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Is Robert Mueller still part of the Justice Department?

Would the White House declare "executive privilege" to keep him from testifying before Congress?

We cannot be certain what he might say if he does testify before Congress? We don't know for certain whether or not he might back up Barr's reading of his report? Few of us believe he is on the same page as Barr, but we just don't know.

But, Democrats should not get out too far on the limb with impeachment until they have the testimony of Robert Mueller.

It will probably take two or three weeks for everything to settle in place?

Republicans support the most dishonest, immoral, corrupt, divisive, shameless, sick reprobate....

...to ever sit in the White House.

Of course, that is just my opinion. But I think the facts do back me up?

I am amazed that they can sleep at night. Their sense of values and morality is something I simply cannot comprehend?

And the one fact that I understand about them. They don't give a big shit.

Only a fool would trust a liar.

I don't mean to disrespect 40% of our population but we may have the World's Greatest Liar sitting in the White House. It is being reported that he is closing in on 10,000 lies since he entered the White House.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Trump's 400 lb guy sitting on his bed...

Donald Trump has never believed that Russia attacked our election system. At one time, he said it may have been a 400 lb guy?

As far as we know, he has never changed his mind. He never believed the investigation was legitimate, snd neither did his supporters. That permitted him to call it a "witchhunt" and a "hoax".

Even after he was informed by our intelligence, he still could not accept it. He believed Putin over our own intelligence.

But Mueller stated in his report that Russia's attack was "sweeping and systematic". It was not some 400 lb guy.

We still do not know if Trump agrees with that conclusion?

But to suggest that the Mueller investigation was illegitimate and not necessary defies logic and common sense.

Democrats can offer a compromise to the White House...

Turn over all the documents, including the unredscted Mueller Report, and supply the witnesses requested by Congress, and the Democrats will hold off on beginning any impeachment proceedings.

Does that sound like a fair and constitutional compromise?

But, continue to stonewall and withholding the documents requested and you are guaranteeing an impeachment process down the road.

Trump supporters quick to believe William Barr as the final word.

Confirming the old axiom, people hear what they want to hear.

Totally disregarding two years of investigation by Robert Mueller, all they needed was one person, William Barr, to tell them there was "no collusion and no obstruction". They needed to look no further.

What a non-partisan might see as "obstruction", they would see as "fighting back". Because that is what Donald Trump has told them to believe.

Ignore the facts. They only get in the way.

Bill Barr may as well have been Moses on Mt Sinai. He said it. They believe it. That settles it.

Never mind that Bill Barr lied from the moment he stepped to the podium and said that Donald Trump cooperated fully with the Mueller investigation. The facts state otherwise.

Trump has launched counter-attack thru FOX News...

The usual suspects were on Jeanine Pirro's show, denigrating the Democrats and the Mueller Report, which they most likely never read, and defending their esteemed Leader.

Good PR defeats facts!

First of all, they need to know that impeachment is not "off the table". If they think their esteemed Leader will keep his nose clean and will not be exposed for further crimes and misdemeanors, they are delusional. It is who he is.

It is all so predictable. Everybody knew he would run toward FOX News. They have always been more than willing to spread his propaganda and lies. They have always been willing to help Donald Trump divide this nation. They are just as depraved and immoral as he. Don't address the facts - attack the messenger.

The White House needs to understand. There is a new Sheriff in town. The laws will no longer be ignored. And no one is above the law.

What advice did Rush give Trump yesterday at their golf game?

Trump left town euphoric and came back all angry and sullen?

What did Rush say to him?

It seemed like McGahn pissed him off more than anything else in the Report?

Trump was being coached by Melania when he got off his helicopter, as if she was a Russian handler?

But things are returning to normal for him.... he's back on the twitter machine... bad-mouthing everybody and lying his ass off.

Democrats should put out a press release to cheer him up:


Democrats need an "Official Tweeter Response Team".

To respond to each and every one of his bullshit tweets.

He uses Twitter to brainwash his followers and someone in government should be able to call him on his lies and bullshit.

Someone like AOC?

It has been a very effective political weapon for him.

The Real Battle

How do Democrats compete with Trump's tweets and the Republican propaganda machine?

Many believe that Democrats can educate and inform the American people by subpoenaing Administration officials and the documents needed to get to the truth. This might work if the White House does not stonewall at every turn?

How would the impeachment process better educate and compete with the superior Republican propaganda? Would they be able to stonewall the impeachment process as effectively as they might stonewall the hearings of the Democrats?

It is a battle about who best can get the information to the people. How can we fight the propaganda and win?

There is no doubt but that Trump snd the Republicans will fight and obstruct every inch of the way. The challenge is to inform and educate the American people about the threat that is confronting our democracy.

We should be open to whichever way to best defeat the propaganda of Trump and the Republicans. It doesn't matter if it is by hearings or by impeachment proceedings. We must be aware of the Republican resistance and be ready to fight them to the bitter end. The nation is going to be divided as long as Trump is in power. There are no easy solutions.

If it becomes necessary to impeach, we should not hesitate or question the resolve of the Democratic Party. It is about preserving our Constitution and our democracy.
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