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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
December 31, 2020

In for a dime, in for a dollar?

Does that explain much of the support for Donald J Trump?

He has hoodwinked a lot of people out of money and donations.

And once they gave him money, they felt invested in him?

So they continue to cling to the lies and delusions?

Otherwise, they would have to admit they were played for fools?

December 31, 2020

He never acted like an adult.

He always acted like a spoiled child.

He always wanted two scoops of ice cream when everybody else got one.

He never grew out of it.

When something went bad, it was always somebody else's fault.

He has never admitted he was wrong or that he has ever sinned. He has never had to ask God for forgiveness. He said so himself.

He lies with every breath.

He lost the election, but according to him, he never lost. It was the fault of the Republican Governors in a few states, or it was the fault of the state electors, or it was the fault of the 60 judges that heard his cases before the court, or it was the fault of the Supreme Court (who refused to hear his case), or it was the fault of Mitch McConnell. It's never his fault. He is never wrong.

So today, he returns to Washington. For what? He still believes that if he can talk to all the Republican Senators, he can twist their arms and make them believe just like Josh Hawley, and he can remain in the White House and be King of the World.

December 30, 2020

"All enemies, foreign and domestic..."

I think people are realizing that the biggest enemy of our democracy is a "domestic" one. With Donald J Trump as their Leader, the Republican Party has shown itself to be an enemy of democracy.

Just as we have accused them of denial, in regards to the elections, we too, have been in denial about their efforts to tear down our democracy. It has become very obvious since the election. They went along with the sedition perpetrated by Donald J Trump. They were complicit.

What else can we call them except "domestic enemies"?

December 30, 2020

Hawley is very ambitious.

He would like to run in 2024 with Trump's blessing or as his VP. Either way, he would like to curry favor with Trump's base.

He is a weasel. Too bad the people of MO chose him over Claire McKaskill.

I expect a tweet from Trump shortly praising Hawley.

Also, I suspect Trump will try to meet with each Republican Senator before the Electoral Vote takes place. He will probably meet with about 10 at a time, to persuade them to follow Hawley's lead.

It looks like that sucker will have to be dragged out of the White House? He has plans on using Air Force One on Inauguration Day to fly to a rally.

This is one sick ass country.

December 30, 2020

Boston Corbett, the "mad hatter"

"Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, and Booth was shot by Boston Corbett. Corbett spent his early life as a hat maker, and it is believed that the effects of his early life job affected his decision-making for his future. He was considered "mad as a hatter" for going against orders when he had Booth cornered in a barn in Virginia, and shooting Booth instead of taking him alive. After investigation, Corbett was forgiven for his disobedience, but left the army and went back to hat making. After a few years, Corbett was even more mad than people had once thought, and he was thrown into an insane asylum. Corbett managed to escape, and he was never seen again."

From Wikipedia.

(It was believed that the mercury used in hat making caused insanity)

December 30, 2020

Why did Trump all of a sudden change his mind about the $2000 payment?

As usual, it had to be about him.

Did he see that he was losing some support amongst the poor working class?

He has had Mnuchin working for him for months to get thru the election and keep the economy from crashing. He had stood on the sideline the entire time. He never got involved. But, it is a little much to think he did not know what Mnuchin was doing?

So now, he is putting pressure on McConnell and the Republicans to give everyone the $2000 dollar survival payment. He now says the $600 dollars negotiated is a disgrace.

So, why did he change his mind? Does he want to solidify his support among his poorest supporters or does he want to divide the Republicans, by threatening their re-election chances, in an attempt to bribe them into supporting his coup to overthrow an election?

Who knows?

December 30, 2020

If there is one shred of decency left in the Republican Party?

Now is the moment to show it.

It is not the time to stand silently and loyally in the name of Party. It is a time to stand for your country and to declare independence.

It doesn't mean you have to join the Democratic Party.

But it does mean that you have to break from the dangerously delusional Republican Party.

There will be no other moment.

Now is the time.

December 30, 2020

Hazy Shade of Winter

December 29, 2020

Is it important for an Attorney General to have a Democratic House and Senate?

One could see, as we have seen, how a Party can obstruct and block investigations from an opposing Party.

In reality, that should have no bearing on the pursuit of justice. But, it did.

Is that why Biden is waiting to nominate his choice for Attorney General? Perhaps until after the Georgia special election? There is no reason to believe that McConnell and his comrades would not continue to block investigations of criminal wrongdoing.

Just a thought, because we do not know how serious the new Administration will be in pursuing the crimes of the previous Administration? They may believe the most important thing for our nation is to heal the divisions and move forward?

We are leaving four years where everything was relative to the narcissism of the Leader. People that are lacking in empathy have no sense of guilt or crime. Emoluments is just an obsolete phrase in the Constitution. It really doesn't matter if the President does business with foreign allies, or even with foreign adversaries. There is no sense of guilt when there is no empathy.

The same relativism would apply when the President attempted to bribe a foreign leader to mount a character assassination against his political opponent. There was no sense of guilt. It was just an advantage he was looking to gain.

Will the country attempt to move forward after the Inauguration of Joe Biden? Will he attempt to "unite" the country? Will he be successful?

Some may argue that if justice is ignored, then it would be to the detriment of the country, no matter the good intentions of healing the divisions?

It is going to take a very strong leader to lead the new Justice Department.

December 29, 2020

Louie Gohmert is some special kind of imbecile.

I can only imagine the people that vote for him.

The stupid shit that he comes up with is really from outer space.

He's either a "maroon", a "moran", or a "moron"?

What an embarrassment that peanut head is to the Congress of the United States.

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