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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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A question for the legal experts?

I believe Trump's only defense is that the trial is "unconstitutional" and his goal is to get the Supreme Court to rule on the question. I believe that is the direction he is going?

My question is: Can the Congress ask the Court to rule on the "constitutionality" before Trump asks them?

Because if Trump appeals to the Supreme Court to rule on the question, then the matter of payback arises, with his appointment of three of the Court Justices. Can they rule fairly and constitutionally?

Do you believe the Court will rule on this issue?

Before the trial, it's good to remind the American people that "no one is above the law".

It might allow them to look at the trial from a different perspective?

But, all their presentations should be directed to the people. They are not going to persuade the Republicans. But the voters might?

Rocky Mountain High

Sometimes I think it would be better to simply remove all attention from them...

"Them" being those like Boebert, MTG, Cruz, Trump and other attention hogs.

Sometimes I think it would be better to simply ignore them.

If they didn't have someone to attack, they would attack themselves.

It would be a self-cannibalization process.

The Sounds of Silence

Why hasn't Merrick Garland been confirmed yet?

One might think the Attorney General would be one of the most important positions in government, next to the national defense?

When he is confirmed, what should he do about the "Donald Trump" problem?

Should the Justice Department file charges against him?

Is that something Merrick Garland might do?

It would be such great reality TV.

Every Congressman and Senator should come forward and answer the question.

Who won the last election?

Obviously, many people still believe the Big Lie.

How many Senators and Congressmen still believe Donald Trump won the election? Their supporters need to hear it from their lips.

If the US Senate cannot agree that Joe Biden won the election fair and square and that he is the President of the United States, then we have a very big problem.

Their silence about this issue is interpreted by their supporters as agreement that Trump won the election. It can not be said enough at this time. Trump did not win. He lied to the people.

How many of them have bought into the Big Lie?

The Republicans need to stop playing games and come out and tell the people the truth.

They are playing with fire and someone could get burned very badly.

The War in the Republican Party Begins Next Week.

It is my understanding that they vote for leadership positions next week?

Liz Cheney is the #3 ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. Will they vote her out?

If they do, what kind of chasm will that create in their Party? Will there no longer be a place for anyone that doesn't think like McCarthy or MTG?

Personally, I would like to see Liz Cheney challenge Kevin McCarthy for the leadership of their Party. There would likely be a lot of bloodshed?

How do they escape this upcoming war?

Ramble On

Should the impeachment trial of Donald Trump be canceled?

For the sake of unity?
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