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Lulu Latech

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 29,049

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More questions for the Secret service

With "riots" going on at the Capitol why was Trump not removed to a more secure location. I would think he would have been removed via helicopter or at least to the secure bunker. Now we all can guess why that didn't happen but the question needs to be asked and we need a truthful answer. I hope the committee has that on their question list because it's an answer that I want to hear.

So will we ever know what happened with the failure of Law enforcement planning on the 6th.

I'm just an old woman who follows the news. I knew a few days before there was going to be trouble. We have yet to get clear answers about the lack of action by the FBI who we know were monitoring these right wing groups. Why did things break down so severly between the Capitol Hill Police and the DC Police. Why wasn't the National Guard on site. Who gave the stand down orders and who was complicit in this... The Cops must have had a clue there was going to be trouble yet their higher ups did nothing.

This whole conspiracy seems so far reaching and even more frightening than we have been told.

Every single GOP who voted not to certify needs to be held accountable

They chose to vote not based on facts but were willing to discard their constinuants certified votes out of loyalty to Trump. They need to be publically confronted and held accountable for their vote based upon the big lie. They can't expect this to be swept under the carpet or forgotten. If they are your elected officials, write, call, and email asking why they made this decision when there was no evidence of fraud. I certainly hope that come November, those who are up for re-election should be publically shamed and thrown out of office.

Will the hearings have sitting members in the audience?

If so, who will be the first member to disrupt..... Who makes the bingo cards around here?

Peter Navarro has been arrested


Via: NBC News, “Court documents indicate that the government requested that Navarro’s indictment be sealed until his “arrest operation is executed.” The court docket indicated Friday that the “unsealing event has occurred,” meaning Navarro was in custody.”

In case any Republican coup participant needed a reminder, the 1/6 Committee and the Department of Justice are not playing.

Peter Navarro refused to cooperate with the committee investigation. The House voted to refer him to the Department of Justice for prosecution after the committee made the recommendation. He was indicted, and now Navarro is going to be facing a judge at 2:30 PM on Friday."...

He is in custody pending his hearing this afternoon....

The GOP is running scared....

Now they want to "compromise" on what will be watered down gun legislation. Democrats need to be bold and keep calling them out on their BS. They are going to lose.....Take a lesson Democrats...Be like Beto and rise up!

So who are folks donating to? Who do you suggest?

I gave to Patty Murray and NARAL. I will give to a few more who are in jeopardy in November

With the impending loss of bodily autonomy to the government

Can mandatory organ harvesting on death or required blood donations be brought to the table. Will I be able to sue my relative to donate their kidney or liver? Do we need to protect life or not? Let’s all go sliding down this slippery slope and see how those Wackos like that kind of Government over reach

Jesus, I’m fricken pissed

And more from Kazakhstan

You have been Dimashed and you are very welcome.

Do you let folks you don't know into your home without a mask?

I'm in the process of gearing up for a home remodel. My spouse and I are vaccinated and we live in an area that is highly vaccinated. My spouse thinks I'm being a little over the top in insisting contractors wear a mask in my home. This wasn't an issue until today when he let one in without a mask. Up until now, all have been respectful and have come masked. I wasn't there when he first arrived but when I came in and saw him I let him know that we wouldn't be using his company and that we didn't need to waste each others time. I am older and at high risk and even though I understand that the vaccine is highly effective I still feel it's disrespectful to enter someone's home without a mask as a business person. I know that life is moving along but am I still the only one who isn't really ready to embrace letting my guard down yet.
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