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Almost 6 months later, they are still counting votes in Arizona. What does that tell us?

First of all, it shows that the intent to discredit the last election still continues.

It was not enough just to attack our Capitol. It was not enough to have the state officials do the counts and audits, Democrats and Republicans, but it must now be done by an outside group that might favor one Party over the other. We'll call them the "Cyber Ninjas".

It also tells us that the sedition continues.

And nobody seems to know what to do about it?

The Wind Cries Mary

The price of gasoline went down when the pandemic hit.

It was about the same as the present price that everyone seems to be complaining about before that. The price of gas is more important to some than whether or not they have a democracy, it seems?

But, I hear this argument a lot, about how much the price of gas has gone up.

And from my experience in the past, gasoline usually goes up before the spring and summer holiday driving.

Percy's Song

Don't Bogart That Joint

Highway 61

Who is the present Director of the FCC ??

I recall that Ajit Pai, nominated by Trump, resigned on January 20th.

Who is in charge now?

Generally speaking, what could a FCC Director do to clean up up the mess in cable news? There are two or three TV companies and many radio station owners that believe it is OK to parrot lies from their political leaders. That should never be acceptable.

Who would make a good FCC Director?

Long, Black Veil

Remember Me (Willie Nelson)

The lies, if permitted to continue, will destroy America.

They will destroy America for Republicans. They will destroy America for Democrats. There is no way to survive in a dual reality, especially when one is so blatantly untrue.

For personal political reasons, or whatever, there are those that choose to continue the "Big Lie" that the last election was stolen. Each and every day that it is pushed and promoted, it becomes more and more believable to those that wish for it to be true.

The bottom line is that the insurrection continues.

The sedition continues.

The attempted coup continues.

It would be foolish to ignore it.
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