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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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How to win the rural voters?

Talk about beans and cornbread.

Talk about Ford pick-ups and country music.

Talk about hunting squirrels back in the mountains early in the morning.

Talk about 4-wheeling to check on their pot gardens. (They love their pot. Promise to get it legalized for them)

Talk about biscuits and gravy.

Don't say anything good about the "guv-ment"

It's a simple strategy.

Will Republicans in future races pay a price for their association with Donald Trump?

If Trump is not on the ballot, how well will they do?

My hunch is that we may get a preview with the run-off in Georgia in January.

Donald Trump brought out the worst in America. The racists, the white nationalists, the bullies, the misogynists, the xenophobic haters. There was nothing good about them. They can't admit it, but we can. They were anti-American. They were anti-democracy. They were anti-humanity.

With Trump not on the ballot, these people will have nothing to vote for. Some may hang with the Republican Party but most of them will drop out, in my opinion.

The Democrats will never forget what they have done to our country. We have seen their true nature.

Trump in 2024 ?

Just think of all the deals he will be able to make.

When he tells all the oligarchs and autocrats that he plans on being President again in 2024, they will get in line to make a deal. The odds are that Trump will make a lot of money under his pretense of running for president in 2024.

Learn to pronounce
adjective: autocratic

relating to a ruler who has absolute power.
"the constitutional reforms threatened his autocratic power"
taking no account of other people's wishes or opinions; domineering.
"an autocratic management style"

But there are a few Republicans in the Senate that are thinking of running for President themselves and they would rather not have to compete with Donald Trump. Many of them want a divorce but he won't let them leave. They have not yet mustered the courage to act on their own.

The criminality

We cannot overlook the criminality in the search for bipartisanship.

The pain, the anguish, the deaths that this regime has perpetrated on the American people must be held to account. The constant and immediate threat to our Constitution and our way of life must be addressed. We cannot overlook it.

They must be held accountable.

Even at this moment, as our national security is threatened, there is nothing but silence from the Republican Party.

We can never overlook the damage they have done to America.

How do they keep track of paper ballots?

In theory, a paper ballot would be its own paper trail.

In comparison, are we supposed to believe that voting on the machines is more accurate and there are no errors or fraud? When, in actuality, they are counted by the same machines as those that mark their ballot on election day.

At some point, we have to shut down the paranoia. We have honest and involved citizens working our polling places. They track the ballots very well. Trump wants his supporters to believe that all these people are Democrats counting the votes and there is fraud.

But, there is never any proof. Just unfounded charges and lies. It must stop. It must.

Each day is more chaos, more division, and more casting doubt on our fellow citizens that have tabulated the votes. It is seditious behavior, to say the least.

Mac Wiseman

The "Silent Majority"

Many people were discouraged when they saw the huge crowds at Trump's rallies. Republicans were sure it portended a landslide victory for them in the election. They are still traumatized by the number of Democrats that came out in support of Biden and Harris. It just doesn't seem possible to them that they could have lost the election.

Indeed, a record number of supporters and fans came out for the wannabe dictator and the Republicans received a record number of votes. They were able to win several House seats, even though they lost the popular vote by about 5 million. How could that be?

With that many Republicans turning out, coupled with the gerrymandered efforts of Republicans, it made it very difficult for Democrats to win. Even though they were able to turn out over 77 million voters for the cause of defeating Donald Trump, they were still unable to increase their numbers in the House. Unbeknownst to Trump and his supporters, there was a huge "silent majority" out there willing to defend our democracy. People celebrated around the world when it was announced that Joe Biden was announced the winner of the election.

Even at this moment, Trump is planting his people into the Pentagon and elsewhere in the government. One of the first acts of the new Administration should be to call for the immediate resignation of all Trump appointees. They need to clean out that viper's nest and rebuild all the institutions that have been devastated by this most dangerous demagogue.

The Peace Train

Illegitimate ?

Can't they see?

How do they think they can govern when their opponent got 5 million more popular votes and won the electoral vote also?

Do they really want to resort to these types of shenanigans? They may want to think twice before they do anything foolish?

We understand their desire to stay in power but the people will not be denied their vote.

Biden is right. It is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans.

Whether or not we yet know it, we are all in this together. There is an external force attempting to take over our democracy. No one can be permitted to steal an election. Our local authorities across this nation are very capable of counting all the votes, if there is no outside interference. I think that is probably something that most Democrats and Republicans can agree with. Trump and his confederates need to stop interfering with the election results. Let the people's voices and votes be heard.

They do not want to give up power. That is not the way it happens in America. We have elections. The people vote. The vote is obeyed. Those that interfere with our vote and our elections are not patriots. They are anti-democracy and anti-American.

Sensible Democrats and Republicans understand that we are in this battle together against an external enemy. The war should not be between Democrats and Republicans at this time. They should be joining forces against this external enemy. In my opinion, this is what is happening to America at this time.
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