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Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
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Fleeing Kyiv

This morning's heavy bombardment outside the city finally got through to a couple of vloggers that maybe they needed to leave. I feel sorry for the guy making this video, he was so proud of his new flat in Kyiv six months ago. Now he's without a home again.

Posting because it shows the reality of being a refugee early in a war. Also because of a funny story about how even gopniks have their uses, after all.

Just before the invasion, traveling from Poland to a village on the Russo-Ukrainian border

This is sort of a companion to the unarmed villagers blocking a tank in northern Ukraine.

It doesn't matter how little people have, they will fight like hell to keep it. That is the lesson of wars over the last 70 years.

First woman to land a quad in Olympic competition

and she landed more than one of them! Credit where it's due:

It's not a nursing shortage, it's GREED

From the NYT:

I thank my lucky stars I'm nearly blind and a physical wreck, I sure as hell don't want to go back.

You Have No Idea How Hard It Is to Get a Hamster Drunk

“You just put a bottle of unsweetened Everclear on the cage and they love it,” says Gwen Lupfer, a psychologist at the University of Alaska Anchorage who has studied alcohol consumption in hamsters. They regularly down 18 grams per kilogram of body weight a day, the alcoholic equivalent of a human drinking a liter and a half of 190-proof Everclear. In the wild, hamsters hoard ryegrass seeds and fruit in their burrows, and they eat this fermenting store as it becomes more and more alcoholic over the winter. In the lab, well, they’re pretty happy with Everclear. Given the choice between water and alcohol, they go for the booze.


(the silly season is here early this year. However, this might lead to a treatment for alcoholism down the line)


Swan song

As I've posted in the past my vision has been deteriorating for the past 3 years. It has now fallen off a cliff, so I'll no longer be posting, and if this is in ragtime, transpose.

I have greatly enjoyed being part of this community off and on since a link to the Top Ten Conservative Idiots at Buzzflash led me here in 2001. In a world and especially on an internet that seemed determined to drag us all down the right wing rabbit hole, DU showed me I wasn't alone, that I wasn't the crazy one. Or maybe I was, but their way is crazier.

I will miss you all, whether or not we agreed with each other.

Just keep fighting the good fight.


Reuters: FBI Finds "Scant" Evidence of Groups Planning Insurrection. Here's why this HURTS Trump

I can see them preparing the indictment and telling him it will drop in Septermber 2024 if he doesn't withdraw by then.

I can also see them letting it drop even if he does drop out, but not until after the 2024 election.

No one wants to set a precedent of an incoming administration going after an outgoing one, no matter what. The silly grounds for impeaching Clinton was over the Nixon near impeachment. Nasty vindictive people hold grudges forever.

How I stopped the Taliban from Closing my School

This is an oldie but a goodie from 2015 that explains a lot about why the Taliban aren't going to find people as compliant now as they were 20 years ago. I hope H. Clinton is wrong about a civil war there, I hope the Taliban have the brains to adapt.


Justice Matters: Cuomo

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