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The problem is that Trump and McConnell have politicized the Supreme Court.

It is not acceptable that they attempt to manipulate justice and the rule of law.

They have put the Supreme Court and our Appeals Court out of balance with their blatant politics of division.

What can the Democrats do to correct it?

What should they do?

What can they do in the next six weeks to inform the American people what they are about to lose?

How many will listen?

Only three events in American history have have taken more lives than the present Coronavirus.

The Great Civil War, WWII, and the Flu Epidemic of 1918.

And Donald Trump gives himself an A+ for how he has handled it! Can you believe that shit!

He wants people to believe it is nothing.

Just unbelievable!


...the House made the decision to impeach AG Barr, what would be the charges?

The truth of the matter is that he should have been impeached months ago.

But, better late than never, I suppose?

And what would be the consequences?

Are they taking a head count?

Will Republicans be able to get 50 votes for SC nominee before the election?

I rather doubt it. It is just too much of a gamble for Republican Senators running in tight races. They do not need the extra burden of explaining their lies to their voters.

They operate in their own self-interests. Many, in my opinion, have concluded that it is better for them politically if they wait until after the election. They do not want to gamble at this point in their races.

Trump and McConnell may not like it but senators in tight races are not ready to sacrifice their careers for Donald Trump at this time.

They, unlike Collins and Murkowski, will choose to keep it quiet behind the scenes. If Trump has not named his nominee by this weekend, I suspect this is the reason why?

The more Trump talks about the Courts deciding the election...

...the less confidence he has that he will win.

It is unbelievable that our elected Congress would permit anyone to demean and destroy our election system the way Trump is permitted to do.

Can someone just tell him to "shut the hell up!" We really don't need that crap!

It is sickening the way they accept that kind of talk as "normal".

He doesn't know he is President....he thinks he is a game-show host or a stand-up comedian...

That's why his people go to see him. Just for the entertainment. They don't go to hear him talk about issues that matter in their lives. It is more like the Comedy Club than a political event.

When you compare the way he talked in his interviews with Bob Woodward and the way he talks on stage, in front of his supporters, it is a world of difference. He actually sounded intelligent talking to Woodward. At his rallies, he sounds like a red-neck Billy Bob that's had a few too many to drink. He seldom will say anything with more than two syllables.

He is the Apprentice-in-Chief. He wants to call names and mock people and get a few laughs. That has been his primary job as President.

On November 3rd, it will be so cool to hear someone say, "Donald Trump, you're fired!"

Blatant lies and the little men that tell them.

It will be interesting to see what people, in what states, will choose to accept the lies of their elected officials?

In my opinion, it will tell a lot about the people in those states.

No one has been more blatant with their public lies than Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Obviously, he is betting that the voters of that state don't really care. After all, Donald Trump has lied with almost every breath and they don't seem to care. Why should they care if Lindsey Graham blatantly lies to their faces?

It is a study in character. Are the people in Kentucky willing to overlook the hypocrisy and lies of Mitch McConnell? There are few that can equal the hypocrisy of Moscow Mitch.

These blatant liars believe that their people don't really care if their Senators lie to them. They expect that from their politicians.

The Supreme Court has become very politicized.

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump have taken it to a new level. Trump believes these are "his" Justices. Last night, he said at his rally that he would want the courts to stop mail-in votes from being counted after November 3rd, and they should declare a winner. This is how far they have gone in de-legitimizing our elections.

Supreme Court Justices are obviously not exempt from the pressures of the cult. They, too, can be manipulated. This Court is looking more and more like an arm of the Republican Party. That is not what the authors of our Constitution intended.

If they show themselves to be as partisan as it now appears, what can be done to de-politicize the Court? Some have recommended expanding the Court to make it more non-partisan and balanced. Would that work?

Cory Gardner (Colorado) has gone very negative on Hickenlooper..

The airwaves have been flooded with ads accusing Hickenloopet of breaking the law and stealing millions in public funds.

The latest ads are in grainy black and white with a rather menacing look on his face. I don't know who are producing these ads but they must be spending a fortune at keeping Gardner in his seat.

I have not seen any recent polls but I would be surprised if the ads are not impacting this race.

Would you hesitate to vote for a bald-faced liar?

Several Republican Senators are betting that their supporters do not care if they are lied to. Just call it "politics".

How can they be trusted on anything if they are so sure there is no price to pay for public dishonesty?

Does character no longer matter to voters?
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