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Who was the unknown "Congressman" mentioned in the unredacted Flynn testimony?

It was mentioned that a White House "personal lawyer" (believed to be John Dowd) and a Congressman were in contact with General Flynn? Who might it have been??

My first thought was Devin Nunes? Or Lindsey Graham? Or Richard Burr? Or Paul Ryan? The possibilites are endless.

A test for our Judical system.

It was heartening to see Judge Sullivan's ruling about unredacting much of the Flynn testimony. We can only hope that other judges will act likewise.

This lawless presidency is testing our entire political system. The Congress and Senate are divided along Party lines. The White House is claiming "executive privilege"on everything and is refusing to release any documents or tax returns to the Congress. After two and half years, we know nothing more about Donald Trump's finances than the day he came down the elevator. He has been the least transparent president in our memories.

However, the rulings are making their way to the Courts. Finally, we may get some resolution? It is scary to think that the Trump Party has rigged our Judicial system to meet their political goals and to protect themselves from any legal scrutiny.

It has been a hard and challenging journey up to this point.

We hope that our Judicial System will stand up to the challenge and save our democracy. Without a fair, honest , and impartial judicial, then our democracy's survival will be severely tested.

It appears that General Flynn is about to help Trump and Barr get to the "origins" of investigation?

There is a recording and an unredacted portion of a transcript of a phone call, that has been ordered to be released by Judge Emmett Sullivan.

A "personal lawyer" has a conversation with the General that sounds a lot like witness tampering. It is my understanding that if he is charged, there is no "executive immunity". There could also be obstruction of justice.

It will be interesting to hear Robert Mueller's comment on this.

Also, it could implicate others, including Donald Trump, in the discussion with the Russian Ambassador, Kisylak. If there is a quid pro quo mentioned, that could be bad news for Mr Trump.

It is getting rather interesting.

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a threat is Donald Trump to our democracy and our national security?

With a "1" being a barely negligible threat.

And "10" being an existential threat.

Waymore Blues


Do they mean for the first time?

For the first time, the Democrats are able to investigate what happened with the Russian infiltration of our elections.

Before January (actually February) of this year, Democrats were in the minority and the Republicans in the House and Senate either "slow-walked" or totally obstructed getting to the truth.

Now, the Trump Party "cover-uppers" want to stop it with Bill Barr and go no further.

Why do it over, they ask?

Because it hasn't been done the first time.

The Democrats took control of the House in February, after the Trump government shut-down, which means they have been in power less than 4 months.

They are attempting to call witnesses to get to the bottom of it but are being obstructed by the White House and everyone in it. They are demanding "executive privilege". Privilege is something they know a lot about.

So there is no "do-over".

There is a plan to do it right the second time.

Just when we thought we had been divided in every way possible...

Along comes Donald Trump to talk about Doctors and Mothers wrapping the baby in beautiful clothes before they decide to execute "it".

As if it is an enjoyable Sunday stroll in the park.

As if he has become the arbiter of what is right and moral in this country.

As if these women are somehow less than human.

As if it is an easy decision when a young girl or woman is raped, to decide to carry to term that child.

As if it is an easy decision when a child becomes pregnant by a member of her family.

These self-righteous moralizers have always used abortion as a political issue when they have felt trouble coming in the next election. Is that what is happening here?

It is painfully obvious that Donald Trump will use any issue possible to divide our country.

It is despicable.

The Flim-Flam Man

If Russia attacked our election system, why are we investigating the investigators?

Did we not want the investigators to investigate the attack upon our democracy?

Did we not want them to investigate any Americans involved or colluding with the Russians, wittingly or unwittingly? People like Paul Manafort.

What were the other options?

It all seems so subterranean. Are they saying that the investigators should not have done their job and now should be investigated themselves? What kind of distraction of reality is that?

Unless, of course, they do not believe our election system was attacked by the Russians in the election of 2016? Then, they would believe that it was a "hoax" or a "witch hunt", just as Donald says?

All of our intelligence agencies say that we were attacked. Vladimir Putin denies it. Donald Trump believes Vladimir Putin. Who do they believe?

Why else would we need investigators to investigate the investigators??

It seems like a "hoax"? "We" vs "Them"?

It seems planned to delay any case before the Courts until after the next election. It's a criminal plan in full display. Obstruction in technicolor.

It would be a shame if the Democrats interrupted Trump Party plans with an impeachment proceeding. If there is one thing that Donald Trump knows, it is, how to keep the court system busy.

Perhaps we should get the IG (Inspector General) to investigate the matter?

Then we would have an Investigator investigating the investigators that are investigating the initial investigators?

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