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Trump's drive against watchdogs faces constitutional reckoning


Trump has already engaged in extensive stonewalling of House investigations, which led to one of the impeachment articles against him. His Senate acquittal has left him unrestrained and eager for retribution.

Democrats’ pushback reached new decibels in recent days, as Trump claimed “absolute” power to remove inspectors general he dislikes, even if they’re investigating cabinet officials for potential abuses.

“Everybody agrees that I have the absolute right to fire the inspector generals,” Trump told reporters after facing questions about his decision to oust State Department IG Steve Linick, who has been reviewing an array of actions by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Trump indicated he didn’t know Linick but agreed to Pompeo’s request to remove him because he was appointed to the post by former President Barack Obama.

Other Republicans have picked up Trump’s mantle, arguing that he has unfettered power to oust inspectors general. “He has the full authority to hire and fire, under the Constitution, anybody in the executive branch,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.



China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider

One thing we've learned, when Trump accuses someone of something, he is guilty of it himself.

He accused Biden of making deals with the Ukrainians and the Chinese. Who was really making deals with the Ukrainians and the Chinese?

Now, he is accusing the Democrats of fraud in the next election, even before it happens. He says they are going to "sign ballots" and vote illegally for other people?

What do you think his plan is for the upcoming election in November?

Most understand that he is not beyond cheating.

Strawberry Fields Forever

What Trump could get away with, if he wanted to?

This is assuming that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans would do nothing to piss him off, just as they have done nothing up to this point.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Trumpism, after their defeat in November.

We cannot allow ourselves to think of the alternative. That is simply not an option for a majority of Americans. That does not mean it cannot happen. But, just as in 2016, it would not be something the majority of voters would agree upon. Trumpism must be defeated.

What happens when the numbers come in and Trump and his supporters are confronting a new reality?

There will be charges of cheating and massive fraud. They will find one example and let FOX News build it up as if it was overwhelmingly across the nation. That is the way they operate.

Trump will not retire to a life of an elder statesman. He will linger in the shadows, stirring up division and hate, just as he has done for the last 4 years. He will lead his minions in their revolution to "take back America".

As more and more facts are revealed about Trump's financial dealings, he will continue to play the victim to "fake news" and the "Democrat Party". His supporters will show up at events, with their guns and 2nd Amendment garb, to show their support for their defeated Leader.

No one expects them to go silently into the night. They will continue to flaunt the laws and pretend to be persecuted. Trump will cheer them on as they sow division and hatred within our country.

It is very likely that there will be violence and that people will be killed. Donald Trump will need to be held accountable. All investigations and charges against him will need to be pursued aggressively. He needs to understand that there is no Republican Party to save him. It is possible that they will be so divided that they can think of nothing but survival?

Lowdown Dirty Rat

Some Allman Bros

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