to threaten elected representatives of the people or to attempt election fraud.

What he is doing is criminal. There is no question about it. The only issue is that no one will hold him accountable.

If we had a Justice Department worth its salt, they would issue a restraining order against him and enforce it with a huge fine if necessary. They could also issue a restraining order on Twitter if they continue to permit tweets that are false and inflame angry voters. They should not publish the tweets of the President of the United States if he continues to flaunt and break the rules.

Otherwise, he is above the law.

The future of the Trump Party?

The future depends on the premise that the election of 2020 was "rigged".

So long as Donald Trump can convince the majority of Republicans that he was "robbed" of the election and that he was the true winner, then he will maintain control of the Party.

There is no reason to believe that the present incumbents will disavow their anointed leader, so long as he can convince them that the lies to their "base" is working.

At least half of the Republican Party supports Trump for political expediency, not out of any deep loyalty. The other half would die for him.

Donald Trump is on a power trip to save himself, both physically and financially. He needs the Republicans more than they need him.

The present Republican office holders are hostages to the whims of the dictator wanna-be. One little tweet can destroy their careers. They have shown that their willingness to grovel to Donald Trump is more important than saving our democracy. They have disgraced themselves in the eyes of most Americans.

Joe Biden is most likely to be sworn in as the 46th President on January 20th of 2021 and Donald Trump will move his campaign operations to his Mar-a-Lago mansion, where he will entertain important Republican leaders, as well as foreign business operatives.

Will the Republican Party ever escape from the clutches of their beloved autocrat? They are prisoners of their own making.

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

It seems to have an entirely new meaning now?

It has materialized into something very real.

How much does US Attorney John Durham know about the Russia investigation?

Bill Barr recently announced that he wanted him to stay on as Special Counsel in the continuing Russia investigation.

Is that a bad idea? Why?

Would he not be working under the new Attorney General?

How much does he know about Trump Administration involvement with Russia hacking into America's election system?

Just before the election in November, he let Barr know that there was nothing to be found in their "Obamagate" investigation. Trump never forgave either of them for that decision.

Wouldn't you like to pick his brain and find out what he knows? Or do you think he is too close to Trump and Barr?

The Bending Reality

An election is one way we keep track of reality. We count the votes and follow the will of the people. It's called democracy. It's not perfect but it is the best form of government we have discovered thus far. There is no perfect government.

But, when we are told to ignore the voters, to ignore the will of the people, we are distorting reality. It is a dangerous road when people lie about the numbers, the facts, and the process. We cannot permit demagogues to say that black is white, that up is down, or that two plus two equals five.

Truth, as best as we can know it, is the North Star of humanity. When we choose to take a detour, we end up in an unknown place. We cannot ignore reality.

There are people and forces that wish us to believe that the facts are otherwise. Because they believe it without proof or evidence. That is not truth. That is delusion.

That is where our country is being led. We are told the election was "rigged". There is no evidence, only rhetoric and inflamed emotions, bent on preserving power and destroying our democracy.

You say you want a revolution?

Keep up the lies.

81 million voters are the majority and, in a democracy, the majority rules unless we count only electoral votes. Then, in that case, 306 electoral votes is a landslide, according to Donald Trump himself.

So, cut the crap.

The voters have spoken. Stop lying and stop believing the lies.

The lies are about to hit the wall.

I think Loeffler's aggressive attacks on Warnock will backfire on her with GA voters.

She threw everything but the kitchen sink at him.

I guess they thought the best defense is a good offense.

And she really has no defense for her record.

I believe the people of GA will see it for what it was.

Trump is intent on maintaining control of the Republican Party.

At this time, he doesn't seem to have much opposition.

He may leave the White House but he will not leave the Republican Party. They will have to kiss his ring at Mar-a-Lago if they want his support in the future. They have sold their souls to Donald Trump.

He will keep them guessing. Will he run again in 2024 or not? The odds are that he will not.

However, he will use them to raise funds to pay off his bills and to keep his brand in the spotlight, as he makes all kinds of deals all round the world.

The Republicans have made their bed and now they will have to sleep in it.
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