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haele's Journal
haele's Journal
November 13, 2020

The only test not allowed to hold public office is a religious test, so...

How about a requirement to pass a 10th grade civics test - or hell, a green-card citizen's test - two weeks before you can be added to a federal office by appointment or be allowed to have your name on a ballot for a federal office primary or run-off.

Might weed out the outright idiots like Gohmert or Tuberville. Won't weed out corruption, just idiots. And we might be able to get rid of the idea that some folks have about wanting to have a guy sitting next to one on a sports bar stool Saturday night to be Senator or Prez because "he shares my values" or some other emotionally driven nonsense.

Please discuss....


November 7, 2020

Oh poopydoo. Laz is waiting on a COVID test result.

He thought he had a tummy bug Wednesday, then a cold yesterday, and he lost his voice this morning and was feeling very off. No fever still had his taste and smell.
We went to the Urgent Care for tests a couple hours ago - he "passed" strep throat, they did x-rays for pneumonia, he passed that, so he will have to wait until Tuesday for the COVID results.

Quarentine until then. And the same for our nine and four year old grandkids. I telework, so that's not too bad. They told him that if I start showing any symptoms, go on down and get tested.

Well, at least the girls got to see the Hillcrest to North Park parades today after I dropped Laz off for his tests and took them down to Sonic for lunch - Rainbow flags, Biden Harris flags, American flags, signs, puppets and blow - up flamingos. And lots of honking, cowbells, and happy, happy people.
Mia will remember this day, at least.


November 3, 2020

Stepdaughter in El Cajon, CA is telling us the Patriot Patties are harassing voters

Apparently going up to cars near polling places and telling people that they've taken a picture of their licence plates so the folks in the car had better vote for Trump.

Probably the same East County Snowflake He-men who blocked a major downtown offramp yesterday.

We told her to tell folks to take down their licence plates and call the police.

Stupid cowbois.


November 1, 2020

The Pumpkin King (whose name was not Donald)...realized

there were a lot of little boys and girls who could not go out trick or treating (or souling) on Halloween this year due to the Covid, and thought to himself "this is wrong".
But of course, since his head was a pumpkin, he wasn't really very proactive or thoughtful, and didn't realize this until a week or so before October 30, so he had to come up with a plan quickly to deal with the situation.
After thinking a bit (took a couple days), he realized that the Easter Bunny and Santa handled their holidays with a delivery service, so he asked his favorite Bat minion if he would be willing to deliver goodies to the children. The Bat minion agreed, since it was a minion, and couldn't say no, and began to prepare itself for the arduous night with exercises and weight lifting.
But then, the night before Halloween, the Pumpkin King realized he didn't have any treats. Nor did he have any real plan for the logistics of actual goodie delivery other than his Halloween Bat.
So quickly, (far quicker than expected, since his head was only a pumpkin with a candle for a brain) he sent his minions out to stores looking for Halloween treats. But alas, all that was left were a few bags in the regular candy aisles, since grown-up and teenage humans had already scarfed up the good stuff. And in desperation, the Pumpkin King sent out a mass email to all the parents and guardians asking for help to put treats in, without much explanation on why he was asking, which meant that his desperate plea ended up in many a spam folder.
But luckily, your grandma and grandy always check their spam folder, so we set out the Easter treat eggs that the Easter Bunny always borrowed for our house, so the Halloween Bat was able to fill the eggs as quickly as it could and get out before Kali and Goblin caught it, as it was a very small bat and those two kitties are vicious.
And that is why you only have 10 eggs full of treats instead of the full 24. And that they're full of gummy bears and off-brand candy treats.
And I'm sorry you don't like the Sweet Tarts, Daphne, but the Pumpkin King had little time and very little imagination when it comes to non-scary activities.
Happy day after Halloween!


November 1, 2020

Test post, kept getting a 403 error

Dang it, I had a Halloween story to post.

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