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"To be or not to be - To be is to do - Do be do be do .."

America has been consumed by confusion and chaos. It is frozen by inaction. It has become a Tower of Babble.

Can we agree?

It is not normal?

It is not stable?

It is not acceptable?

It is not rational?

It is not good for America?

It is not legal?

It is not to celebrate?

It is not to ignore?

Can we agree on some basic parameters about where we stand?

The "binary" world of Trump's judges...

The decision cannot be fair if it was made by an "Obama judge". The Justice System of Donald Trump cannot operate as a fair and just judicial system. Justice must be "partisan". It is either for Trump or against Trump. In his world, there is no space between them.

"Trump's judges" are expected to exhibit loyalty to their leader. Any idea of justice or fairness must be laid aside.

It is a dangerous and insane proposition that America accepts with this type of "binary" thinking. It is all about power. God help those in the minority opinion.

"My" judges, "my" courts, "my" people, "my" Senate, "my" White House, etc. It simply cannot be accepted.

Do Democrats need to have the Mueller "verdict" before they can start an impeachment inquiry?

Isn't there enough evidence if Robert Mueller doesn't speak up at all?

Yes, it would be good to know that Trump attempted to fire Mueller from his post as Special Counsel, but there are so many other high crimes and misdemeanors, is it even necessary for Robert Mueller to speak up?

If Robert Mueller refuses to talk to the Congress or the American people, Donald Trump will continue to abuse and break the laws of this country. He will not cease. His rate of non-compliance with the laws seems to increase with each passing day?

Will there come a time where the number of high crimes and misdemeanors is so high that no one can keep up with them? Congress will have to let them pass because they don't have the competence or the ability to deal with such a large number? They will simply be over-whelmed?

Pelosi is wrong in thinking that Trump wants to be impeached.

In my opinion, Donald Trump would see impeachment as a blemish, somehow de-legitimizing his Presidency.

It would be similar to him having to admit that Russia helped him defeat Hillary.

It is his nature to try and confuse people by stating the opposite of everything that is going on in his life, indicating his inability to accept reality.

The People of the United States.... vs..... Donald J Trump

The People of the United States do hereby charge Donald J Trump, aka President Donald J Trump, with conduct alien and criminal to the laws of the United States.

We find that Donald J Trump did not uphold his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Rather, he sought to enrich himself and his family over the interests of this country. Also, Mr Donald J Trump deceived and lied to the American people about his business ventures with the country of Russia. Throughout the entire primary campaign, he was negotiating to build a Trump Tower in Moscow that would have enriched himself by as much as $300 million dollars.

We find that over a period of more than ten years, he partnered with the Deutsche Bank to launder hundreds of millions of dollars thru his hotels, golf courses, and other ownerships. He personally profited from these transactions with Deutsche Bank.

Furthermore, we find that he conspired with the leaders of Saudi Arabia to illegally build and distribute nuclear materials throughout that country and others in the Middle East, against the wishes and the laws of the Congress of the United States.

Also, he conspired with Russian oligarchs to launder the money for the construction of these projects.

When investigated by the law enforcement officials of the United States, he blocked and obstructed the efforts of these officials at least ten times. He sought to cover his tracks by getting others to write memos to cover his involvement in the obstruction.

His conduct has been beneath the dignity of the office of the President of the United States. He has blatantly abused the power of his office on numerous occasions, such as shutting down the government of the United States and attempting to distribute funds from the Defense Dept to build a wall on our southern border, without the consent of the US Congress.

Lastly, he has ignored lawful subpoenas from the Congress of the United States and ordered his subordinates to do the same. The lawlessness is unprecedented in the history of the United States.

With these numerous charges of obstruction of justice, abuse of power, colluding with foreign entities to enrich himself, money laundering , and blatant criminal conduct, we hereby file these articles of impeachment against Donald J Trump.

The Committee of the Judiciary of the Congress of the United States

A Real President would never, ever disagree with investigating the Russians...

...for attacking our election system. He would be behind it 100%. But we don't have a "real President". We have a Russian stooge, it appears?

A real President would not stand in a foreign country and talk down America and our institutions while praising the leader of an adversarial country, as Donald Trump did in Helsinki.

A real President would not call our White House a "dump". It's not good enough for the privileged, I guess?

A real President would not lie every time he opens his mouth. He acts like a big mouth from the World Wrestling Federation.

A real President would be empathetic and compassionate towards our fellow Americans who have experienced disaster and are suffering. Only a sub-human would act the way Donald Trump acts.

A real President would respect our history, our institutions, and our laws. This scofflaw of a President respects none of those. He does not deserve the respect of even one American.

We deserve a real President.

Breaking News for America

You might hate the Democrats. You may loathe the "Libs". But, they have been placed into a point in our history where they may be the only ones to save us?

We still have the Courts. But if they are manipulated and used for partisan reasons, they too, could be at risk. We don't know yet?

It could end up being the Democrats that save our country. Republicans may as well be in Iceland or Antarctica. They are hiding from history.

Everyone knows we have a buffoon in the White House. He is a lying, deceitful, criminal, piece of crap. But, he holds onto power and looks to extend it.

There are people that know secrets about Donald Trump and could step forward and help our country. Most of them are Republicans and they are silent. They are not patriots. They are not courageous people. They are cowards. Don McGahn and Robert Mueller come to mind.

The last bullet in the gun may be the impeachment process. That will be up to the Democrats whether or not to pull the trigger. The Democrats may be the only ones that can save our country from this scourge that has crept over this great land.

Does this latest maneuver by Trump and Barr make impeachment more likely?

He's going after his political enemies.

And he's using the intelligence agencies of the United States to prove them guilty. He's using Barr to do his dirty work.

It is more than likely that they can find selective intelligence to help prove their theories. There is a lot of stuff in intelligence reports.

But, we have to ask.

Why does William Barr get access to all our intelligence in regards to the Russian investigation and the Congress cannot even get the full Mueller report from Barr?

This is getting very serious very quickly.

What is Trump "covering-up"?

First of all, he is covering up the Mueller Report. Much of it has not been seen by Congress or the public.

Second of all, he is covering up his income tax returns and his financial dealings. We have no idea how much business he is doing with adversaries of this nation?

Thirdly, he is covering up his physical condition and his doctors reports. American citizens need to know the physical condition of their president.

Actually, his entire life is a "cover-up". We have no idea what he has been doing with his money over the last 20 years and where he gets it?

He is covering up the many times he has lied to his staff and the times he has asked them to lie for him. For example, why doesn't he want Don McGahn to testify before the Congress. He doesn't want anyone to testify before the Congress.

Because his entire presidency is a "cover-up".

Okay Democrats. Trump says you want to "re-do" the Mueller Report.

What do you say?

What is your response?
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