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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Has FOX News changed the way they are reporting on the coronavirus?

Are they finally taking it seriously?

Or is it that just some of them are taking it seriously? Are some of their propagandists, like Hannity, Ingraham. and Dobbs, still giving FOX viewers ambiguous and questionable information? If that is the case, they are doing a great disservice to our country.

Until very recently, they all joked about how it was some sort of scheme to tear down Donald Trump, with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson?

We have to ask: How could any broadcaster, especially of the "news", be so irresponsible?

(Edited: correction)

Have our trade policies made us a Third World country?

Many believe our present trade policies began with the NAFTA treaty that was negotiated between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. After that, the corporate agreements spread around the world. South Korea, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and others. We are paying a price in this present crisis, they believe.

We seem to have shortages in all sorts of medical equipment, including masks and gowns. The ventilators are complex machines with small parts that are made in different countries. The whole idea was to save money on parts and labor for a better return for shareholders. Consumers saved money on a lot of products imported from overseas.

But, as they used to say in the '70s, when the producer names the tune, the consumer does the dance. That seems to be where America is with a lot of products. We are no longer a manufacturing economy. We are a consuming society. We can see that can create problems when we face a crisis like we are now facing.

If taxpayer money is used to bail out corporations?

Should taxpayers own shares in that corporation?

It seems only fair.

What is the argument against?

Slip-sliding into chaos?

It would not take much for that to happen.

We have to make sure that the virus does not overwhelm rural hospitals and that the food supply chain remains open and functioning. It may require some rationing?

Also, people will need jobs and money to survive. Half of our country has no savings beyond $400 dollars, it has been reported.

This could be a time that we need good, organized government and good leaders.

In my opinion, this is a critical time for our nation.

How many people seriously believe we will not have an election in November and why?

Under what circumstances would we not be able to have an election?

If corporations are "people"...?

Why do they get more than the $1200 that "people" get in the emergency funding?

(I saw this question on FB)

Lonesome Whistle

The Greatest Cover-Up

There will be a reckoning. Those politicians, like Mitch McConnell, Mario Rubio, Mitt Romney, and the many others that have supported this cover-up, will stand in judgement. They have stood by silently with their support as Donald Trump has told one lie after another about his role in this epidemic crisis.

First, it was just a "Democratic hoax", like the Russia investigation and like the Ukraine scandal. By the way, his call was not "perfect". It was a criminal and traitorous act.

Then, there were the people on the cruise ship. He did not want them in the country. He liked the "numbers just where they are", he said. He did not want the number of people with the virus to go up.

Then, there were 15 people with the virus. He told America that the number would soon be zero.

He lied about why he cut the program that monitored pandemics around the world. He called it "obsolete". He thought it was a good way to save money. And all the Republican leaders stood behind him.

He was warned by Intelligence of the dangers of the epidemic and he dragged his feet. He refused to activate the Defense Protection Act that could have required immediate production of equipment to handle the epidemic.

He failed to initiate tests for the virus. He chose to make it a political issue. In the most dire time for our country, he chose to divide us into groups, those that support his re-election and those that do not. It is the most shameful and disgraceful action by a President in our country's history.

Now, he wants to cover it up. He wants America to believe that he was on top of this problem from the very beginning. He wants to repeat over and over what a great job he is doing. He told America that he did not "accept any responsibility at all".

He refuses to accept the advice of doctors and scientists or experts in the field. He believes he knows more than all of them. He alone, will decide when America is safe from this pandemic. And the Republican leaders still remain silent.

The Watergate cover-up was a trivial matter compared to what is going on with the Trump White House. The lies continue with each passing day. Other than outright rebellion, the only solution seems to be the November election. There will be a reckoning.

Coronavirus about to overwhelm NYC hospitals - unemployment claims top 3 million -

- stock market up over 800 points?

Go figure.

Kitty litter?


I guess everything is relative?
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