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False Prophet (Bob Dylan)


Are Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger dictating the pace of the Committee investigation?

It is a necessity that the investigation be "bi-partisan" to be credible with the majority of Americans, in my opinion.

It appears that Chairman Benny Thompson and the other Democrats are working very closely with them, in regards to witnesses and subpoenas. By subpoenaing those that organized the rally as their first point of business, it does indicate that they are working closely together.

It will not he hurried. It will be thorough and may take longer than many folks wish? But there are political implications with the re-election campaigns of members of the Committee, notably Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. They are both being opposed by Trump and his cult cadre. As much as they would like to keep politics out of the investigation, it may not be possible?

For the Committee to be successful in its investigation, they must work together. That is the reality they are dealing with. Those are the cards they have been dealt. It may be the most important Committee assembled in Congress in a very long time.

Trumpers hate Joe Biden with a passion.

Probably equal to the passion that many Democrats hate Donald Trump.

It's a sign of the times, I suppose?

The nation is divided and politics seems to generate more hatred than is normal.

If Joe Biden cannot unite this country, I don't know that anyone can. He has always had the reputation as one of the most "bi-partisan" Senators in Washington. Still, they hate him.

Joe will probably think long about whether or not he will run for re-election? Is it worth it? In the end, I think Joe will do what he thinks is best for the country.

I believe he will win if he runs again. But what will he win?

5-year old classical pianist, Elisha from Russia


"Hey look! Britney is free !

Thanks to JHB for the 'toon!

How much should be spent on infrastructure and general welfare as compared to defense spending?

Democrats are wanting to spend $3.5 trillion on infrastructure and general welfare for people programs and Republicans are screaming about the price tag. Even some Democrats have fallen into their narrative.

Democrats want to raise corporate taxes and close loopholes to pay for the majority of the spending on these "people programs" but Republicans never want to raise taxes, only cut them. They never see a need for spending that might help the general population.

At present, we are spending just over $700 billion per year on defense programs. Over a ten-year period, that amounts to over $7 Trillion dollars - double the present request for the Biden Program to Build Back this country.

It's all a matter of priorities, not money.

Some politicians do not care about the people's needs.

Red House

Treat Me Nice

Has anyone watched the latest videos from Mars on You Tube, attributed to NASA...?

..but some of them look like they have been photoshopped?

They are very interesting but it is difficult to distinguish the real ones from the fake, since they have the same terrain but some have added things like a snake, a hole in the ground, a piece of rope, UFO's in the distant sky, etc.

They are very interesting regardless. Very thought-provoking.

Joe Biden stole the "audit" from Trump in Arizona.

Everybody knows Trump won Arizona....just ask him.

The "audit" was a fraud. It was rigged. Joe Biden didn't win.

The Cyber Ninjas were a set-up. They stabbed Trump in the back. They were supposed to announce a huge victory for Donald Trump. Instead, they announce that Joe Biden got even more votes than he did in the General Election.

But, not to fear, they will keep the scam going. Arizona may have been a fraud, but they will find evidence in Texas that the Democrats did not get the votes they claimed. If that doesn't work, they will go to Georgia. If Georgia does not go the way they want, they will go to Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. The bottom line is that they have to keep the "Big Lie" alive.

"The election was stolen".

You know that, right?

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