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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,173

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7 Ways The Media Sure Is Freaking Out About Bernie Sanders - SOME MORE NEWS

The seven Sanders of Grief . . .
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Sat Feb 15, 2020, 05:08 PM (6 replies)

Bernie Raises More In January Than Any Candidate Raised Over 3-Months (Rational National)

Sanders has legs for the entire primary. People-fueled!
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Feb 6, 2020, 01:57 PM (21 replies)

Bernie's Philosophy On Life Is One We Can All Relate To (Rational National)

a beautiful message from Sanders a few years ago
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Feb 4, 2020, 10:02 AM (0 replies)

If we win the election by one vote I expect our leaders to fight like hell

We keep saying "we need to overwhelm them with numbers so large they can't cheat", and I agree, we need big turnouts to make sure we win.

But I expect our party leaders to NOT concede if it is close and the GOP is cheating. Who am I kidding? Of course they'll be cheating. So I expect us to FIGHT if it is close and not give those cheating, disenfranchising, gerrymandering motherfuckers one win that they haven't gotten legitimately.

Make them pay for their dishonesty and cheating. Don't reward them.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Feb 4, 2020, 09:08 AM (1 replies)

Disenfranchisement is the political death that citizens die before literal death

When you remove political power from voters, you remove any reason for any person in power to give a shit what they think, what they want, what would make their life better, what would save them from an untimely death.

It chills me to see the GOP actively disenfranchising voters, especially minority voters, because it is the prelude to the neglect, impoverishment, and death that will inevitably follow. And the fact that they have gotten away with it for so long with seemingly no repercussions or punishment is truly frightening.

What are we to make of the (to my eye) tepid response of Democratic politicians to this phenomenon? They don't really talk about it, or talk quietly, or say we have to fight it but don't really highlight it. If they, as progressives often claim, are also corrupted by money in politics, then they won't mind the political death of even their own voters, because that is what their donors prefer.

If however they recognize that disenfranchisement removes the last obstacle to political death and then real death for millions of their own constituents and voters, then they should get people riled the fuck up about this and fight it tooth and nail.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Jan 30, 2020, 02:07 PM (3 replies)

Which candidate would stop to help you? Chris Matthews projects

Chris bashes Sanders based on his mental fantasies.

Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Jan 28, 2020, 09:38 PM (12 replies)

Beautiful New Bernie Sanders Ad Is A Must-Share

The Rational National

Twitter Link to Ad
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Fri Jan 17, 2020, 03:28 PM (11 replies)

The Republican party is the Party of Death, full of murderers

Just because they use dirty air, lax safety regulations, starvation, illness and disease, and suicide from despair and depravation to kill people, those people are just as dead as if they attacked them with bombs, guns, and swords.

It astounds me that people still vote for this death cult.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Nov 14, 2019, 10:56 AM (1 replies)

Until we impeach, Trump's crimes are on _US_

The reason I want Pelosi and the House Democrats to impeach is that until we do that, McConnell is not responsible for Trump's crime spree.

As soon as we impeach, it is no longer on Democrats hands to hold Trump accountable. Right now, we are failing to hold Trump accountable, and if we don't do everything in our power, including impeachment, then we will (and should) be held responsible for Trump's crime spree. All he has to do is say "no one stopped me. no one even tried"

We NEED to get Trump and the responsibility for Trump off of our hands. We NEED to make Trump the Senate and McConnell's problem, NOT OURS.

Let's get this treasonous asshole off of our books and put him where he belongs, on the complicit Republicans, instead of being complicit in enabling him.

Please, please, call your representatives and urge impeachment yesterday, if not sooner.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Sep 24, 2019, 10:14 AM (7 replies)

"The Senate won't remove him" - why this is a pathetically weak argument

In the House, you investigate, you grill witnesses, you prepare a list of crimes. You shout to high heaven that this treasonous fuck needs to be removed. You make the case.

And then, you yell that the Senate needs to remove him. You make a stink. you repeat his crimes, over and over. You repeat the proof.

THEN, when/if the Senate doesn't remove him, you make those Senators EAT IT. You shove their treason and failure to protect us in their face.

"Gee, the opposition won't do the right thing, so I guess we'll never put them in the situation where they have to choose". What kind of weakness is that? FORCE them to choose, then dump all over them when they inevitably do the wrong thing!!

I can't believe we have to fight these fascists with non-action.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Fri Sep 6, 2019, 11:47 AM (117 replies)
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