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Two words that will drive Trumpsters totally slobberingly mad ?

Put it on bumper stickers.

Say it with a smile.


At some time in their lives, they have to accept reality.



It seems so simple but if enough people tell them, they will either accept it or go mad.

There is no need to argue with them. TRUMP LOST is all they need to know.

They have carried their delusions long enough.

It is time to come back to reality.

How many Afghans did Trump plan on evacuating?

On January 15th, 2021, it was reported that he had cut the troop strength down to 2500 troops. It had been 11 months since he made his Doha Agreement with the Taliban. He did not want to make any commitment until the election was over. He would have had 3 1/2 months to complete his mission by May 1st.

There is no doubt but that Joe Biden will receive tons of criticism for not getting out more Afghanis but it appears now that Trump had no plan to evacuate any Afghanis? He had armed the "mighty" Afghani Army to the teeth with the most modern infantry weaponry. Now we see all those weapons in the hands of the Taliban. (He might have evacuated a few hundred Afghanis and he would have bragged about how he got out "almost a thousand" of the brave warriors who helped us in our war effort) The media would have accepted that as some great accomplishment.

The deadline of May 1st came and went. America was not focused on Afghanistan. They were focused on the pandemic and getting the economy back on track. Biden wanted to get the troops out by September 11th, the iconic date that led to the ill-fated adventure in Afghanistan.

But the Taliban did not wait for that date. They advised the Afghan President, Ghani, to leave the country. The Afghan army disintegrated and many joined the Taliban, with their new weapons. The Taliban took over the city of Kabul.

Biden had to send in more troops to help with the evacuation. The US took over the flight operations at the airport and set up their diplomatic HQ's in the airport, after they had to flee the US Embassy.

So far, the latest report is that 82,000 people have been evacuated thru the airport, despite being surrounded by Taliban soldiers and reported ISIS-K terrorists. It is one of the largest airlift evacuations in history. It is quite an accomplishment up to this moment.

However, there are still US helicopters and equipment that must be taken out or destroyed before the last remaining troops depart. The most dangerous part of the operation still remains. It is a volatile and dangerous situation.

The entire game changed when the Afghan Army disappeared and the government fell apart.

By then, it was too late to change the plans. The Taliban was marching into Kabul and declaring victory. There were only 2500 American troops left in the country.

The only option left was to play the cards you were dealt. It wouldn't matter who the President was at that time, that was their only option. Personally speaking, I am glad that Joe Biden is the President, and not Donald Trump. We need a leader with a level head on their shoulders at this time. We do not need an irrational blowhard who can never make a decision.

If there was anything that caused the government to dissolve and the Afghan military to disappear, it was the demoralizing meeting in February of last year, led by Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump. It is delusional to think the military and the government would have remained intact if Donald Trump had won the election in 2020.

As it is, Joe Biden is playing the hand that was dealt to him. He probably thought the government in Kabul would remain in power, as did most politicians in Washington, when he announced the final drawdown to complete evacuation. No doubt, this is a test for his leadership.

But it could have been worse. Donald Trump could have won the election in 2020. Speaking only for myself, I am extremely pleased that he did not win that election.

The 21 Dirtiest Republicans in the House of Representatives.

They love power and Party more than they love their country:

Kevin McCarthy
Steve Scalise
Elise Stefanik
Jim Jordan
Devin Nunes
Jim Banks
Andy Biggs
Lauren Boebert
Mo Brooks
Matt Gaetz
Louie Gohmert
Paul Gosar
Marjorie Taylor Green
Ronny Jackson
Debbie Lesko
Thomas Massie
Scott Perry
Greg Pence
Chip Roy
Pete Sessions
Lee Zeldin

"Justice delayed is justice denied": William E. Gladstone

The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

We see that the Select Committee is planning on getting the phone records of January 6th. Will the targets fight it in the courts? If they can, they will.

There are consequences when justice is delayed, just as there are consequences if justice is rushed.

Some have argued endlessly that you cannot charge people just because you do not like what they say, and that is true. There are others that will say we have seen enough with our own eyes to charge people with crimes? We have seen the evidence. We have heard the phone calls. We have seen the obstruction. We have heard the lies.

We have seen the results of justice delayed.

Is it time to stop tilting at these windmills? Is it time to admit that some people are above the law and will never be charged?

The delay itself is a crime.

Will the Taliban permit US Embassy functions after Americans leave?

Perhaps this is something they have been negotiating?

If so, it would permit stragglers, and Americans left behind, an avenue to leave the country at a later time?

One week from today, the Americans are supposed to be out of the country of Afghanistan.

However, it is unlikely that everyone that wanted leave will have left at that time.

We read that the CIA Chief, William Burns, is in Kabul meeting with Baradar, a leader of the Taliban, but we do not know exactly what they are discussing?

It would probably be of interests to both sides, if Americans did continue the operation for a while, because the Taliban is a splintered bunch of fighters with no one leader at this time. It might give them more time to come to some sort of leadership decision? Also, it might keep the ISIS terrorists, that are in Kabul, at bay until the American troops can get out of the country safely without being attacked?

Has the Big Lie run out of gas?

Rachel was discussing on her show the reception that Mo Brooks received when he told the audience at Trump's rally in Alabama that they needed to look forward, to 2022 and 2024, and not backward to the election of 2020. He was met with a resounding disapproval. "Fix it now!", the audience screamed.

It appears that it has become "put up or shut up" time for the propagators of the Big Lie. They want to see the evidence from the Arizona audit. They want to see the proof that Trump won the election and they want to see Trump back in the White House. Now, not 2022 or 2024.

For a fleeting moment it looked like the Big Liars had created a monster that turned on them. (After all the mileage that Herr Trump got out of persuading people not to get the vaccine, for some odd reason, he thought he could persuade them to now get the shot? They booed him and he backtracked immediately, to tell them that they had their "freedoms".)

It will be interesting to see what the next rally brings?

A reporter on Anderson Cooper's show was broadcasting from Kabul...

...and he said he could hear something like a serious "firefight" from around the area of the airport. I think it was about 4:30 am there?

Anyone heard anything about this yet?

People have gotten much more lax in protecting themselves from the Covid, in my opinion.

People at the grocery store, people at the beer store, people at the hardware store.

You see less people wearing masks.

Went to Trader Joe's yesterday and not everyone was wearing a mask. They were no longer cleaning the handles on the shopping carts, as they have done in the past.

It seems that a lot of people got too careless because they might have taken the vaccine? Somehow, they feel more protected than the average non-vaccinated person?

But, from recent stories, it appears it is hitting both those who have taken shots and those who have not. It is not safe to disarm at this time.

Even if we have taken the vaccines, we should still be as protective as possible and take all the same precautions we were taking before the vaccine, in my opinion.

"Fix it now!"

I saw a lady being interviewed on her way to the rally yesterday.

She was under the illusion that trump was going to make some big announcement. He was going to declare himself the President and put all the questions to rest.

I believe that was the meaning behind their chant, "Fix it now!", last night?

They are tired of Joe Biden and they don't want to wait until 2022 or 2024. They want Trump to take over now. They are tired of being strung along.

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